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Ante-room. (Statue of the Demeter of Cnidos.) . . . .
Elgin Room. (Introduction-Sculptures and architectural marbles

from the Parthenon at Athens-Casts from the Temple of Theseus
and the Monument of Lysicrates—Bust of Pericles, etc.—Caryatid

and other remains from the Erechtheion.) . . . . .
Phigaleian Room. (Frieze from the Temple of Apollo at Phigaleia-

Frieze from the Temple of Wingless Victory at Athens-Sepulchral

reliefs, etc.) . . . . . . . . . .

Nereid Room. (Sculptures of the Nereid Monument at Xanthos.) .

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Room of Greek and Roman Monuments. (Later Greek and

Roman reliefs---Roman sarcophagi.) . . . . . ..

North-West Staircase. (Mosaics from Halicarnassos and Carthage.)

Ephesus Room. (Temple of Artemis or Diana at Ephesus--Other

sculptures from Ephesus-Monument of Thrasyllos, etc.) . .

Third Graeco-Roman Room. (Graeco-Roman sculptures, including

Apotheosis of Homer, · Clytiè,' Farnese Mercury, etc.). .
Graeco-Roman Basement-Room with Annex. (Figures and

reliefs of Graeco-Roman or Roman period—Tessellated pavements

and mosaics from Carthage and Halicarnassos-Etruscan tombs

and sarcophagi -Roman water-wheel.) . . . . . 93

Gallery of Casts. (Collection of casts of antique sculptures, arranged

in historical order.) . . . . . . . . .

Second Graeco-Roman Room. (Discobolos--Towneley Venus) . 105

First Graeco-Roman Room. (Statues, heads, and busts of deities

and heroes of the Graeco-Roman period—The Diadumenos, etc.). 107

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Roman Gallery. (Busts and statues of Roman Emperors and of
Roman personages-Roman reliefs.) . . .


Hall of Greek and Latin Inscriptions. (Selected inscriptions-

Miscellaneous Graeco-Roman sculptures.) . .

Italic Room. (Early Italian bronzes-Etruscan Art-Polledrara Tomb

-Imitations of Greek vases-Etruscan bronze work.)


Bronze Room. (Introduction-Greek and Roman bronzes--Select

statuettes and reliefs-.Bronzes of Siris, etc.—Larger bronzes-
Etruscan engraved mirrors-Pourtalès Vase-Hypnos-Aphrodite
- Marsyas-Apollo-Augustus -Statuettes in historical order-

Paramythia bronzes-Decorative bronzes--Towneley Hercules-

Statuettes of deities.) . . . . . . . .

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First Vase Room. (Early wares-Prehistoric-Cretan - Mycenaean

-Dipylon – Phaleron - Cypriote ware — Terracotta sarcophagi-

Oriental porcelain, etc.) . . . . .

. .


PLATE I. Columns from the facade of the Treasury of Atreus at Mycenae

(p. 3).
II. Copy of the Athenè Parthenos (p. 22).
III. The .Theseus' of the Parthenon (p. 24).
IV. The Three Fates (p. 26).
V. 1. Metope of Parthenon, No. 310 (p. 32).

2. Metope of the Parthenon, No. 317 (p. 34).
VI. Cavalry from the North Frieze of the Parthenon (p. 45).
VII. Attic sepulchral reliefs (p. 62).
VIII. Figure of Mourning Woman (p. 62).
IX. Votive Relief of Artemis Bendis (p. 62).

X. The Restored Order of the Mausoleum (p. 72).
XI. The Chariot group of the Mausoleum (p. 72).
XII. Slabs from the Frieze of the Mausoleum (p. 73).
XIII. The Lion of Cnidos (p. 75).
XIV. Base of Sculptured Column, Temple of Artemis, Ephesus (p. 85).

XV. The Demeter of Cnidos (p. 14).
XVI. 1. Head of a Gaul (p. 78).

2. Bust of Clytiè' (p. 89).
XVII. 1. Head of Julius Caesar (p. 109).

2. Head of the young Augustus (p. 109).
XVIII. Greek Terracottas (p. 122).
XIX. Etruscan Terracotta Sarcophagus (p. 124).

XX. The Portland Vase (p. 128).
XXI. 1. Head of Aphrodite ? (p. 182).

2. Hypnos or Sleep (p. 182).
XXII, Head of Augustus (p. 183).
XXIII. Map of Italy.
XXIV. Map of Greece and Western Asia Minor.

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