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tant from each other. We avail will be handed down to posterity ourselves of this progression, and as the friend of man-one whose forward you a communication, name shall outlive a marble statue, hoping to receive one in return. the venerated and loved in future Our vessels are continually plough. ages. The name of Elihu Burritt ing the great Atlantic, bringing will stand beside that of a Carey, from your shores the production a Morrison, a Judson, a Knibb, a of your fruitful soil. Half of the Gurney, and a Howard, as the exports of your country consist in philanthropists of their age and the article of cotton in its raw times. His name will be assocondition. This is converted into | ciated with our Cobden, both as cloth and yarn by our industrious the apostles of free trade and muartisans, and finds employment | tual exchange in mind, literature, for vast numbers of our popula- affection, and commerce ; thus tion ; part is returned for sale to cementing together the various your continent. To you we are branches of the one great family, indebted for a large supply of grain and acknowledging in the counteduring the scarcity which has ex- nance of every man a friend and isted amongst us in a time of fa- a brother. We enter our disap mine. These things show us that proval of all war, and feel glad. we are mutually dependent upon that the threatening cloud which each other for the necessaries and hung over us, in connexion with comforts of life, and that an all- yourselves, has been scattered and wise Providence has intended this dissipated. We wish to cultivate for our benefit and advantage. the kindest and most affectionate We have heard—and the fact has intercourse with you, to instil into cheered us on amidst our labours the minds of our youthful charge --that there are many sabbath the principles of peace and of uni. schools in your country, and that versal brotherhood. Our vessels thousands are receiving gratui- have for ages sailed to your ports; tous religious instruction therein. the pilgrim fathers left our then Many valuable works have issued inhospitable shores, and found a from your press on the sabbath home in your Far West. As their school system, have .crossed the descendants, on both sides the great waters, been reprinted here, ocean, we wish to form a friendly and circulated in thousands a- intercourse and alliance, and shalls mongst us. There are few sabbath be happy at all times to hear from school libraries but what are en- you.' riched by the productions of your Stockport, June 28, 1847.' writers. The names of Todd, Abbott, and Barnes, call for pass.

A KIND WORD. ing notice, as writers to which sabbath school teachers in our

A LITTLR word in kindness spoken, empire are under great obligations.

A motion, or a tear,

Has often healed the heart that's broken The works of our writers, no doubt

And made a friend sincere. have had a wide diffusion amongst your people. It is impossible to A word, a look, has crushed to earth tell how much we are indebted to

Full many a budding flower,

Which, had a smile but owned its birth, you mentally, intellectually, and Would bless life's darkest hour. spiritually. We rejoice that we

Then deem it not an idle thing have one of your noblest sons A pleasant word to speak; labouring amongst us, zealously

The face you wear, the thoughts you

bring, and perseveringly, in the great ob

A heart may heal or break. jects of his life-one whose name is as ointment poured forth, and

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TEACHERS.-By A CAMBRIDGE CONSECRATION OF THE CROSS TEACHER. REGARDING Popery as one of the SUNDAY schools are allowed by greatest evils of the present day, most persons to be a system of we are concerned that in Protes- moral training, which, if properly tant Sunday schools its fearful brought into operation, is capable and foolish ceremonies should be of immense power. Few societies understood and denounced. Our have been more eulogized than engraving represents one of its Sunday schools. The most pleasten thousand follies. A new cross, ing eloquence has been profusely designed for use in some cha-employed in lauding these insti. pel, is here to be consecrated. tutions, and presenting pictures The priest is in his full canoni- of their future success. They cals; a discourse on its merits is have been established nearly sixty delivered; prayers are said ; ta- years, have seen two generations pers are lighted; offerings of in- pass away to the grave ; and cense are burned ; sprinklings of what, after all, have been their holy water are scattered. It is results, compared with the labour difficult to repress intense indig. which has been expended on nation, when we see men lending them ? themselves to such senseless rites, They remind us of a large and and overlooking all the great high complicated steam engine, of tremoral purposes to which the death niendous power, but that power of Christ (not the wood on which unapplied to any useful purpose. he suffered) is devoted. We It is true, its piston, cranks, and have not so learned Christ, may wheels keep moving with great every teacher and scholar grate rapidity and gigantic force, but it fully exclaim. Let all adhere to accomplishes nothing ! It is a the simple word of God. The in- wasted power. It requires a constitutions of the church as planned stant supply of fuel, and unreby inspired Apostles, will fill earth mitting attention ; and its only and heaven with glory. To in- result is, to cause the spectator crease them, will only expose us to admire its graceful movements to the scathings of the last curse. and mighty strength. He who looks well into the history of Sun- | the work. That a very large day schools, from the time of mass of the teachers in Sunday their institution, must be brought schools have not this object in to the conclusion that the success view, will be admitted by all who attending them, so eloquently de- are acquainted with our schools. ecribed by Christian orators, has Many become teachers from the never been realized. Nol it must wish of their parents, who are be admitted, however unwillingly, pious people. This is wrong that they are still very imperfect parents must not sacrifice the institutions. I know that it is souls of the children for the good considered almost heretical to of their son or daughter. Many speak thus, and that I shall incur become teachers because their the charge of presumption in re- young friends are so.

Many be. cording my protest against the come teachers because they know failings and imperfections of the not what to do with their dull system. But it is of no avail to Sundays, without some such ex, attempt to hide our faults. If citement. With such teachers the system, or any part of it, be how can a school be expected defective, let its defects be plainly produce conversions ? Piety stated, and honestly avowed. He the first and most important re would not be considered a skilful quisite in a Sunday school teacher, physician who only desired to The Scripture knowledge in ma, heal the wounds rather than to ny of our schools will be found eradicate the disease of a patient. upon examination, exceedingly I shall, therefore, pursue the plan small. The simplest question, of plainly exposing the errors of put to the children individually, Sunday schools, in the simplest will very frequently be answered language I can use; indifferent to in the most absurd and ridiculous the motives which may be imputed manner. Let any one who doubts to me by those who wish to retain the fact go to one of our best or. things as they are. When Sun-ganized schools, and try a few of day schools were first established, the boys and girls, picked from a the object of their originators variety of classes, with simple seems to have been, more to keep scriptural questions, and the exthe children out of mischief, and treme ignorance of the children get them into a habit of attending will excite his bewilderment and a place of worship, than that of utter astonishment. There is freleading them to conversion. This quently in our classes no teaching motive 'has happily, in a great at all, neither the minds of teacher measure, given way to a higher or children are alive; the whole one; and, with evangelical Chris- is a mere parrot process. A hymn, tians, the object of Sunday school catechism, and Scripture, comtuition now, is, that of making the mitted to memory and repeated to children wise to salvation. The the teacher, form the sum of the general advance of education has children's education ; the whole considerably altered the character of which is an entire riddle to the of these institutions, and brought child. Unless teachers make very the best teachers to the convic- | vigorous efforts to impart undertion, that their business is to in- standable instruction, and disstruct the children in the great pense, as speedily as possible, doctrines of the gospel, and to with such mechanical trifling, they bring them to Jesus. This object, cannot expect the children to be and this only, do we consider a converted. We believe in no spi sufficient motive to induce the ritual magic, our God requires of Christian teacher to engage in us a reasonable service, and real

conversion can come only through to us is, 'Give an account of thy the exercise of reason.

stewardship. Ah! teachers, áre The discipline of our schools is you prepared to give an account? exceedingly defective. It is amaz- Prejudice, pride, and party spiing what loose notions of disci- rit are too prevalent in our schools. pline our teachers have. They How often is a good wholesome meet together to make rules and measure, which has been proposed laws for their own government, for the benefit of the school, reand immediately break them with-jected in consequence of the foolout compunction, and justify | ish prejudice of a few of the teachthemselves in the violation. ers, who hate any innovation. Many of them take offence if they New measures must constantly are called to account for it by be introduced into schools if they their faithful superintendent. would prosper. Then, there is How frequently do we find punc- not a little pride among some of tuality, order, and attention to the teachers. The little insignitheir class unblushingly broken ficant distinctions of society keep in upon by them. It would ap- one aloof from another, whereas pear that some of them are making all distinctions ought to be dropped an experiment as to how far the in the Sunday school. The richlaws of the society may be set at est teacher ought to be willing to defiance. It is to be lamented take his station at the lowest that too many of the superin- class, if he be appointed to it. tendents are remi

in their duty low often the selection of offiof reproving such teachers. To cers for the society made from expect success in a school where the rich, rather than the suitably laws are set at defiance by teachers qualified persons. And does not and children, is as wild and fanatic party spirit, that vile, godless as to expect a miracle.

thing, find its way even into the The teachers and superintendents Sunday school ? Oh, yes, it is of many of the schools are quite often found there ! and it rages unsuitable for the work in which sometimes so strongly as to they are engaged. Some of them threaten the destruction of the are exceedingly ignorant of what school. The writer has seen the they are required to teach. Many most flourishing and harmonious of them have no intelligent plan school made a moral waste, of teaching, and therefore try the through the blasting influence of plan of thumps and cuffs, in order this foul spirit. Fellow teachers, to hammer the gospel into their if prejudice, pride, or party spirit classes. Others seem to care very are encouraged in your schools, little whether their children are or in your own bosom, they must benefitted or not, so long as they be eradicated ere the day of useget a little comfortable gossip fulness will arrive. We talk of with some other teacher like- what Sunday schools might acminded with themselves ; and complish, and while with one many appear as sleepy and dronish hand we urge them onward, with as if they felt no manner of inter- these failings; in the other, we est in the work to be done. Let make them go back. teachers wake up to their em- The indifference of the Chrisployment, lest their master come tian church has done much to hin. at an hour when they least expect der Sunday schools. It is truly him, and find them sleeping. depressing to see how very quiet With most of us the day is far and indifferent the members of spent and the night is at hand, churches remain respecting these and the question soon to be put institutions. A comfortable din.


ner, a refreshing nap, and a little together for instruction in reliquiet conversation respecting the gion ? The souls of both are sermon of the morning, seems equally valuable. But, alas! the infinitely more important to them rich seem to think that qualificathan the conversion of the souls tion, in some measure, exempts of these dear children. What an them from the necessity of relioutcry is there by them against gion. It would be of incalculable our school, if the children do not advantage to all parties if this happen to sit perfectly quiet du- intermixture were made. These ring a long sermon, of which proud, haughty feelings, which they do not understand one sen- are soon engendered in the minds tence! Who are the persons that of the young, would give place, raise the outcry? Why, those and much more kindly feelings very persons who will take no would be promoted in the minds part in the work and incessant of the poor towards the rich if labour of teaching and attending this arrangement

made. the school. True, they attend at This would also have the effect of our public meeting, and rejoice interesting a great number of peowith us when we rejoice, and ple among the middle and upper they wish us God speed, and we classes in these institutions, and see nothing more of them till the a greater amount of efficiency next annual meeting.

would be thereby attained. The ministers also are too fre- There ought to be a more direct quently behind in their duties to aim at conversion by the teachers. wards the school. Where are the Teachers have scarcely yet arrived ministers who examine the schools at the conviction that children are every fortnight or month, who open to conversion under the age enter our schools and recognise of fifteen or sixteen, and therethe children, and mix with the fore their labours and hopes are teachers, and make it their busi- aimed at prospective rather than ness to acquire simplicity of immediate conversion. They supspeaking, in order to arrive at the pose, that by sowing the seed minds of the children? Why can something will eventually be acthey not? It is their duty to complished, but hardly expect study simplicity, and to spare no

ever to live to see it. Too many pains to arrive at that aptness to

of them think that merely telling teach which the Scripture enjoins them of certain duties, and spread

They forget how | ing what they call truth before large a portion of their congrega- | their minds will be sufficient. tions are made up of children, and But this is a mistake. God works that other classes besides would by means, but they must be wise be no, losers if a far greater sim- means, or what is the meaning of plicity of language and thought that text, 'wise to win souls ?' were adopted by them.

It will be necessary for the teacher The notion of Sunday schools to urge home the truths he probeing merely charity schools im- claims, to the individual conparts a great coldness to them, sciences of the children of his and indifference of many towards class. He must study the cha. them. These institutions ought racters and dispositions of his at once to repudiate this false children separately, and find out principle, and establish congre- their besetting sins, and apply the gational schools, at which all the probe and lancet; and then, when young persons under fifteen should their consciences are awakened, attend, both rich and poor. Why he can pour in the oil of gospel should not the rich and poor meet consolation and healing. He

upon them.

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