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Trajkov P., 1998

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The LAST ALIENATION is a journalistic work about current societal and political trends from the perspective of political sociology and philosophy. The book is written and published by Petar Traykov in Skopje in 1998.
The book processes the philosophical problem of alienation of a social layer in the previous political system in the Republic of Macedonia. The genesis of bureaucracy (administration alienated) and tehnocracy and their positive and negative implications on the process of democracy in Republic of Macedonia. The alienated group eventually leads to the disintegration of the old system thru creating the titular owners of the social and state capital or popularly called - red bourgeoisie.
Bureaucratization and tehnocratization of Macedonian society is described in three periods: the planned central economy, self-governing socialism with contracting economy, and the privatization. The role that certain technocratic groups have in the production process allows them to become alienated during the planned economy, later to promote themselves as alienated system, to impose a partial market economy and at the end to bring the privatization of social property. With pretension to control the overall economic and political life and social upgrading.
Privileged stratum of socialism - the bureaucracy, or high officials of the system and their descendants in post socialism largely take on the role of the Macedonian democratic civil society rather than the civil social layer.
However objectified, lose initiative and productivity and lack of creativity, their appearance is an obstacle to the development of society. Since alienated layer behaves like a hedonistic elite with pretensions to unlimited political governance, the author proposes a model of personal change and building relationships that will not allow totally alienated system.

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