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Review of Clark's Sermons 297. Smyth, Rev. Thomas, Prelatical Doc-

Coleman's Christian Anti- trine of Apostolical Succession,
quities 212.

noticed 499. Ecclesiastical Cate.
Gaussen on Divine Inspi- chism of the Presbyterian Church,
ration 87.

noticed 500.
Grant's Nestorians 454. Society, Taylor's Natural History of,
Quincy's History of Har- noticed 244.

vard University 177, 384. South Sea, Progress of the Christian
Robinson's Biblical Researches 419. Religion in the Islands of, noticed
Robinson, Prof. Edward, D. D. 235.

Biblical Researches, noticed 230. Stephens, John L., Incidents of
Reviewed 419. Importance of the Travel in Central America, etc.
subject 420.

Want of previous noticed 237.
materials 421. Causes of the Stone, William L., Life and Times
want 422. Previous writers on of Red Jacket, noticed 495.
the Holy Land 423. A second Stuart, Prof. M. Correspondence
class of writers 425. Other wri. with Dr. Nordheimer on the He-
ters 427.
Dr. Robinson's prepa-

brew Article 404.
ration 429. Commencement of Sutton, Rev. Christopher, D. D.,
his tour, travels in the desert 430. Lord's Supper, and Disce Mori,
Suez 432. Ancient remains be- noticed 243.
tween Suez and Sinai 433. Sinai
434. General view of the Ara-

bian peninsula 436. Stations of Taylor, W'. Cooke, Esq. Natural
the Israelites 438. Arrival at Je. History of Society, noticed 244.
rusalem 439. Researches in and Themes for the Pulpit, by Rev. A.
about Jerusalem 440. Remarka- C. Baldwin, noticed 245.
able discovery 441. Depressed Todd, Rev. John, on the moral In-
condition of Jerusalem 442. Ex- fluence, etc. of Great Cities, no-
cursions 443. The Dead Sea, il- ticed 248.
lustrations of Scripture 445. Re- Trumbull, John, Autobiography,
turn route 447. Roman road 448. noticed 486.
Time spent in preparing the work
449. Results 450. Historical il-

lustrations 451. Review of Grant Universalism, Parker's Lectures on,
on the Nestorians, etc. 454.

noticed 229.

Sabbath, Prelps' Argument for the Widow directed to the Widow's God,
Perpetuity of, noticed 242.

by James, noticed 498.
Sanborn, Prof. E. D., on the Study Woods, Rev. Prof. Leonard, D. D.,
of the Classics 56.

reply to Inquirer 365:
Schlegel, Frederick von, Philosophy
of History, noticed 245.

Shepard, Prof. George, reyiew of Yale College, one of the Professors of,
Clark's Sermons 297.

review of Quincy's History of
Spelling Book, the Practical, by Gal- Harvard University 177, 384.

laudet and Hooker, noticed 249. Journal of Travels, noticed 230.
Smith, Rev. Eli, Dr. Robinson and, Reviewed 419.


At the Office of the American Biblical Repository and the American Eclectic, Brick Church Chapel, 36 Park Row, Fronting the City Hall, New-York,

Will hereafter keep on hand a General Assortment of Books, and will be happy to furnish orders from the country, for cash, at the lowest market prices.

Just Published and for sale as above,



PERFECTION. Viz. An Examination of the Doctrine of Perfection, as held by Rev. Asa Mahan, President of the Oberlin Collegiate Institute, and others. By Rev. Leonard Woods, D. D., Andover, Mass. Price 372 cents single, a liberal allowance to the trade. The above work will be furnished in Pamphlet-form at 180 cents single, and at 127 cents per copy for any number more than ten.

Orders promptly attended to.

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