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sinners, encouraging the penitent, devis Multitudes regard it as their duty to resort ing and superintending plans for the con to almost any artifice by which their version of the young, sheltoring the per- gains may be increased. In negotiating secuted, warning the careless, and en with a negro for an article he exhibits for deavoring to reclaim the backslider-la- sale, a person may at any time offer him boring alınost night and day, and that of. less than one third of his demand without ten with a perseverance and courage un. incurring his displeasure." der adverse circumstances, which at once evinces the purity of her motives and the This passage is truthful, and not integrity of her heart.”

at all wonderful in a nation of emanAll this may be true in a single cipated slaves just emerging from instance, without exciting surprise, the degradations of their prisonbut it is thus added :

house ; but it is penned in refer“ Instances of similar self-devotion are

ence to a community of spiritual so common, that it is difficult to make a minded, self-denying, humble Chris. selection!!"

tians, and we are constrained to “The influence of pious servants in ask, How can these things be? Can this respect, (the conversion of their mas. ters and mistresses,) among the higher with each other? Can we speak of

these statements possibly consist and middling classes of society in Jamaica, will never be known until the resurrec dishonest Christians, deceitful Christion of the just. Finding their inspira- tians, covetous Christians, lying tion in their theme, it may be said of the Christians ?—they are contradicdevoted people, that. daily in the temple and in every house they cease not to teach tions in terms ; yet we are told that and preach'Jesus Christ.'”—p. 148. in a community, three in five of

"Not in word only, but in deed and in whose adult population are truth do they constitute one family; they, verted souls, lying, deceit, dishonare all the children of God by faith.' Bound closely to each other by mutual esty, covetousness, are habitually, knowledge, intercourse and love, there and well nigh universally indulged. is neither male nor female, there is

It may be thought the people do neither bond nor free, but all are one in Christ Jesus.'"--p. 159.

not appreciate the relations they “It has been previously stated that the violate, and are therefore ignorant churches of Jamaica are distinguished by of the sinfulness of these debasing a spirit of frequent, fervent, and perse. vices. Not so according to, Mr. vering prayer. Like the first Christians, 'they continue with one accord in prayer

Phillippo. He distinctly says, and supplication,' while their numerously spite of the utmost efforts to hold attended meetings for this purpose, the up these vices as injurious to society deep and intense feeling which pervades and hateful to God, it can not be them, the impassioned earnestness with which they pour forth their desires unto

denied that they are still very prevaGod, sufficiently attest, not only the ar. lent'—so that efforts, strenuous efdor, but the sincerity of their devotions." forts have been made to enlighten

them on these points. After all this array of strong as, Besides which, the representations sertion to the apostolic purity and of their general intelligence entirespirituality of the Jamaica churches, ly forbid such a supposition. We (and to what other churches in will quote a few passages, though christendom will these passages ap- with deference to our author's auply?) will it be credited that Mr. thority, we feel constrained to say, Phillippo has inscribed on the 101st we are entirely ignorant of the facts page of his work, the following ?- represented by their general scope.

“Of all the particulars in which per. " The most untutored of those who haps the least improvement is perceptible, have enjoyed the advantages of Christian is ihat of a conscientious regard to truth instruction, for any length of time, have and honesty in their commercial transac a correct, if not an extensive knowledge tions. In spite of the utmost efforts to of the great and essential doctrines of the hold up these vices as injurious to socie Gospel-of the proper Deity of the Father, ty, and hateful to God, it can not be de. Son and Holy Spirit-the depravity of hu. nied that they are yet very prevalent. man nature-the plan of salvation, and

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p. 161.

come common. ...


the necessity of divine influence to re the standard of comparison, for the generate the heart."-p. 115. “ Thousands of them are not at all in

intellectual, social, domestic, and ferior to many of the whites, either in general physical condition of the sound sense, or general information. In peasantry. It has never been our a word, the black skin, and the woolly lot to visit that remarkable and honhair, constitute the only difference which now exists between multitudes of the ored isle, but we are certainly uneinancipated peasantry of Jamaica, and prepared to believe that Mr. Phil. the tradesmen and agriculturists of Eng. lippo appreciates the real position of land."-p. 79.

the great mass of the working class“In no respect do these, (the working classes and higher orders of the blacks,)

es, either there or here. now differ from the middling and low

We feel a sincere interest in ev. er classes of tradesmen and others in ery thing that affects the freedom of England. Their eyes have long been Jamaica. Our sympathies, our la. open to the sin and disgrace of concubinage, and inarriage among them has be. bors, our prayers, are devoted to

As in every other their improvement and happiness ; community, some may live together un. and we think ourselves disposed to happily, or violate the sacred compact, look with a favorable eye upon their but with the great majority it is far oiher. wise. None can be better husbands, bet. progress in the great moral and soter wives, more affectionate parents, or cial reformation and transformation, better members of civil society."-p. 62. in the midst of which they are ; yet

" Any imputation of ignorance of the mechanic arts and manufactures

we can recognize the germs, and cast upon the black population of Jamaica, the germs only, of the things so pure would only excite the ridicule or con and beautiful, to which Mr. Phil. tempt of those who are personally ac- lippo's vivid imagination has given quainted with them. There are now to be found amongst the black population vigorous life and abundant fruit. throus ut the country, comprehending Mr. Phillippo has recently returned individuals of each tribe, operatives, me to Jamaica. His reception has been chanics, and masons, carpenters, coopers, blacksmiths, sailors, pilots; and it

most distressing, and we would gladbe added, from their knowledge of the ly throw a veil over some of the properties of medicinal herbs, and their circumstances attending it, did they skill in applying them to different dis- not afford a sad and emphatic comorders, veterinary surgeons, and medi. cal men. Whilst in the towns are also

ment upon his work. The events shoemakers, cabinet makers, carvers and to which we refer, have in part apgilders, watchmakers, jewelers, &c. &c., peared in the island prints, and will who manifest as much skill, and perform form the basis of legal proceedings their work with as much accuracy and laste, as workmen of the same descrip

in the higher courts. tion in England.”.

In very many places, and not “So far from being now ignorant of without elation, he has referred to civil polity and of the use of civil insti- the purity, the piety, and the zeal tutions, it is questionable whether any people in the world, placed in the same

of the church in Spanish Town, of circumstances, possess an equally correct which for many years he has been acquaintance with these subjects.”—p.78. the pastor. The very large major.

It is quite evident from these pas. ity of the leaders, the members, and sages, that Mr. Phillippo regards inquirers of that church, have left their knowledge of moral and social his ministry, and many of them derelations, of the useful arts, and of nounce him in most gross and cruel civil polity, as of a very respecta. terms. ble order.

The rupture was occasioned by The most cursory reader can not their unwillingness to allow Mr. fail to observe how frequently the Phillippo to resume the pastoral comparison is instituted between the charge, and appropriate to himself Jamaica and the primitive churches. the avails of the church at Spanish

In the same manner the laboring Town, of 3,000 members, in conclasses of England are selected as nection with the church at Passage

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Fort, six miles distant, of 1,000 what they may, who can not truly say, members, exclusive of inquirers; many things that were dark are and confine two colleague pastors to now clear.' Seven years have rolliwo comparatively small country ed away, and order, quiet, harmony, churches. The disaffected party, reign in our borders to a degree al. constituting the bulk of the church together unprecedented in the hisand congregation, attempted to obtain tory of the island. There have possession of the chapel premises, been many things to regret; many which Mr. Phillippo refused to sur to condemn; yet in view of all the render ; and a most unseemly dis- facts, we feel quite justified in sayturbance ensued, which was finally ing, all that could have been hoped, quelled by the interference of the more than could have been reasoncity authorities, who hold the prem- ably anticipated, has been realized ises till the claims of the parties are in the deportment and improvement legally decided.

of the laboring classes. It is a most painful duty, thus The peasantry of Jamaica have to review the work of a man who been hereditary slaves; they were has spent so many years in the ignorant, debased, degraded, to a missionary field, surrounded, it is degree which those unacquainted true, with all the comforts and many with the influences of slavery, can of the luxuries of life, yet severed neither appreciate nor conceive. from many of the dearest objects of Slavery is extinct ; but many of its earthly affection. But there are vices are still rife, and its virus will higher obligations than those of corrupt the blood of its victims, courtesy, and they demand, howev. when the prattler at our knee shall er ungrateful the task to those who lay his hoary head in the grave. perform it, that its loose inaccura. Had Mr. Phillippo, wrapt in procies and gross exaggerations be ex. phetic vision, pronounced his work posed, before the reaction which is Jamaica at the dawn of the twenti. they must inevitably invite, shall eth century," the excellent men who overwhelm the friends of the slave have labored for her freedom, might with calamities of which they were joyfully gather up their mantles, and unsuspecting, and for which they exclaim, like Simeon, “ Now lettest were unprepared.

Thou thy servants depart in peace, Emancipation is come. The for our eyes have seen thy salva. agony of suspense is over; and tion." dogged is that man, be his views




We have referred to these Re. tity of the objects for which these ports, not so much with a view to societies were called into being. any examination of their pages, as The American Home Missionary to express our conviction of the iden- Society, does indeed, through the T'he Nineteenth Aunual Report of the benefactions to the aid of feeble

medium of its auxiliaries, extend its American Home Missionary Society, presented by the Executive Commitiee at churches in the eastern states, but the anniversary meeting, May 7th, 1845. its operations in this field is rather

The first Report of the Society for the an incidental service than part of its promotion of Collegiate and Theological Education at the West.

primary object. At least it is in

this light we view its present ex. by the labors of a permanent mintended effort-an effort which con- istry. We would as soon send the templates, as its ultimate purpose, sower of the seed far in advance of the bringing of the new states of him who shall break up the fallow the West under the power of the ground. We would distribute good Gospel. The best means for the books therefore as the best auxilia. accomplishment of such an object, ries of the living preacher, and auxis not matter for conjecture nor idle iliaries of the greater importance speculation. The experiment has when the minister of Christ has but been too often tried, and with too a feeble church, or no church at all, complete success, to leave room for to which he may look for coöperadoubt as to the propriety of the tion. We have expressed our hearty measures to be pursued. The Gos concurrence in the largest efforts of pel must first be carried by the liv. this kind, because we have confiing preacher, its truths must be en. dence that the wealth and liberality forced by the melody of the human of the churches are equal to the voice-by the expressive glance of entire work of furnishing the means the human eye, made to flash and for evangelizing the West, and doing glow by the fires that are burning it in the most thorough and intelwithin. All the varied circumstan- lectual manner. Did we doubt ibis, ces of life must be made available we might feel disposed to put in our to gain a hold upon the heart—the plea for a somewhat different apscenes of affliction—the hour of portionment of the funds given, and bereavement—the mingled influ. the labor devoted to the accomplishences of joy and sorrow—the day ment of this great object. We re. of prosperity and the day of ad. peat that our chief hope, we might versity-must each in turn be seiz. almost say, our only hope, of bring. ed upon and used as the fulcrum bying the West under the power of the means of which the power of the Gospel, in any such sense as New Gospel is to be applied. This can England is brought under its power, be done only by one conversant is in the establishment and maintewith the scenes as they pass, and nance of permanent institutions, of ready to be made all things to all the same character substantially, as men, that he may by all means save the kindred institutions of the east.

You may sow the good seed ern states. In a word, the West, to as you will, and in such measure as be truly and permanently benefitted you please, if it be not preceded, at by the promulgation of divine truth, least accompanied, by the living must have its stated ministry intellipreacher, it is like scattering wheat gent, stables de vous possessed of in the deep recesses of the unen the largest liberality, and abounding closed forest; there is no sunshine in every good work; its colleges to warm it into life, or if it per. and theological seminaries well ofchance spring up, the wild beasts ficered, and amply endowed; its tread it under foot. We care not academies and common schools, with how free a hand the publica its churches and its libraries all es. tions of the American Tract Society tablished, substantially after the Puand the American Bible Society are ritan model, and liberally sustained. scattered among the population of Whatever tends most directly to sethe western states. However free. cure these objects will conduce in ly, we say, “God speed” the effort; the highest degree to the develope. and yet we are free to say, that we ment of sound morals, and the prohave no hope of any great good motion of a cultivated and enduring from such efforts, any farther than piety, whose influence shall be felt they are accompanied and sustained in all the relations of life, and its


good effects be manifest in all the dication of the standard we wish to aspects of society.

place before our readers in attemptThe relative importance of the ing an answer to this question. We western states in making up the fu wish to know the best means for ture balance of power in our na. making the western states, as one tional confederacy, the prospective after another they spring into mamillions that are to inhabit those fer. turity, a reorganization of society tile plains, and the strife of parties after the New England model. to gain the ascendency in the antici. Such a work as the one before us pated moral conflict, have been so can not be accomplished in a mo. often before the public eye, and in ment. Nor will it be the result of so many and so varied shapes as transient or spasmodic efforts. There topics for discussion, that we feel are difficulties to be overcome, and persuaded there is a desire, nay, obstacles to be surmounted, that to a considerable extent, an anxiety can be fully appreciated only by on the part of the eastern churches those who have struggled against to discharge their duty in this mat. them, and seen their magnitude; ter, whatever may be the sacrifice. and which will yield only to patient

The conviction has been rapidly labor. We have already intimated deepening for the last few years, that what is done efficiently must be that our free institutions can be done under the eye of the living maintained only by a population preacher. He may call in the comade intelligent, on the basis of the operation of all the aids he can Gospel. The skill of the artist, the command, but they must act under capital of the tradesman and manu his


and with his countenance. facturer, and the toil of the husband. But the support of men who shall man, no less than the stock of the give themselves wholly to the work banker, are all thrown into the arena, of the ministry, with not only the as prizes to be won or lost in every duties that are direct, but those that political contest. It is the fashion are incidental to the pastoral office of the day to make, or seem to make in a new state of society, must come every interest in wealth, in morals, in no inconsiderable measure from and in religion hang on the issues abroad. We do not claim exact of each contested election. If it and reliable statistics on which to be maintained by any that these are found the opinion, but we make no

es, it does not affect the hesitation in saying, that there are argument inasmuch as there are is not fifty Congregational or Presby. sues, equally vital, destined ulti- terian churches in the western mately to cover the whole ground, states, that are not indebted for even if those alledged were shown their existence and early support, to be false. We think, therefore, to some organization for promothat the time has arrived when the ting home missions.

When we whole field of western evangeliza. speak of the western minister, tion should be thoroughly canvassed, therefore, we speak with scarce. and the question be more fully and ly an exception of the home mismore intelligently settled, 'What sionary. are the best means for imparting to Let us take the life of such a la. the growing population of our west-borer as he enters the wide field be. ern states the intelligence, religion, fore us, and see how he is to accom. and general character, that shall plish his task, and what are the difmake their influence upon our na.

ficulties which he must encounter. tional destiny salutary and conserv Among those by no means the ative?

Our character as “ New least formidable, we may notice Englanders" will be a sufficient in the great diversity in the materials

false iss

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