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Four Evangelifts.


For the Clearer Understanding of the SACRED HISTORY,

the whole Text and PA RA PHRASE are printed in feparate Columns over-against each other.

With CRITICAL NOTES on the more difficult


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The CONTENTS of the Gospel according

to St. LU KE.


HE Preface, ver. 1. John the Baptist's Conception,

ver. 5. and Office, ver, 15. The Conception of Christ,

ver. 26. His Office, ver. 32. The B. Virgin's Hymn

of Thanksgiving, ver. 46. The Birth and Naming

of John, ver. 57. Zacharias's Hymn, ver. 68.

CHAP. II. Auguftus's taxing the Empire, the occasion of Je-

sus's being born at Bethlehem, according to the Prophecy, ver.

1. The Birth of Jesus, ver. 7. Made known to the


ver. 8. Jesus circumcised, ver. 21. and presented in the Tem-

ple, ver. 22. Old Simeon prophesies of Christ, ver. 25. and

Anna, ver. 36. Jesus disputes with the Doctors, ver. 43.

CHA P. III. John the Baptist's Office and Ministry, ver. 1.

His Instructions to the Common People, the Collectors of the

Tax, and the Soldiers, ver. 10. His Account of Chrift,

ver. 16. His Death, ver. 19. Jesus's Baptism, ver. 21.

and Genealogy, ver. 23.

CHAP. IV. Jesus's Fasting and Temptations, ver. 1. He be-

gins to preach, ver. 14. Preaches at Nazareth, and is ad-

mired, ver. 16, and 22. But the greater Part despise him

for the meanness of his Parentage, ver. 22. and have therefore

the Means of Grace withdrawn from them, ver. 25. Jesus

casteth cut a Devil, ver, 34. Heals Peter's Mother-in-law,

ver. 38, and many other fick, ver. 40. But suffers not the

evil Spirits to tell who he was, ver. 41. He preaches in sen

veral Places, ver. 43.

CHAP, V. Jesus calleth Peter, James and John; and by a

miraculous Draught of Fishes, prefigures the Success of their

future Ministry, ver. 1. Heals a Leprosy, ver. 12. and a

Palsy, ver. 17. whereby he proves his Power of forgiving Sins,

ver. 21. He calleth Matthew, ver. 27. And gives the Rea-

son of his conversing with Sinners, ver. 30. He vindicates his

Disciples in not fasting at this time, ver. 33.

CHAP. VI. Jesus Mhows, that positive Institutions must give place

to Necesity or moral Duty, ver. 1. Chuses his Apostles, ver. 13.

H als many Diseases, ver. 18. The Blessedness of the Righie-

Vol. II.

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ous, and of those that suffer for Religion, ver. 20. The Misery of worldly Men, ver. 24. That Charity must be universal and extend even to Enemies, ver. 27. That doing Good cught to be the principal Business of Mens Lives, ver. 30. That Minifters ought to practise what they teach, ver. 39 and 41, &c. That Suffering for Religion must be expected, ver. 40. Obe

dience the only Proof of Sincerity, ver. 44. CHA P. VII. Jesus heals the Centurion's Servant, ver.2. Raises

tbe Widow's Son at Naim, ver. 11. Bids John's Mesengers judge of him by his Works and Doctrine, ver. 19. Gives an Account of John the Baptist, ver. 24. Shews the Perverseness of the Jews in rejecting John, who came in a severa IV ay; and Jesus who came in a freer Way, ver. 31. Shews by the Similitude of a forgiven Debtor, that repenting Sinners often

exceed other Men in Zeal and Piety, ver. 41. CHA P. VIII. Jesus preaches in several Places, ver. 1. The

Parutle of the Sower, ver. 4. IVhy Jesus spake in Parables, ver. 10. The Duty of Ministers, ver. 16. Obedience the only Qualification esteemed by God, ver, 20. Jesus ftilleth a Storm, ver. 22. and casteth Devils out of a Man, and suffers them to go into the Swine, ver. 27. Hecleth a Bloody-flux, ver. 43.

and raises a young Woman from the Dead, ver. 49. CHAP. IX. Jesus sendeth out the Twelve to preach, ver. 1.

Herod suspects Jefus to be Jolin the Baptist risen from the Dead, and desires to see him, ver. 7. Jesus feedeth Five Thour sand with five Loaves and two Fishes, ver. 12. Enquireth what Opinion the World had of him, ver. 18. Foretells his own Paffion, ver. 22. And warns his Followers to expect Sufferings likewise, ver. 23. The Transfiguration, ver. 28. Jesus healeth a Lunatick, whom his Disciples could not, ver. 37. Foretells his Paffion again, ver. 43. and warns his Disciples. against Ambition, ver. 46. and forbids them hindring those that in any manner promoted the Gospel, ver. 49. Reproves a passionate and revengeful Spirit, ver. 51. Why Elias destroyed his Enemies with Fire from Heaven, ver. 56. Obedience

must be constant and without Delay, ver. 59, 61. CHA P. X. Jesus sends out the Seventy to preach, ver. 1.

Obcdience the Condition of eternal Life, ver. 28. Charity must extend universally to all Mankind, ver. 30. Attention to the Doctrine of Religion, much better than an uneafie Diligence

in external Services, ver. 39. CHAP. XI. Jesus teaches his Disciples how to pray, ver. 1. Prayer must be constant and importunate, ver. .5. God rea

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dier to give good Things, than Men are, ver. 11. Jesus proves that his Miracles could not be worked by Magick, ver. 15. Obedience the only Qualification esteemed by God, ver. 27. Miracles will not convince the Obstinate, ver. 15, and 29. Jesus upbraids the Jews for their Obstinacy and Hypocrisy, ver. 31. Shows, against the Pharisees, that moral Duties are more necessary than ceremonial Observances, ver. 39. And de

nounces Woe to them for their Hypocrisy, ver. 42. CHAP. XII. Jesus warns his Disciples against Hypocrisy and

Fearfulnefs in Preaching, ver. 1. Refuses to meddle in determining a Dispute about an Inheritance, ver. 13. and warns his Hearers against Covelousness and IVorldly-mindedness, ver. 15. Of the Opposition between the Cares of this World and the next, ver. 22. Of the Necessity of IVatchfulness, ver. 35. The Reward of good, and the Punishment of bad Ministers, ver. 42. Knowledge a great Aggravation of Sin, ver. 47. Persecution must be expected, ver. 49. The Jews inexcufable, in not knowing Jesus to be the Messiah, ver. 54. Re

pentance must not be deferred, ver. 58. CHAP. XIII. The Punishment of some, a Warning to others;

and that temporal Afflictions afford no Judgment of the Measure of God's Anger, ver. 1. God will not always bear with Sinners, ver. 6. Jesus cures a crooked Woman, ver. 10. The Parable of the Mustard-feed, ver. 19. Of the Leaven, ver. 21. Repentance must not be deferred, ver. 25. Obedience the indispensable Condition of Salvation, ver. 26. Jesus despises

Herod, ver. 31. and laments over Jerusalem, ver. 34. CHAP. XIV. Jesus cures a Droply, and shows that Works of

Mercy are to be preferred before Ceremonies, ver. 1. Exhorteth to Humility, ver. 7. and Charity, ver. 12. The Parable of the Guests that refused to come, ver. 16. A Religious Life must not be undertaken rashly and carelessly, but with Confideration and deliberate Resolution, ver. 26. The Duty of Mi

nifters, and the Punishment of bad Ones, ver. 34. CHAP. XV. Sinners may be conversed with, in order to reform

them, ver. 1. The Parable of the loft Sheep, ver. 4. of the

loft Mmey, ver. 8. of the prodigal Son, ver. 11. CHAP. XVI. The Parable of the unjust Steward,v. 1. Worldly- /

Mens Diligence in temporal Affairs, ought to be imitated by good Men in Spiritual, ver. 8. Of Worldly-mindedness, ver.10. Jesus reproveth the Pharisees for their Covetousness and Hymn pocrisy, ver. 15. The Gospel does not deftroy, but fulfil the Law, ver, 17. The Danger of a voluptuous and worldly A 3


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