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View of a painted chamber in the tomb of the scribe Nekht.

XVIIIth dynasty, about B.C. 1450.

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Wall-painting from a tomb. Scene: Payment of tribute. Súdánî men bearing rings of gold, logs

of ebony, panther-skins, a pes, etc. [Northern Egyptian Gallery, Bay 13, No. 520.]

leads to an unfinished passage, its entrance being about 150 feet below the entrance to the first staircase; the total length of the tomb is about 700 feet. The walls of the corridors and of most of the chambers are decorated with hieroglyphic texts and vignettes which illustrate mythological legends and the funerary ceremonies, all painted in bright colours, and on the roof of the great hall are painted lists of the thirty-six Dekans and other stars, and several figures of solar and stellar gods. The Tombs of the Kings were all

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Wall-painting from a tomb. Scene : Servants of a high official bearing offerings to the tomb. [Northern Egyptian Gallery, Bay 12, No. 517.] built on practically one and the same plan ; the modifications which are found in the details are due partly to structural difficulties, and partly to the variation in the length of the time which was devoted to their making. They cover a period of about 550 years, i.e., B.C. 1600-1050. At the entrances to some of the tombs of nobles and high officials gardens were laid out' and trees planted, and these were, of course, maintained out of the endowments of the tombs.

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