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no means a new comer.

that this is not a whit longer time will be plain sailing. There will than many an old rusty German be nothing left to give any alarm, spends amid smoke and dirt without nothing to make any more disturbeffecting any thing for mankind.


And let it be remembered, III. There is yet another kind of too, that Fourier is careful to use no evidence against Fourierism. The harsher word than evil,' if we may system is at war with well establish- judge from Mr. Brisbane's translaed truths and facts. It is the glory tions and expositions. There is a of truth that it finds confirmation word in our language which is by whichever way it turns. It reaches

It did not out with a thousand hands, and lakes flow in from classic streams. Chris. hold of all the great realities of the tianity, when she came into Britain, universe. But a false system grasps did not bring it along. It is a native like a drowning man for supports, of the north. Every thing about it and does not find them. The start- betokens its Teutonic lineage. Its ing point in Fourier's theory is all roots run deep and strong into the wrong

He sets out with the idea old soil of the Saxon mind. That that evil, as seen in our world, comes word is sin. Did ever Mr. Brisbane only from a bad organization of so or Fourier hear of it? Let them ciety. He recognizes no other source but substitute that word for evil,' for it than this. We can not of course in only half the instances where the be mistaken about this matter since, latter occurs in their writings, and by a reorganization of society, he see what work it will make with proposes to remove all evil out of their new system. Let them but the way. The question, “ Whence once give that stern, square-built, came this evil ?” has been a great emphatic old Saxon, any thing like question in our world. It is an in a fair chance, and if he does not quiry which has tasked the powers of elbow his way along most unmerthe most philosophic minds for many cifully, we have altogether mistaken ages. More than twenty centuries his energy. Nay, let the Fourierago, that question agitated the schools ites but once bring him in, even of Persia and Arabia, of Egypt and though in sport, and ten chances to Greece. Some of the strong old think one if he do not prove a very Samson ers of early times, who were with. himself, to tear down their whole out our light, seeing how evil had establishment about them. A man spread itself through all the ramifi. may talk about evil as originating cations of human life, did not think in social organizations, and all may they could account for it without sound very proper and smooth ; but bringing in a separate and inde. when we come to talk about sin pendent 'god of evil,' to untie the as having its source and only source knot. They talked sometimes of two in these organizations, the effect is principles—sometimes of two dei. somewhat different, as all will per. ties, the one evil, the other good, ceive. Mr. Brisbane's pamphlet conalike existing from eternity. But sists of some eighty pages, double Fourier has hit upon just the simplest, columned, and in it he has had oceasiest, prettiest, shallowest theory casion to say a good deal about the that could well have been invented, causes of human wretchedness, but and just such a theory as a French. we do not think that the word sin man of the last century, of all men is to be found in the whole book. in the world, would be likely to have We have stopped and looked for blundered upon. Evil has its source some time in vain to find it, and and its only source in a bad organ we do not remember to have met ization of society. I say only source. with it in our reading of the pam. Get the new system a going and all phlet. Now we object in toio' to

He gave

this cavalier treatment of a word so children of Israel from Egypt, he old and venerable. It is an insult formed them into a theocracy. At to our common sense and our sense Mount Sinai, he gave them their of propriety, which no Frenchman constitution and laws, and he beor Frenchified American has a right came their King. He led them by to offer. These men have a certain the hand of Moses and Aaron' to meek and placid way of talking about the promised land. The old inhabthe Bible and religion, about Christ itants were driven out to make way and Christianity, as though they were for the new people. Now if assoconcerned in the same great objects ciation on Fourier's theory be the with the Christian world. But how form of society which God destined happens it that the Bible takes such a for man on earth, if this social different view of things from them, order' is founded deep in nature, that it speaks 60 often of sin, and and is that alone which God has in levels its reproofs so much at the his eye for the perfection of huheart of every individual man, and manity, will Mr. "Brisbane tell us not at social organizations ? why it was not set agoing here on a

If Mr. Brisbane is a believer in larger scale? God was with this the Bible and in Christianity, will he people from their infancy. He was be kind enough to account for two their guide and King. or three facts ? Revelation assures shape to their society. We may us that sin, and consequent misery, be told that the world had not yet first came into our world through got ready for the new system. But the garden of Eden. Into that beau- science relates to things fixed, and tiful paradise God led the first hu- not to things changing—that is to man pair, that they might dress it say, science contemplates that alone and keep it. They were surround. which is fundamental and uniform. ed with all things which could make If association is based upon the life delightful. God himself had great realities of the universe, they fitted up their residence for them, were no less realities then than now. and fitted them for their residence. Again. “ Association will estabTheir labors and pursuits were in lish Christianity practically upon the highest sense attractive.' They earth. It will make the love of God found their pleasure and happiness and the love of the neighbor the in them. Their interests had not greatest desire and the practice of yet grown to be warring and antag. all men.” Why did Christ, then, onistic. They had no lack of sup- take such a laborious way of estabplies. Speculation had not yet hoard. lishing Christianity. Why did he ed up the fruits of the earth. In the not at once gather his followers into midst of the garden grew every tree these little communities, and thus that was pleasant to the sight, and give a practical demonstration of the that was good for food.' The rich value of association. Mr. Brisbane had not yet come to oppress the tells us that “these great doctrines, for poor. Fourier himself will not pre- the first time announced to the world, tend that things here were not in a should have led to the establishment good condition.

of a new social order by the followNow how unfortunately it happens ers of Christ, in which they could for this new theory, that sin or evil, have been realized in practice. But whichever we call it, should have got the institutions of the old social world into the world under these circum- of conflict, of war, of isolation stances—that it should come in at just and discord, were so strongly and this nick of time, when Mr. Bris. deeply rooted, that they have as yet bane would like to have it keep out! resisted the renovating doctrine of

Again. When God led forth the the Prophet of Nazareth, and the pro

fessed faith of the Christian world.” natural arrangement, and that the All this was said out of courtesy to only way to live according to naChristianity. Foolish men! Why ture is to live in these communities. did not Christ himself establish this They have a hard work before them. social order? Why did he leave It will probably be a very long time the work to his followers ? If there before they can convince the world is so easy and sovereign a remedy that the wisdom of God is not strikfor moral disease, why did he not ingly manifest in collecting men in. put it in practice at once?—or at 10 families and households. Had least leave behind him a plan, so we time we might go on to show in that his followers might have known many other particulars, how Fourierhow to model their new community ? ism is at war with well known truths

Again, Fourier tells us that as. and facts. But these must suffice. sociation on his principle exists in IV. We wish now in this our nature,—that it is made out from final remark, to take our readers a the very nature of things. We little into the details of the system, know that some institutions do exist as set forth by Mr. Brisbane, to see in nature in just this way—that while if they can understand a few things, they may not be revealed in word, over which we have puzzled our nevertheless they are known to be brain to no purpose. We shall be according to the design of God, as short about this, for a long exseen in the arrangements of the cursion would be tedious in the exworld. Such are governments, treme. laws, and the marriage relation. One of the first things noticeable in ascending wing should be stronger than

“In a group regularly organized, the Fourier's system of association, is the descending, wing, and the center that it destroys all that is distinct and stronger than either. We will give ex. peculiar in the little communities amples of two groups, one composed of now scattered over the world called twelve, and the

other of sixteen members.

Group of twelve members. families. These are at once merged

Ascending wing,

4 and lost sight of in this new ar Center,

5 rangement. Now there are some Descending wing,

3 preity strong and obvious reasons

Group of sixteen members. for supposing that the existence of Ascending wing,

2 3 men in families is according to Center,

232 God's design ; while the reasons for

Descending wing,

2 2 supposing that it is God's design

“ The object of these divisions will be that men should live in these ! asso

explained hereafter.

it A series is distributed in the same ciated communities,' if any exist, are manner as a group; the series are comat best very shadowy and obscure, posed of a number of groups, as groups so that the human mind finds it ex.

are composed of individuals, and operate ceedingly difficult to grasp and ap. A series

upon groups, as groups upon individuals.

must contain at least three prehend them. Families come into groups—a center and two wings: twenty existence by a natural process. four persons is the least number with When one man and one woman are

which a series can be formed. The cen.

tral group should be stronger than the united together as husband and wife, iwo groups of the wings. As there will you have the germ of a new com be a strong emulation between the center munity. There is no transcenden- and the wings, and as the wings will unite talism about it. You do not have latter must be more numerous in order to

in their efforts to excel the center, the to peer and squint through eternal be able to vie with, and equal the influfogs, to understand how it comes to ence of the wings. The ascending wing

It is an obviously natural ar will be occupied with the heaviest branch rangement. The Fourierites are

of a work, if the series be engaged in

manufactures; and with the largest va. aiming to show that this is an un. riety, if engaged in the cultivation of

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grains, fruits, vegetables, or fowers; the be laid under such a pressure of mocenter will be occupied with the most elegant branch or variety; and the de

tives, that they would go into it' of scending, with the lightest and smallest. choice. And besides we are told Suppose in an association three varieties that their sympathies are consulted of some species of a peach or pear are in this arrangement, since persons of cultivated. A group would be occupied their years have a natural fondness with each variety, and the three groups united would form a series of peach or for dirty things. “Boys have at this pear growers.

age, as we know, no natural antipa. A series of 12 groups cultivating pears. thy or repugnance to dirty or offen. Ascending wing, 4 4 groups cultivating sive contacts. To compass a trick, four varieties of the early bergamot.

they will sometimes resort to the Center, 5 groups cultivating tive varieties of the red bergamot.

most filthy expedients, without any Descending wing, 3 groups cultivating regard to personal considerations

three varieties ofthe summer bergamot.' indeed it may be said that a majority

Now does Mr. Brisbane mean to of them have a taste for dirt; and tell us that he ever really ciphered this inclination will overcome any that all out, so as to see honestly and dislike for the uncleanly works which fairly how all these things balance they will assume in association, and mathematically? We remember allow them to take part freely in the in our school-boy days some young. series or corporation of the sacred sters who had a wonderful facility legion, which they will be induced at getting out sums, by simply set- to do, from devotion and social phiting down the statements and the lanthropy, and from the high honor

And we have no faith to and consideration which will be be. believe that there was any more stowed upon its functions.” Oh, phi. safe and legitimate process in the losophy, what a beautiful thing thou case above.

art to keep a man out of difficulty ! When we first undertook to fol. Now all this that we have been low out the details of Fourier's plan, attempting will seem to a thorough: our interest was excited to know going socialist, a very cold and what would become of the little chil. heartless piece of work. It will be dren. We are great lovers of little exceedingly difficult for us to prove children, and we were curious to to him, that we have any true pity discover what part they would bear for the woes of men—any true dein this nine-fold harmony of discords. sire for their relief. It will seem Contemplating the great change that we have been trifling with what which was to come over every one so is sacred. His heart has been so soon as he entered this new system, warmed up with love to his masterwe supposed that the younger folk his thoughts have been so long fixed would become little seraphs, or upon this system, as the only relief something of the kind, to sit upon for a world living in wickednessgolden stools, and sing while the his imagination has been so kindled old folks were at dinner. But hor.

at the glorious prospect in the future ror of horrors! What was our sur. that he can have no patience with prise to find, that after a certain age, those who are looking to other sour. they were to constitute the sacred ces for relief. Hear Mr. Brisbane legion' so called, to do all the dirty go off into a splendid rhapsody, and work about the establishment. Now then judge if we must not seem to so long as man remains what he is, the him cold and mean. It is a part of dirty work about such a place must his address to artists. be immense, and we absolutely shud. dered at their hard lot. But we soon

“ The palaces of the associations, ar. found that their work was to be made bowers, with which their rich fields will

tists! the rural pavilions, the kiosks and attractive to them. They were to be besprinkled, the monumental cilies and

the capitals of the globebehold, artists! men and dried up in them all sources of what is well worth the prosaic construc- hope. Evil has infiltrated itself into the tions and contracted architectural works very marrow of their bones and has conof our societies. . . . There will be want sumed even desire. All the dreamg-all ed bold arches uniting massive walls, cu the hopes of the future are limited at prespolas, towers, and up-shooting spires; ent to the conquest of a cheap government, your genius will be at ease in those grand administered according to the constitution. lines, the forms and'movements of which ... Let us stop." you will have to combine. There will be

We are not insensible to the wanted portals to the palaces of the association, from which seven horses abreast beauty of all this. We used in our can pass out with ease ; there will be want- boyhood to admire the descriptions ed windows broad and open by which the of those splendid palaces in the sun can enter into the house of man to dis Arabian Nights, which were got up tribute liberally life and color; there will be wanted corridors, balconies and terra. by the aid of Aladdin's lamp. But ces, where the population of Phalanstery let us take our stand upon another may spread out and form around it bright post of observation. The eye of garlands with its thousand heads of women

the prophet Isaiah was permitted to and joyful children. “There do you see,

it will be necessary range over the distant future. He to harmonize water, fire, light, granite and too saw a remedy for a sin-burdened the metals: art will have in its large hands world. That remedy was to come all these elements to combine ; it will be a creation! Then orchestras of a thou: from altogether another source. sand parts, choirs of a thousand voices; “ And there shall come forth a hymns and poems sung by masses ; ballets rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a danced by populations. For the com branch shall grow out of his roots : bined order, with its system of unitary ed. ucation, will raise every man to the digni.

“And the Spirit of the Lord shall ly of artist, and if every man is not a poet rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom or composer, every man at least knows and understanding, the spirit of how to execute his part in the whole

counsel and might, the spirit of each man is a note in the great concert.

Say, artist! say, poets! feel knowledge and of the fear of the you not there the destiny of man? Say, Lord ; in all these wonders of social harmony do " And shall make him of quick you not feel the stamp of the beautiful

and understanding in the fear of the souls ? Say, is all this false, and is the Lord, and he shall not judge after true to be found in the contracted and pro- the sight of his eyes, neither resaic life, works and constructions of the present in the narrow, trading spirie, in prove after the hearing of his ears ; ihe conflicts and discords of civilized so.

“ But with righteousness shall he ciety? Say, does not this suit your im- judge the poor,


reprove with aginations and your hearts better than a equiry for the meek of the earth : onions, and crushed under the weight of and he shall smite the earth with stones, or the palace of a Nero, or even the the rod of his mouth, and with the column of Vendome built of bronze that breath of his lips shall he slay the kills in battles? Yes, yes, it is the desti wicked. ny of humanity to be rich and happy, to

“And righteousness shall be the embellish its planet, to make it, with the thousand rich and varied creations upon

girdle of his loins, and faithfulness it, a resplendent dress which will not ren the girdle of his reins. der it ashamed in the celestial ball, where 6. The wolf also shall dwell with it occupies in the luminous round the the lamb, and the leopard shall lie place of honor beside the sun! Yes, where humanity will move in its power

down with the kid, the calf, and the and live according to its law, we shall see young lion, and the fatling together, many other wonders developed under the and a little child shall lead them. influence of human power combined with the vivifying power of the globe, and what

“ And the cow and the bear shall I have said is but poverty and bitterness. feed, their young ones shall lie down .... The destiny of man is there on together; and the lion shall eat ward! But let us stop. . . . I forget that straw like the ox. these words are pronounced in a world of pain and misery, where six thousand years

“ And the suckling child shall play of suffering have blighted the hearts of upon the hole of the asp, and the

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