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his arms of love and mercy. I Taking hold of his father's hand feel that I am a vile sinner; but he said, 'My God shall supply all I rely on his atonement. I ain your need,' etc. • And yours, happy~" Jesus is mine, and I too,' was the reply. He answeram His"-I am now only waiting ed, 'I shall not need much more to be dismissed in the Lord's as far as the present world is contime.' 'What a beautiful hymn cerned. His father proceeds to is that of Dr. Watts'

give the following account: .O happy soul that lives on high, Lying down he said, 'I feel so While men lie grovelling here.'

weary-still Jesus is precious to When he had nearly lost the my soul.' Observing that he power of utterance, he was heard looked upward, I said, 'What are to repeat in a whisper, two lines you looking at ?' . I like to look in the last verse of this hymn

up-my hope is there.'

At ano*But patient wait my Father's will, ther time, again looking upward, Till Christ shall bring me home.

he said, 'I want to go there—I When questioned respecting the

am resting on the Rock, and on state of his mind, he invariably the atonement of Jesus. Being replied, 'Happy, happy!' Mrs. justified by faith, I have peace Hall left his bedside for a few | with God. Let us talk about hours to recruit, by sleep, her Jesus. Is He not a compassionexhausted strength. On her re- ate Saviour I wish I could get turn, he asked, ' Are you better ?? all the young people together, and added, pointing upwards, 'I and exhort them to seek the Lord have been thinking much of early—then, perhaps, they would heaven, and how secure I am.' not believe me. If you preach a The reply given was— More funeral sermon for me, tell all the happy, but not more secure- young people to seek the Lord in The glorified spirits in heaven.' their youth, as soon as they are With rapturous delight he ex- capable of thinking and acting for claimed, Glory, glory, glory! themselves. I do not now relish Immortality through the blood of my food, but I think I can say the Lamb ! Hallelujah! Amen.' my relish for the truths of the

One morning, as his father sat gospel increases.' On taking by his bedside, perceiving his notice of his wasted frame, he hand against the curtain, which said, 'I cannot help thinking of was between them, he looked at the glory, when this poor body him, when he immediately re- shall be made like the body of marked, 'I am so happy, I want. Jesus, and yours will, too, will it ed to tell you. I seem to be not, father? Oh, to see Jesus singled out as an object of the and be with him, is worth dying Lord's goodness.' In the midst for!" To a friend who inquired of severe suffering, he said, 'It is of him how he was, he replied, my delight and my pleasure to Sinking in the bed, but rising to feel grateful to Almighty God for God.' his exceeding great and precious On the day preceding his death, mercies.'

between two and three o'clock in 'The saint's bed of affliction is the morning, I stood by his bedbetter than the throne of kings. side to give him some nourishThere is a throne to which I can ment. Having taking a little, he go. What a beautiful verse is clasped his hands, and began to that!

pray, addressing the Almighty as This God is the God we adore,

his omnipotent Redeemer, and Our faithful, unchangeable Friend; Whose love is as large as his power,

spoke of himself as a dying man. And neither knows measure nor end.' He then, in an audible voice,

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prayed for all his near relatives, mind, that of Christ-the feeble and those connected with them, sentences which fall from the by name--next, for all his friends quivering lip concerning Christ, with whom he was acquainted, his love, goodness, and mercy, noticing, in some instances, pecu- towards one who feels himself liarities of character and circum- even now undeserving the least stances; and having gone through of God's favours. The spirit, rethe circle of his friends, he, in a flecting on the past, and praising solemn manner, committed his its Maker for exaltation from its spirit into the hands of God, and former sinful state to a life in sank upon his pillow much ex- Christ. Friends admonished and hausted. Saturday morning, by encouraged to pursue the road to his own request, I read to him bliss eternal, and the unconverted the 27th Psalm and prayed. In warned to flee to Hiin who alone the afternoon, about three o'clock,

.-Can make a dying bed he was taken worse, and was evi. Feel soft as downy pillows are,' dently dying. I asked him if he and then, while a mortal paleness felt Jesus precious to him? He dwells on the cheek, eternal answered Yes.' 'Are you hap- glory lightens up the soul. Be py ?' 'Yes.'

Jesus' was one concerned, dear reader, that such of his last words. Another ex- an end as this may be yours. pression which he uttered was

Here he comes ! here he comes ! -meaning Jesus. He was able DEAP AND DUMB SCHOOL:to meet death with a smile upon The inhabitants of Doncaster, his face. The following lines were recently favoured with a free were repeated in his dying mo- exhibition of crayon drawings ments as being applicable to his from the models, adopted by state, to wbich it was evident he Butler Williams, in his popular gave attention :

system of drawing. The collec• His mind is tranquil and serene;

tion consisted of about two hunNo terrors in his looks are seen;

dred specimens; there was also His Saviour's smiles dispel the gloom, several wood cuts, and specimens And guide him gently to the tomb.'

of copperplate engravings, hung Shortly after he expired, without up in the room. What made the a struggle or a sigh. 'He was exhibition remarkable, was the not, for God took him.' He fact, that the subjects exhibited, dwells in light, with his heavenly were done by the pupils in the Father-his work ended, he en- Yorkshire institution for the deaf tered into his rest. May the and dumb boys, mostly under the early death of one lead many early age of fourteen. It was truly to consecrate themselves to the gratifying to see the proficiency service of God! Let each one of many of them had attained, in our readers contemplate what the very useful, but neglected solemnity there must be in dying. branch of education; many of Visit in your imagination the their labours would have done chamber where the good man credit to more experienced stumeets his fate. Angels hover dents. Visitors appeared delighted round the scene, waiting to bear with the sight, it being much the spirit to the mansion pre- beyond what is usually supposed pared for it. The Saviour himself to be within the compass of the there, and the dying one reflect-deaf and dumb. ing his image. The soul holding It was a cause of thankfulness, commune with its God, while the that an asylum had been provided body struggles for existence. The for these afflicted children, where

they are cared for, and trained up

SPRING. in the way they should go. When

Hail, to thee, all lovely Spring ! we reflect on the lamentable con

Clad in leaves and flowers ; dition of the uneducated deaf and

Many a beauty dost thou fing,

O'er this world of ours. dumb, destitute as they are, of

Rose and lily bind thy brow, the smallest knowledge of God, Children of the sun,or, that they possess immortal O'er thy path the violets grow,

Perfumed every one! souls, we rejoiced at the efforts made to instruct these dear chil. Gentle gales about thee play,

Birds around thee sing. dren, and we are glad to be able

Nature in thy smile looks gayto add, that these efforts have been Blessings on thee, Spring ?' crowned with success. In addition to the elements of a sound educa

A KIND WORD. tion, which is imparted to them, 'A LITTik word in kindness spoken, many of the pupils are well versed A motion or a tear ; [broken, in the sacred Scriptures. It is to

Has often healed the heart that's

And made a friend sincere. be hoped that the study of that

A word, a look, has crushed to earth book, will be blessed to them, and

Full many a budding flower, that very many of them will be which, had a smile but owned its birth, owned by the Redeemer, in the

Would bless life's darkest hour. day when he cometh to make up Then deem it not an idle thing

A pleasant word to speak; [bring, his jewels. With all our. Christian

The face you wear, the thoughts you efforts (and they are numerous) The heart may heal or break. the condition of the deaf and dumb, scarcely ever come under notice.

TRUTH IN POETRY. Surely it behoves Christians to care If ev'ry one's internal care for those, whom, when upon earth

Were written on his brow,

How many would our pity share, the Saviour frequently made the

Who raise our envy now! objects of his tender compassion, The fatal secret, when reveald and the subjects of his healing Of every aching breast, power. We trust, that this class Would prove that only while conceal'd

Their lot appears the best. ofour fellow-creatures, will receive more of our attention than they

NATIONAL ANTHEM. have hitherto done.

God bless our native land, The following pleasing circum- May heaven's protecting hand stance may be recorded of these still guard our shore;

May PĚACE her power extend, children, on the case of the desti

Foe be transformed to friend, tute Irish being made known to And Britain's power depend

On WAR NO MORE. them; they immediately proposed subscribing money to be sent to

Through every changing scene,

O Lord ! preserve the Queen, Ireland, to enable the people to

Long may she reignpurchase food; and a handsome Her heart inspire and move, sum was received in the institu.

With wisdom from above;

And in a nation's love, tion, in aid of the relief fund for Her throne maintain. that unfortunate country. But we

May just and righteous laws may cease to wonder at these Uphold the public cause; beautiful results - when it is

And bless our isle.

Home of the brave and free, known that the head-master, The land of liberty ! largely inculcates the duty of love We pray that still on thee

Kind heaven may smile. and charity-love to God-love to their parents and friends, and

And not this land alone,

But be thy mercies known
love to all mankind, and to do From shore to shore.
all the good in their power.

Lord make the nations see
A. M.

That men should brothers be,
And form one family

The wide world o'er.

The Domestic Sunday and homely some of their way School.

may have been, and a moderate

compliance with the tastes and "MOTHER, YOU LIE.' wishes of a highly educated and Was there ever such a horrid tasteful daughter, would undoubtcombination of syllables as this ? edly have been an improvement to Never, I hope, but once. Once I their home, but to give up the heard it. And who was it that thus domestic helm to a hand utterly outraged the most sacred relation inexperienced, to forsake them of earth, and dared the vengeance selves and the staid habits of a of heaven? A small lad, scarcely | life-time, in the endeavour to befourteen years of age, 'the only son come what may suit the tastes of of his mother, and she a widow.' a mind yet wholly immature : Wretched woman! is she 'not pray tell me, would it be right to heart-broken? Oh, no. She takes do this? it quietly, as if she were used to it. There can be no doubt that it She does not even reprove herson, the age be one of irreverence and she only tries to prove her state self-sufficiency in the young, pament, and convince him that she rents are to blame for it. They do has spoken the truth.

not understand the position they How does this picture look? Is are placed in, and which they are it not a scene to make the angels responsible to God for—'having weep? And yet I fear that it is their household in subjection in not altogether an unprecedented the fear of the Lord.' They come one. Words may never before have down from the vantage height been thrown into such a form, where God has placed them, and but has the feeling never been around which he has arranged seen shadowed on the face, or family love in order and beauty, read plainly written in the action to meet their children on the of a child before? How much common social level, as man to worse would it be to speak the man. Where they should challenge feeling out ? to say-Father, you love and honour as theirs by divine are an old fool-Mother, you know prescription, they set aside the nothing of what you are talking claim, and seek to win affection about-or, MOTHER, YOU LIE! and respect from their children,

I look about me, and I see many as others might, by their personal a case where sensible, and in the qualities, or too often seek to buy main, exemplary Christian parents love alone by indulgence. They are subject to their children. The have no faith in God's wisdom, son of eighteen sneers at the nar- and fear to compel the obedience rowness of paternal views, and to themselves which God comthey are widened to accommodate mands from their children, lest it him. A bright-eyed, intelligent should snap the cords of love. daughter, growingup into woman. They are wiser than God, and hood, has power to lead father and think to compass the same ends mother where she will. She re- by surer means, such as mild permodels the house, she changes suasion and gentle reasoning. But the habits of the household, she such parents may look to see the dictates with regard to the dress, fabric of filial love totter, and to the associations, the hospitality of hear the falsehood of their system the family, till the sober-minded rudely rebuked by the lips they man and woman who used to con. love. MOTHER, YOU LIE! Such sider themselves at its head hardly words never come from a child know themselves, and certainly do educated on God's plan, in the not know their place. Old fashioned | domestic Sunday school.

The Library.

of which we have already spoken highly : Vital Christianity, or

Essays and Sermons on false and The Youth's Poetical Instructor :

true religion, by Dr. Vinet, which Simpkin, London. We are pleased also is really good : Obligations with this little compilation, and of the World to the Bible, which think the moral and religious is capital ; and Discourses and lessons it contains well adapted Essays, by D’Aubigné, which is to youth. It is suited for the not to our taste. As a whole, approbation of parents and teach- the series deserves great success. ers. Let it find a large circulation among our friends.

Scripture Selections for Sabbath

Schools : Houlston. Two small Theodore : Ward. A brief, but pocket tracts of pages sixteen and truly delightful account of a young thirty-two, the one containing man in the earnest search of plea- simple texts for young children, sure, struggling in vain for joy, the other counsels and warnings until he found Christ. He then in Scripture words. lived in peace and died in glory. It has our heartiest commenda- Nursery Guide : Yorke. We tions. Teachers, hear us. Cir- have no nursery in our house, culate this little book among your and need no books like this in elder scholars.

our family; but we put it into Sermons on Self : Snow.

the hands of a fair friend, and

A Series of pointed powerful evan- she, after a close perusal of it, is

She says it gelical discourses, by two of the delighted with it. best preachers in the world. will be a real comfort to persons Reader , these discourses are about having the moral care of little

children. yourself and for yourself. Mental Discipline: Ward. To

Pinnock's Geography made easy:

Gibbs. this book we are personally under

A young enterprizing

bookseller in Paternoster Row, the deepest obligations. It is a choice work to put into the hands London, named Gibbs, has com of pious young men thirsting for menced the issue of Pinnock's usefulness in the Church of works, in a vastly improved form.

Before us is his Geography. It is

full of maps and engravings, and Martin's Discourses : Ward. A really makes easy and delightful a second series of sermons to youth, science hitherto rugged to young by a young minister, whose mind persons, but one of increasing and heart appear moulded by importance in these days. We God for extraordinary usefulness wish Mr. Gibbs a long and sucamong young persons.

cessful life in the publishing of Pulpit Studies : Ward.

De such useful works. cidedly the best set of skeletons

Books on the Editor's Table : of sermons we ever saw, but we

The Happy Sufferer, Houlston : question the real utility of such works. We had rather walk on Simpkin : Dunn's Biography and

Hinchliffe's Juvenile Speaker, short legs than on long stilts.

Geoyraphy of the Gospels, Snow : Collins' Series. A series of Lessons of Life and Death, Snow: works is now issuing from the Domestic Worship of D’Aubigné, house of Collins and Co. of Glas- and the Italian Swiss Protestants, gow and London, at a singularly Partridge add Oakey: The Truth

We have received as it is in Jesus received by a Child, Dick's Philosopher, in two vols. Gillett and Moore, Manchester.


low figure.

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