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to take a special interest. Let streets. I have dismissed him them visit the parents ocasionally from the school, but allowed him in their dwellings; impress upon to come again on his earnest en. their minds the duty of attending treaty and promise of good conto the interests of their children; duct. If I had struck that lad let them see the children occa- when he was so irritated, or sposionally in school, and by a little ken harshly to him, his fury would attention shown them, they would have been ungovernable, but he not only be induced to attend cannot stand a word of kindness. more regularly, but also be encouraged to greater diligence

FORGED TICKETS. - If you esthey would eventually feel grate tablish them, you will never fill ful to their benefactors, a reci-them. This is very pretty in theprocal interest would be thereby ory, but what has been the result? created, “ blessing him who gives, Why, in the school, at Whitsun. as well as him who takes.' And tide, when it was first opened, the surely the time would be well crowd was so great seeking admisspent, and the labours well rewarded, if even one out of five sion, that they were obliged to

print tickets : they distributed was thereby rescued from vagrancy these, to the amount of 200, to and ruin.

each boy. The next night, howAN UNRULY SPIRIT.- While selves, and all with tickets, and it

ever, about 500 presented themone of the visitors was at the Rag

was actually found that these poor ged School at

a short time children had got these tickets ago, a boy of about thirteen was forged to secure admission. Yes, seen to be extremely violent and

and I am convinced we want refractory, and a teacher endea- Ragged Parsons as well as Ragged voured to lead him to the bottom Schools. We must have places to of the class, for inattention. He which the poor man is not ashamed obstinately resisted, and stamped to come in his flannel jacket. It is with rage. The master, obsery

not fretted vaults or fretted domes ing the conflict, patted him gently that are necessary, no, but whereon the head and cheek, and begged him to be a good boy. In a mi- together in His name, there the

ever two or three are gathered nute, before the master had quit word of the Lord will have free ted him, it came again to his turn

course and be glorified. to be asked by the teacher one of the arithmetical questions of the lesson, when he cheerfully and The RAGGED CLOTHED.-In promptly cried out '48,' the pro- connection with York Street per answer. The crimson flush | Chapel, Walworth, there is a of anger had left his face; his Ragged school. But such is the countenance was as bright and external change which has taken placid as if the last moments had place in the scholars, that they not witnessed the storm that agi- put us in mind of the man who tated his passions, and he became was a maniac, but was afterwards at once quiet and docile. The found sitting at the feet of Jesus, visitor asked the master about 'clothed and in his right mind.' him. He replied, “That boy is These once boisterous, and half the most unmanageable in the clothed, are now so orderly, and school; he is clever, but very by the help of kind friends, well passionate, he has kicked my legs, clothed, that they frequently are (happily for me he has no shoes) brought on the sabbath evening he has pelted me with mud in the / to worship God in his sanctuary.

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The Children's Bor.

Majesty is at home. The terrace all alive with the gay company;

and the fountain in the midst WINDSOR CASTLE.

sending up its pearly drops which TAKE the early morning train, glitter in the sunbeam. The band young friends, from Paddington, playing in delightful notes, and for Slough, and go on to Wind- the sweet music borne by the sisor, where you will find the noble lent breeze gently falling upon pile of buildings, (as above) which the ear—the hour of her majesty's will fully repay all your trouble, dining. The sentinel pacing up when you have walked through and down, erect and gaily dressed, the state rooms: these may be to guard the royal house. All viewed on obtaining a ticket, these things he beholds with which may be had in London or at mingled feelings. He considers Windsor. The round tower, the the days of old, when England terrace, the quadrangle, the gar- was infested with wild beasts, and den, the fountain, the chapel, the cruel men, whose only delight was hundred steps, the long walk, and in eating, and drinking, and fightthe parks, will afford a rich funding. When kings did not reign for a day's amusement; and then, quietly in their palaces; and men reflection upon the history of knew not peace, and is thankful the whole will be a source of in- for the change of scenes. struction.

Windsor castle was built by The writer has often visited William the Conqueror. Henry 1, Windsor castle—in the time of enlarged it. The sovereigns of George iv, William iv, and queen England continued to reside there Victoria. He still loves, when until the reign of Edward 111, who opportunity offers, to wander caused nearly the whole building through the home park, where to be pulled down and rebuilt ; first of all he stood to gaze upon William, of Wykeham, superinthe noble building, and there to tended the new building. St. view the far famed Windsor cas- George's chapel was also added by tle. The flag floating in the breeze, Edward. He obtained workmen on the lofty tower, denoting Her | in the same way as he would have



raised an army, by assessing every of another, of join in music which county to send him a certain the poetry of a third inspires, He number. Other additions were delights to descend with the mimade by Henry viii and Edward neralogist or geologist into the vi. Queen Mary had the water bowels of the earth, and to exbrought to the fountain ; and amine strata after strata, or the Elizabeth built the grand terrace wealth which is contained beneath on the north of the castle, which the earth's surface. He loves also Charles a beautified and repaired to climb with the astronomer to in 1680. The castle was enlarged the very sun, moon, and stars, in 1824-8; and recently further and measure their diameters and additions have been made.

circumference, and swiftness of Should our young readers any motion. Yet, nevertheless, in all of them visit Windsor, let them his walkings, talkings, and readvisit the state apartments, the ings, he is desirous, first of all, to terrace, and the chapel, and the have the question at the head of statue at the top of the long this letter satisfactorily answered walk. There will they see gran- - Is it worth climbing for ?' deur-gold and silver tables, crim- Now, my young friends, we are son and golden chairs, glass chan- | all climbers in

way deliers, cannon, arms, flags, and other-we have all some object immense treasures : and there let at which we are aiming. The them ponder, as they behold some peasant boy may be climbing after decaying, and the others yet a bird's nest, while the prince is bright, that there is treasure in climbing after a crown-indeed, heaven, where moth nor rust doth there is such a variety of climbers, corrupt, and thieves do not break and many whom I have seen, that through nor steal. As they behold I must talk a little more particuthe beautiful carved monuments larly about them. of kings and queens, let them The little boy who struck bis think of Him who has said, “By ball somewhat awkwardly, so that me, kings reign and princes decree it fell on the roof of an old high justice;' and learn to seek to wear barn, scrambled up the rugged the crown of righteousness which door, clung by the holes in the fadeth not away.

J. C. brickwork, and reached the top

of his barn; but he rubbed the UNCLE HARRY'S LETTERS. skin off his fingers, and the blood

was smeared over his hands, his IS IT WORTH CLIMBING FOR ? clothes were torn, and he ran the

Dear Young Friends, — Uncle risk of breaking his neck. Harry, on a sunshiny morning, A man once climbed a greasy when the dew is yet hanging in pole, so slippery that he kept pearly drops upon the flowers and taking sand from his pockets to verdure, delights to walk abroad, rub upon it to prevent his sliding and to inhale the sweet morning down. On the top of the pole air, and to pluck the violet full there was placed a hat for whoever of odour sweet. How frequently should reach the summit. The have his ears been charmed with

man reached the top, but had to the harmonious notes of he

tear the hat away, for it was choristers of the air-and his nailed there. eyes gratified with their delight- Napoleon Bonaparte aspired to ful plumage. And no less is he become the conqueror of all pleased to walk abroad into the Europe-but ended his days in fields of books—to cull the flowers banishment on the Island of St. of one author-dig up the gems | Helena. Alexander conquered

the world—but sat down and when he has found himself on mourned because there was not some wide moorland, far away another world to conquer.

from house or home, he discovers Archimedes was so engrossed it to be the 'Will o' the wisp,' in the solution of a problem in and that all his toil has been in geometry, that he knew not when vain. Worldly things make a Syracuse was taken. A certain great show, and are very attraccaptain was so engaged in the tive; and many foolish people decoration of his cabin, that he are led to climb after them at all continued painting the wooden hazards—but, alas ! they find, walls with curious designs while when they would grasp the prize, the ship was going down.

it is worthless. Rather, my Now, my young friends, let me young friends, list to the voice remind you, that before perform- of Uncle Harry, and use your ing any great work, it is well to every effort, in reliance on Jesus,

sit down and count the cost-or, to obtain that which will never
in other words, to ask-'Is it perish.
worth climbing for ?' The little

Oh, seek a higher good,
boy who climbed for his ball at A treasure that's supreme,
the expense of torn clothes and A precious hope in Jesus' blood,

Nor dare this world esteem. grazed fingers, and even at the risk of breaking his neck, was an

Kingdoms and thrones are not emblem of many little boys and worth climbing for. Alexander girls, who are all eager to obtain and Napoleon found that they that which will prove not worth could not be held for ever. The the pains they have taken to one wept, unsatisfied even with obtain it. How many young the dominion of a world-while folks do I know who are climbing the other was banished to spend after baubles—things which, after his days a miserable exile. But all their trouble to obtain them, is there no kingdom worth climbwill only end in disappointment ing for? Aye, indeed there is, a and vexation. Nothing earthly kingdom prepared for those who is worth climbing for.

love the Lord Jesus—a crown of

glory awaits those who, through Aspire, young friends, on high to live For there is found your treasure !

much tribulation, strive to enter What's here would all your hopes this kingdom. deceive

My young friends have much That only suits their measure.'

to conquer. Even if they should Such treasure is worth climbing be rich and great in this world, for.

unless they conquer themselves, How sad must have been the their evil tempers and habits, disappointment of the foolish man they will be miserable in the exwho climbed, with much exertion, treme. To conquer oneself is the greasy pole, when he found worth climbing for—it is worth that the hat was nailed to the ascending the most rugged hill. top! He got the hat, but it was It is worth every kind of self. worthless. And it is no less true denial. “He that ruleth his spirit that, to obtain some distinction, is better than he which taketh young and old are too prone to a city.' walk in slippery paths, and to In conclusion, I wish you all risk their very life for a moment's to look at this question in a still gratification. They act the part more serious light. Are riches of the poor traveller who has been worth climbing for ?

What says tempted to follow a bright light the Saviour_ How hardly shall in the distance, and to his dismay, they who have riches enter into

1 ness.

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the kingdom of heaven.' The what are you climbing for? Is riches of the world are of little it for riches, pleasure, honour, value compared with heavenly or possessions of earth? Are you things. There is that maketh aspiring to be great, noble, or himself rich and yet hath nothing.' mighty ? I entreat you, 'Lay A certain young man who had not up for yourselves treasures been heaping together riches, and on earth, but set your affection lived a moral life, came to Jesus on things above.' Seek to climb and asked what he should do to the ladder Jacob saw by faith. inherit eternal life. He was told Let your every energy be put to sell all that he had and give to forward in search of true happithe poor and follow Christ, and

Strive to enter in at the he should have treasure in heaven; straight gate. Let nothing binder but he went away sorrowful, for you from following Jesus Christ. he was very rich. Another indi- Pray for the spirit of the apostle vidual climbed after thirty pieces who said—' For I am persuaded of silver, and the consequence

that neither death, nor life, nor was, he lost his soul. Another angels, nor principalities, nor tried to gain favour in the pre- powers, nor things present, nor sence of Abasuerus, and by every things to come, nor height, nor means in his power climbed after depth, nor any other creature, honour. But the very means he shall be able to separate us from used turned to his own ruin. the love of Jesus Christ our Lord.'

Nothing here is worth climbing There is a great city, having for. Solomon says, “I made me the glory of God, with light clear great works; I bridled me horses; as jaspar stone, with a wall great I planted me vineyards; I made and high, twelve gates, and an me gardens and orchards; and I angel at each gate. In this city planted trees in them of all kinds there is no temple, for the Lord of fruits ; I made me pools of God Almighty and the Lamb are water; I got me servants and the temple of it. There is no maidens, and had servants born need of the sun or of the moon, in my house; also I had great for the Sun of righteousness is possessions of great and small the light of it. The inhabitants cattle above all that were in Jeru. are such as have washed their salem before me. I gathered robes and made them white in me also silver and gold, and the the blood of the Lamb. peculiar treasure of kings and of there is no night there, no sorrow, the provinces. Indeed, he tells no cry, no pain, because the former us that he had everything he things are done away. There wished; but mark! what does he are many mansions.

There are reply to the question, 'Is it worth thrones, kingdoms, wealth, honor, climbing for?'. 'Then I looked happiness, and pleasures everon all the works that my hands more. Is it worth climbing for had wrought, and on the labour -or rather, is it not? that I laboured to do: and, behold, through evil report and good all was vanity and vexation of report, let every reader say, I spirit, and there was no profit will run the Christian race-1 under the sun.'

will fight the Christian fightThus you see that there have will keep the Christian faith, been many climbers after the looking unto Jesus, this is worth things of this world; but all have striving for. This is the first step only tended to prove that there the fear of the Lord. is nothing on earth worth climb

Dearest youth, let go thy hold, ing for, Oh, my young readers,

Grasp at earth, at air, no more!


Oh yes,

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