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passions of the soul, shall be of the Saviour, and of his salvafully consecrated to your Lord ! tion; and that the word of Christ

Let then, the year 1847 witness may dwell in you richly in all that, in the sabbath school, you wisdom.'

devotional, Are you going to pray fervently more active, more single-minded, to the Lord Jesus this year, that more persuasive and affectionate he would enlighten your minds in your appeals to the young, by his Spirit, renew your hearts more assiduous and untiring in by his efficacious grace, prepare your efforts, more determined to you for all the duties of life, for prove blessings to some, if all its temptations and changes to all. Such a spirit God will and, above all, fit you for the approve, Christ will honour,- article of death, and the overheaven will crown with its un- powering scenes of eternity? fading glory, and its unceasing Are you going to encouruge bliss.

your teachers this year, by their Thus will your classes richly bear

witnessing your greater docility, Fruits of the Spirit, even here: your warmer love to the Bible, Then, be transported to the sky,

your greater deference to their Plants of renown, no more to die.'

counsels, your deeper humility, Children, dear children, in our and your stronger desires that Sabbath schools, a kind word to God would bless their labours to you. You have entered on New you, and render them more exYear's Day; 1847 has opened on tensive blessings to others ? you; will you allow an old friend, Are you going to do something one who is devotedly attached to for Christ this year, by which you, who is increasingly anxious his name may be magnified, his for your spiritual welfare, and grace may be exalted, his gospel who hopes to meet multitudes of may be honoured, his kingdom you in heaven, to inquire, What may be enlarged ? Children, are you going to do this year ? remember you can all do someThis year may be your last. Be- thing with which Christ will be fore the year closes, your spirits pleased-which he will graciously may be with God; your eternal accept, and which he will abundestiny may be sealed. What dantly honour. A penny given then, dear children are you going to his cause; a tract given to the to do this year ? Are you going ignorant ; a visit paid to the to begin this year well ?

poor; a prayer presented for the Are you going to be uniform in unconverted; a blessing sought your attendance at the Sabbath for your minister and teacher, as school ? Are you determined to an expression of love from a miss no opportunity, unless illness Sunday school child; the Saviour prevent; but to embrace every will always acknowledge, and alservice with gratitude and plea- ways reward. He is waiting to bless sure, since, perhaps, it may be you, on this, the first day of the the last allotted you?

year. He is saying to every child, Are you going to acquire all | What wilt thou that I should do the religious knowledge which you unto thee ?? Go, at once, and tell can this year? Are you determined him—' Lord, bless me with thy to read the Scriptures more atten. grace, and then, make me a blesstively, to examine them more ing to others. And thus, at last, frequently and earnestly, to com

• Each from his Lord, pare one part with another more Will receive the glad word, closely, in order that you may

Well and faithfully done!

Enter into my joy, form clearer views of the gospel, And sit down on my throne!'

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cational means was such, that HOOD,

all of the next generation would A SPLENDID tea meeting was held have come through the hands of in the Mechanics’ Institute, Man- the Sunday school teacher. It chester, on Monday, December was the same at the present time 7th, for the purpose of welcoming in America. He would ask both Elihu Burritt, of America, and of of these classes of teachers, what hearing his proposals for the was there to prevent their fusing formation of an international these two generations into a Sunday School Brotherhood, in brotherhood inseparable, which favour of peace, universal and could never be dissolved ? He for ever. After tea, the chair- could not conceive that they man, Mr. Davis, introduced the could rely on any other nation of hero of the night.

men doing the work of evangeMr. Burritt, addressing them as lising the world. What other Christian friends, said it gave him nation did they see, except Enggreat pleasure to meet them on land and America, carrying the that occasion, and he was happy gospel to all nations? God evito have the opportunity of sug- dently had set apart these two gesting a few reflections to their great nations as the pioneers of minds, on the importance of civilisation, and as co-workers infusing into the education of the with him in the evangelisation of young the principles and pirit of the worldAnd if both sides of peace. The great and important the Atlantic could be brought doctrine to be inculcated in the together, as the Sunday school minds of the Sunday scholars teachers on both sides can bring of the present day was this, - about, they would have a power that love is power. The disposi- that would be irresistible. What tion to forgive enemies was the could resist this power, if England greatest demonstration of moral and America were united, and power. There was no gift which sustained to each other the same Christ had given to men which relation that the heart and the he did not prove the value right arm sustained in the human of by his own example. But it system! He alluded to the procertainly was a hard command. gress of the Anglo-saxon race. ment-the hardest given to men Only sixty years ago there were to love their enemies, and pray about four millions of that race on for them that despitefully used the American Continent; them. It was the crowning there were as many or more than illustration of the evidence of in this hemisphere, speaking the his love when he prayed for his same language, reading the same murderers. All we could do for Bible, and every sabbath singing men we must do by the same out of the same psalm book. If power of love, if we would raise the children of both nations are the degraded, or overcome evil, all in the hands of Sunday school and evil systems. This doctrine teachers, why should there be any of forgiveness of enemies ought fear of war between them? Why to be a primary doctrine in the should there be such tremendous education of the young. He levies for the ministry of Mars? related an anecdote to show the There is more expended in prepower of kindness in subduing parations for war in one year in the most obdurate, and referred this country, than would put to the fact, that our future armies the scriptures into the hands of must be levied from the Sunday four hundred millions of human scholars. The extension of edu- | beings. One year's expenditure


for the war with Mexico, would repay their efforts ? Was

it cost the United States as much either a laborious or an expenmoney as would build thirty sive labour ? As one of the thousand chapels; on the other easiest possible efforts of philanhand, only dribblets were spent throphy, he hoped it would in the work of God. After some receive their earliest considera. remarks of the same kind, showing tion. Mr. Burritt sat down amidst the great contrast between the very cordial applause. A free and expenditure on war, and that for friendly conversation followed, carrying the message of peace and and an address was adopted to mercy to an ignorant world, he the Sunday school at Worcester, submitted the proposition for Massachusetts, United States, and which he had met them that signed by all present. A list of evening, that every Sunday school American schools anxious to in Britain should maintain a sys- exchange correspondence with tematic communication and cor- English schools will soon arrive, respondence with a Sunday school and be published in this Magazine. in America, The project was Our arrangements with the Stamp one that could be stated in very Office will enable us to forward few words, and it could be carried by every month's steamer to New out without any circumstance or York a copy of this Magazine, ceremony. The penny postage for a postage of twopence. What system, would lend an agency school will omit this chance of which might thus connect two a monthly communication with kindred nations. Then the chil- some sister school in the States dren will be taught that the great of America. Five shillings a year Atlantic Ocean unites and not will do it. Let the address of the divides the two countries of school be sent with the cash to England and America. This Messrs. Gillett and Moore, Mancorrespondence would be an easy chester; and let our readers matter indeed. For an expense depend upon our co-operation in which could not at the most this good cause, We have the exceed one shilling a month, the ear, the heart, the hand of Elihu two branches of the race might Burritt. Between him and us, in this way be brought together a close influential and lasting in one beautiful brotherhood. intimacy is forming.-EDITORS. Would it not be a matter of great interest to read periodically these BEAUTIFUL INCIDENT.-At a letters to the children from their recent meeting of the Evangelical friends across the water? He Alliance, held in Manchester, the believed that by the first of May following remarkable incident next, it was possible thus to occurred :- Just as dinner was unite every school in this country over, the attention of those in a system of friendly communi- present was drawn, by a sudden cation with another in America. clapping of hands at the upper Its effects might afterwards appear part of the room, to an open -that no recruits to the soldiers' window, whereon a beautiful ranks would be drawn from the dove had at that instant alighted. Sunday scholars, to degrade them. The assembly was requ

ed to selves to be the instruments of desist from clapping, and to exdestroying their fellow men. He press their joy by joining in sing. pledged himself to find one school ing, ‘Oh for a closer walk with in the United States for every one God !' The hymn was sung acin this country prepared to act on cordingly by the whole company, this suggestion. Would it not of between two hundred and three


hundred persons standing, the Ragged Schools. fearless bird still retaining its position at the window, regardless We stop the press to announce, of the noise, and appearing, by that, in future we shall be prethe movements of its head, to pared to give prominence to these participate in the pleasure of the important institutions. Friends sacred song. But what was the

who take a deep interest in them astonishment of all, as soon as the will frequently communicate with fourth verse was commenced,

We invite communications *Return, O holy dove, return,

from all the friends of such schools, Sweet messenger of rest,'

and promise them our best coto see the little visitor actually fly operation. Here is a new field of into the room, and take its seat | labour. It must be well worked. on the top of a cupboard overlook- We cheerfully lend both hands. ing the assembly, where it re- This periodical will henceforth mained stationary until the hymn be the willing organ of the was concluded, after which it ‘Ragged School Union.'-Eds. quietly took its departure. Emblematic may it prove of the peace

The GRAND STAND!-Glorious and purity of the Alliance. Over news for teachers and the friends the Alliance may the heavenly of Christ ! Orders have been Dove hover. May the Alliance given for the removal of all the be as the ark, with its olive branch posts, rails, and buildings belong of love, amid all the angry storms ing to the Kersal Moor Race of this world.

course at Manchester, but the

grand stand is to remain as a SUNDAY SCHOOLS & ANARCHY. Sunday school. Thus it has been

When a mob, in the last general used for some time. For no other insurrection among the manu- purpose may it ever be used. facturing districts wished to visit May it prove'a 'grand stand' Leeds, no, said their ringleaders, for truth, for Christ, for souls !! there too many Sunday

THE DYING PEASANT GIRL. schools there for us!

A Chapter for the Young. by the "Rev. J. 0. JACKSON, Author of

The Gardener's Wife. SUNDAY Schools & ATHEISM, My dear Young Readers,— 1 dare - They learn things there which

say you are accustoined to think they never forget.' So said an

that dying is a very gloomy thing, Atheistical father when requested and, therefore, when you first by a faithful teacher to send his read the title of this chapter, you child to a Sunday school. A day

were ready to pass it by as but a two after the child was

melancholy subject. But I wish drowned. But what an argu

to show you—and, if you will ment in favour of schools! Oh, read on, I think you will begin that all may learn what they will

to believe-that the time of dying never forget and never regret, may be a very happy time, ard namely, repentance towards God that death itself need not be and faith in Christ.

dreaded. There is soniething

you may know that takes away SUNDAY SCHOOLS AND INFI- the fear of death.

It was my DELITY.—Through the influence great privilege, some time ago, of schools in Wales, there is not to be very often at the bed-side a single infidel publication in the of a dear dying girl ; and I asWelsh language, either original sure you it was one of the most or translated.

happy places I ever visited, and



this young person was in the in a rapid decline. But her mind most happy state of mind that was happy, very happy. On can almost be imagined.

asking if the Bible should be read The peasant girl lived in one of to her, she said, 'Oh yes, if you the villages of the beautiful please, read that part of 1 Cor. county in which I reside; her chapter xv. where it is said, 'O father and mother were poor peo- grave, where is thy victory? O ple, and lived in a small cottage death, where is thy sting?' When on the side of the village street, her teacher asked her why ? opposite the school-house in which she said, 'Because it was a serSarah (for that was her name) mon preached from those words, used to spend her sabbath days nearly two years ago, that first with so much delight. She had made me anxious about my soul; been a Christian-that is, a con- and I never can forget them.' verted person, for many months When this portion had been read before she left this world ; and, to her, she asked—'Now will you though very delicate for a long read to me about the dying thief ?' time before her death, yet we And as the portion was read, she were not distressed, because our applied it to herself, and prayed sorrows could not flow when we Lord, remember me ! Soon believed that she had something after, she added — I've been in her mind which would make thinking of that passage, ‘All her triumph even in death. She things work together for good to continued to attend school until them that love God:' adding, 'I within two sabbaths of her de- feel that I'm in God's hands; and cease : but I shall pass over all let his will be done.' other matters, and bring you at On saying this, she began, in a once to those eight or nine days sweet tone of voice, and with a that she lay upon her dying bed. happy smile on her face, to exAnd what I wish to show you is press her feelings in the following this: First—that she was most | hymn :unspeakably happy in dying;

'Tis religion that can give,' etc. Secondly—that she was so happy, When she had finished, she said, because she was believing a happy There is another very nice one truth; and, thirdly—that if you will only believe the same truth, she uttered the lines which

on the same subject;' and then Fou may enjoy the same happi

follow:ness just now, and when you die. One Sabbath morning, in the

• Religion is the chief concern,' &c. spring of the year, we, her teachers, And then, with great emphasis, went to the school, as usual; she added :but, on looking round upon the Religion should our thoughts engage children, I saw that young Sarah Amidst our youthful bloom : was not there. The lady, who

'Twill fit us for declining age,

Or for an early tomb.' was the teacher of Sarah's class, therefore called to see her in the Thus happy was Sarah herself in afternoon, and found her very prospect of an

early tomb. poorly, but not yet dangerously The next day, Wednesday, I ill. On the Tuesday after she sent called upon her myself. I found to tell us how much worse she her propped up with pillows, and had grown, and said she longed seemingly in deep decline. She

Her teacher went was evidently sinking fast. Her immediately, and thought that a cough was very painful to hergreat change had taken place in self, and distressing to others. her appearance, and that she was said, as I entered. I'm sorry,

to see us.

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