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It is a happy circumstance that

By the

Rev. T. WALLACK, Author of The the day which sees unexampled Sunday School Gem,' &c. efforts to diffuse and to explain 1.-BE EARLY: If, teachers, you the Scriptures, is the day when are not early in the school, where those Scriptures are receiving is your anxiety for the children illustrations from almost every entrusted to your care? where subject of science and every walk are the beauty and the influence of art. Astronomy, Geology, His of your example ? where, indeed, cory, Geography, which once were is your consistency? Besides, if thought inimical to Christianity, you are late, the children will are now seen coming up to her imitate you ; and your irregualtars, presenting their homage larity will render them careless and making their offerings. Every and irregular. teacher should have a good map

II.-BE DECIDED : Nothing, within reach, and whenever a teachers, can be done to any purScripture place is named in the pose, in the Sunday school, withlesson should let it be found.out decision. If you are always The exercise is pleasing, but the vacillating, always halting between effect is blessed. We thus feel two opinions, always in a state of the truthfulness of Scripture. We uncertainty with regard to your thus understand many allusions religious sentiments, or your reliwhich otherwise must be obscure. gious character, what good can A glance at the map above must you accomplish? what happiness convince every one that the coun- can you realize? You must be tries named there and mentioned decided to honour the Saviour, in Scripture are not mere fairy to prove blessings to the young, creations, but matters of absolute to unfold the true and lovely chareality. The map is one out of racter of the useful Sunday School many to be found in the ‘Intro. teacher.

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III.-BE Devour: Nothing, the conversation and labours of a teachers, is more desirable-no- | truly humble teacher. thing is more lovely-nothing is VII.-Be SELF-DENYING: You more requisite for you to exem- will ever find this temper, teachplify, than a spirit of devotion-ers, most necessary in the Sunday pure, exalted, and sublime devo- school; indeed you can do nothing tion. It will give a tone to all without its habitual cultivation. your emotions ; it will commu- Self-sacrifice will be found uni. nicate benevolence and sanctity formly requisite when instructing to all your efforts; and it will children, and especially young induce you to meet with your children, in the great principles classes, determined to be rend of the Gospel-a teacher must ered useful to their souls.

live not to please himself, but his IV.-.BE HOLY : You must master; and if he be one who is never be satisfied, teachers, with imitating his Divine Lord, when a low standard of religion. Your he enters the Sunday school his piety must be eminent. Like the motto must be, ‘Here I labour, ministers of the Gospel, you must not to please myself, but to serve be vessels sanctified, and meet and honour the Redeemer.' for

the master's use.' Be, VIII.-BE PATIENT : Unless, then, uniformly and pre-emi- teachers, you habitually exercise nently holy. Let holy principles this spirit, your labours will be regulate-let holy affections warm unblest, and you yourselves will -let holy desires elevate-let not be exemplifying one of the holy conversation ever be in- most desirable features which the dulged !

character of a sabbath school V.-Be Kind: In the Sunday instructor should embody. You school, teachers, nothing can be must be patient, else you cannot effected without kindness. Child- remain long as teachers. Children, like adults, are to be won ren try the temper greatly; still, only by love. If you are rigid, bear with them-pity their infirinflexible, and endeavouring to mities, and forgive their sins of coerce them, you are acting in omission and commission, rememthe most unphilosophical, as well bering you were children once as in the most unscriptural man- yourselves. Never be implacable

The law of Christian kind- with a child. ness must be the only law to IX.-BE ENERGETIC: You must govern the sabbath school, and be now, teachers, or you will bring no other is required. By kind- dishonour on yourselves, and the ness children are drawn, power- cause which you have espoused. fully influenced, and savinglyblest. Every department of society,

VI.-BE HUMBLE: Few things, and of the church, is now full of teachers, will beautify you more, animation, and it will not do for or recommend you more power- you to be cold, sluggish, and infully, than humility-the uniform sensible. A sleepy teacher now developement of a lowly spirit, must make way for the teacher when you are modest in your who is awake and full of energy. demeanour, unpretending in your A drone among teachers now intercourse with each other, must be driven out of the hive. when the humility of Christ All now must work in the Sunday Jesus' is unfolded by you, a pe- school, and work more vigorously culiar charm is communicated; than ever. Be then resolved to and it is surprising to observe, develope 'the full-toned energy' frequently, what effect is produced which an efficient teacher must on the minds of the young by discover.


X.-BE SIMPLE IN YOUR AT-throne, who was translated to TIRE: Children are very quick heaven as the blessed result of observers, and they soon notice your holy, benevolent, and inthe dress of their teachers. Be- creasing labours in the sabbath ware, then, of finery. Be uni- school. formly neat, but never gaudy. Looking, then, on your beloved Remember that a Christian should children now, indulge the followbe simple in his attire, and that ing aspiration : the most intelligent, and also the

· When at thine awful bar they stand, most genteel, are invariably the O welcome them to thy right hand, most unpretending in their garb.

To join with us the heavenly lays,

And sing our great Redeemer's praise.' Let not your persons, female teachers, be unduly decorated.

West Allington, Bridport. If the children see, by your ornaments, and the attention which Power OF ILLUSTRATION.--A you pay to the exterior, that dress Mr. G-, who had lived to someis the main thing regarded, your what past the meridian of life, in instructions will be effectually the entire neglect of religion, was neutralised.

one day in the field gathering XI.-BE PERSEVERING : Never corn, with his son, a youth of exhibit that you are fickle and twelve or fourteen years, who had inconstant. Let it be seen, teach- been for some weeks previous a ers, that you are no changelings member of a sabbath school, in -that you have entered the which there had been several inschool from supreme regard to stances of seriousness, and a few the Saviour, and from ardent love of hopeful conversions. After to immortal souls; then you must gathering till they had become persevere, and as years roll away, weary, they sat down by a pile of you will only become more at- corn-stacks, to take some refreshtached to your work, more de- ment. The father, observing that voted to the young, and more his son was unusually solemn, solicitous to bring them into the asked him if he had any idea of the fold of the Good Shepherd.' cross in'which Christ was crucified.

XII. - BE ANXIOUS : Never | The son replied he had not. The think, valued teachers, of going father took his knife and cut a to heaven alone. Why have you stalk to represent the post of the entered the sabbath school, and


and splitting the top, drew why are you still found there? a piece through to represent the Is it not that you may win some arms. Having thus prepared it, he young persons to the Lord Jesus ? held it out before him, and said to draw some to Calvary, be instru- his son, 'There, that I suppose, is mental in saving some immortal something in the shape of it.' souls from death, and preparing They both fixed their eyes upon it, some for glory? Always, then, not as Roman catholics do, who vigorously aim at the accomplish- stupidly worship the cross, but ment of these objects. Seek to the little fact of the father shaping take some children with you to out the cross, led them to think Paradise, brought to God, at- and speak about him who died tracted to the Saviour, and fitted upon it, and ended in their befor the bliss of Canaan, through lieving in Jesus; and, looking by your kind, devout, and persevering faith to him that hung upon the instrumentality.

cross, we trust that father and son O teachers, teachers, what in- had their sins pardoned, and that effable honour and happiness, to they are now with Jesus, wearing meet one dear child before the a crown of glory in heaven. B.


The Young Men's Class. heart-broken mother, 'do listen to

the word of truth. You will soon

be beyond its reach-you are fast THE SUNDAY SCHOOL INFIDEL. hastening to the judgment !

Ob, The writer of this was called about my child, it is a fearful thing to mid-day to visit a young man in meet God unprepared l' the last moments of life. He was Her sobs choked her utterance. a professed infidel, and refused I knelt by his side, and prayed for any spiritual aid or the services of God's Spirit to bring the wanderer a minister. On entering the room, | back. He rolled and tossed in his the scene was truly awful--the bed, and constantly interrupted young man was dying-near the

me during prayer; I then read bed sat his widowed mother and from the Bible such verses as I sisters. He was struggling to thought would lead his mind to hide his fears, and appear calm right reflection. He hid his face, and collected in the conflict with placed his fingers in his ears, and death. As I approached him, the begged me to desist, and groaned window was slightly opened to 80 audibly as to alarm those in admit sufficient light; he turned the room. After several ineffectowards the window, and as his tual attempts to get him into eye for a moment rested on me, conversation, I rose to leave the it was only a moment, however,

As I passed towards the for he as quickly turned away door, I grasped his hand and said, with his face towards the wall 'Farewell my friend.' He raised seemed determined to prevent my his eyes towards me, and seemed conversing with him. I took his

to be willing to listen. hand, he withdrew it; I asked

Suppose,' said I, him to look at me and talk about

on board a ship together, and in his latter end; he groaned and some violent storm the ship was hid himself beneath the bedwrecked-I had secured a plank, clothes. Again I held his hand, and, as I clung to it for safety, and by gentle force turned him refused to let you take hold. What towards me. His countenance would you think of me?' Think was intelligent, his features good; of you?' said he, 'I would think his appearance indicated twenty you were a selfish wretch. “We or twenty-one years of age.

have been wrecked-here ntShall I pray with you, my ing to the Bible) is the plank on friend?' 'No, no,' said he; 'I which I rest; the billows of death don't believe in prayer.' 'Shall are riding over you; and will you I read a portion of God's holy lay hold before it is forever too word?' 'No; oh, don't worry | late. Before you is the shoreless me; I don't believe the Bible.

ocean of eternity; the voice of Why add to my sufferings with mercy may yet be heard. Turn such things ? I tell you I am an you, for why will ye die? Your infidel, and all I ask is to be left | infidelity is no security for such a alone. 'Do you know you are storm. Think of your Saviourdying, my young friend ?' 'Yes, oh, look to him as your only staff, I know it well enough-I never your only sure support. He kept shall see that sun rise or set again my hand; the tear started in his -I wish it was over-I wish I eye; his whole soul was centered was dead-I wish you would leave in the gaze of agony. It is too me-I did not send for you, late, too late; there is no mercy, mother, mother, send this man no hope for me, I am lost, for away, it is useless to talk with me.' ever lost !

'Oh, my boy,' cried the almost Before the sun set, his soul

we were


was in eternity; gone to the tion, who, but for this union, audit. At twelve years of age, would have been sinning with both he left the sabbath school ; com- hands. And knowing how powermenced his apprenticeship, asso- fully the vagrancy of six days must ciated with infidelity, and drank counterbalance the impressions of the poison. At twenty, sum- the one day, the committee are moned to the bar of God, without preparing to open a Refuge or a ray of light to cheer the darkness School of Industry, in Westmin. of the valley of the shadow of ster, where employment and supdeath. Young man, think of this port, as well as tuition, shall be sad story; flee from sin to holi- given through the week. The ness and God.

building secured was formerly called the Thieves' Public-house,

where the very dregs of depraRagged School.

vity met on a Sunday evening,

mock trials. We ORIGIN, NECESSITY, OBJECTS, and held

reserve more to say next month. These admirable institutions ori. In the mean time, we just ginated, we believe, in Liverpool, zive a letter, recently sent by a about 1837. The worst of charac- young woman, who was rescued ters, those most needing instruc- by means of the school in Jurston tion will not come to our Sunday street, London. Here is one of schools: we must, therefore, take the first gems brought out of the the schools to them, and prevent deep dark mines of sin, which will the feeling of uneasiness which adorn the brow of Jesus. they would have by being associ- MY DEAR TEACHER,–It is five ated with those better educated, years since you met mein Glo'sterand better clothed. To Jerusalem street, and invited me go with you sinners, Jesus sent his salvation, to Jurston-street Sunday evening and as his followers, we must take school. At the first, I was not the word of life to the most willing to go, but you would not immoral and degraded of our race. go without me. You said, come In all populous towns, there must for once; and so I went with you. be schools specially for them, and You may remember what a monthe most devoted Christians will ster I was, caring for nothing. be the men who will teach in Sure you must have wondered them. Blessed results have been what could induce me to come secured already. The Ethiop has so regular. I do not know myself, been rendered white. The lion unless it was to disturb the school: has been tamed. The brand has for as soon as I came into the class, been plucked from the burning. there could be no more order. In The seal of heaven's blessing, vain did you beg of me to attend broad and bright, has been already to the instruction; my heart was set cn Ragged schools. A Union as hard as a stone, and as cold as of Christians has been formed in ice, yet nothing could have kept London, the Right Hon. Lord

me from coming. Sometimes I Ashley, the president, for the have been afraid to look if you purpose of promoting the forma- were there; for some of the girls tion of these schools. Its officers used to say, if I did go on so, they are some of the best men which

were sure you would not come our several evangelical denomi- again. But blessed be God, you nations can produce. Though of were always there, so that I never recent origin it has already thirty had any other teacher. During free schools, with three thousand the two years that I was in the scholars under Christian instruc- school, no change whatever took

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