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Mr. R. Tovey, Bookseller, 24 fets.
Richard Townshend, Esq;
William Martin Trinder, Esq; of Exeter College,

John Tucker, Esq; 2 sets.
Mr. John Tyrer, of Worcester.
George Tyrrel, Esq;

Clotworthy Upton, Esq;
John Upton, Efq;
The Reverend Frederick Usher, S. T.P.
The Reverend Thomas Vernon, of Lower Earley,

in Worcestershire. Benjamin Victor, Efq; The Reverend Mr. Viney, of Bach,

His Excellency Count Woronzow, Ambassador

Extraordinary from Her Imperial Majesty of
The Right Honourable the Earl of Warwick.
The Honourable Mrs. Walsingham, of New

Sir Armine Wodehouse, Baronet,
James Waddel, Esq;
John Wall, M. D."
John Walcott, Esq; of Bath.

Walpole, Esq; Banker, of London,
The Reverend Dr. Walker, of Magdalen-College,

Oxford. Mi. Isaac Walker, Merchant, of London. Mr. Cooper Walker, of Dublin. John Walls, Eļq; James Walwyn junior, Esq; of Longworth, in Herefordshire.


Richard Warburton, Esq; Mr. Thomas Ward, of Birmingham. · Thomas Waters, Esq; of Luton, in Effex. The Reverend Mr. Watkins, Vice-Principal of

St. Mary-Hall, Oxford. The Reverend Dr. Waugh, Dean of Worcester. Mr. Arthur Webb. Mr. William Webb. Alexander Wedderburn, Mr. James Weir. The Reverend Francis Marias Welt. Lieutenant Milborne Weft. Mr. Thomas Welt. Mr. Thomas Weft. John Wightwick, Esq; Captain Ffolliott Whiteway. John Whiteway, Esq; Thomas Whyte, Esq; Mrs. Wight. . Adam Williams, Esq; The Reverend Dr. Wilson. George Wilson, Esq; of Bedford. John Wilson, Esq; Theobald Wolfe, Esq; Charleton Wollaston, M. D. Mr. Philip Woodrose. The Reverend Mr. Wordale, Chaplain to the Honourable and Right Reverend the Bishop of

Carlisle, The Reverend Henry Wright. Mr. Benjamin Wyncoop, of Philadelphia, in

Pensylvania. William Wynne, Esq; Gent. Com. of Jesus-College, Oxford.

Robert Yeates, Esq;
Arthur You g, Esq;
John Young, Esq;

The Reverend Dr. Kyte, Student of Christ-

church, Oxford.
John Moody, Esq;

As we have reason to believe, that several Persons of Rank
and Distinction, both in Scotland and Ireland, whose names
orid tiles have not yet arrived to our knowledge, have pleased
des bonour the publication of these Volumes with the encou-
Incement of their subscription, we hope they will not impute.
the omillion of their names in the above Catalogue to any
fort of negleet; as care was taken to postpone the printing of
it to the latest period we poslibly could.


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