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himself, as he slowly proceeded On arriving at the minister's reto his home,“ men do not gather sidence they were cordially welgrapes of thorns nor figs of this comed, but they found him just

does not generate preparing to attend a missionary meekness and humility, nor truth meeting about two miles' distant. engender arrogance and self-con- Though his time was limited, he ceit; and here is at least a pre- required them to take a seat; and sumptive evidence that my former on learning that they had somewhat simple confidence was not mis- important to communicate, took placed, and my present doubts are them into his study, where the facts without any just foundation. My of the case were related. The good own mind, too, supplies another ar- minister, though deeply pained at gument of the same sort; for when I the results of evil counsel, mingled hesitated not to embrace the whole with them his tears of gratitude to truth, but rested with full confidence God for the signal deliverance he in its infallible teachings, my soul had wrought out for his young serfound repose and satisfaction; but vant. Time, however, would not my rationalism has been the parent admit him at this interview to enter of nothing but bewilderment to my at length into such conversation as imagination, confusion to my judg- seemed necessary to fortify and esment, and distressing anxiety to my tablish the man's mind, but heart.” That evening the minister he handed him a copy of Jenkins preached an excellent discourse on 66 On the Reasonableness of Christhe incredulity of the apostle Tho- tianity," and appointed that evening mas, in which the unreasonableness week for another interview. The as well as the sinfulness of unbelief superintendent observed, “But, sir, was made very apparent, and the there are four or five others who, it young man felt himself convicted of appears from our brother's statefolly as well as of sin in the pre- ment, are in some degree infected.” sence of God.

“I am sorry, indeed, for that,” said These gracious impressions were the minister; "we must at once strengthened by subsequent reading adopt some kindly and effective of the Holy Scriptures and private measures for their restoration. We prayer; so that ere the period had had better meet the all together arrived for meeting with the super- in the school library. You have intendent, his mind was relieved of their confidence and affection," adits perplexity, and his former com- dressing the superintendent; “ will posure and confidence had returned. you have the kindness to see them

They met at the appointed hour, during the interval, and get their and spent a short time in pouring consent to meet me, with Thomas forth their united thanksgiving to and yourself, next Thursday evenGod that the snare was broken, and ing, at seven o'clock, in the school in supplication for the grace neces- library, when we will enter at length sary to establish and preserve his upon the subject; and I trust, with young servant in the way of truth; God's blessing, we shall have the nor did they forget to pray for those satisfaction of setting their minds whose feet were still wandering in at rest? Meanwhile, let us look up the paths of error and sin. to God for his guidance and help!"

PADDINGTON CHAPEL.-OLD SCHOLARS' MEETING. The usual Annual Tea Meeting was her old impulses revived, and, by Divine held in the school-rooms, and was more grace, she is now a consistent member numerously attended than on any pre- of the church of Christ. vious occasion. The Rev. J. STRATTEN Mr. PATCH (Teacher) reviewed the presided. Tea being over, Mr. CHAP- past, and saw great cause for gratitude. PELL engaged in prayer.

He rejoiced in Sunday-school operaMr. MORRISH (Secretary) read two tions, because they began at the right communications from Old Scholars ;-time-childhood; in the right way-the No. 1, might be called a Hint to voluntary principle; no paid agents ; Teachers. The writer stated that she the right weapons the weapons of was in the school several years; that our warfare not carnal, but spiritual. she had felt uneasy in reference to the They had also the right object in view salvation of her soul; that she had the glory of God, and the salvation of wished to make this known to her souls. Not one of those who were teacher, but had not courage. She teachers when he entered the school would suggest to the teachers, as others now remained. Some had grown weary, might be in a similar position, that others had removed, and

some had they should take the opportunity of fallen asleep. While the removal of speaking first with any in their classes teachers was a source of sorrow, it was who appeared to be seriously impressed. a source of gratitude that the Lord of She had waited long for her teacher to the vineyard had supplied other laspeak, but had been disappointed. bourers. No. 2 related an account of a young Mr. F. BENHAM, after some excelwoman, who had formerly been in the lent remarks, read a note from one who school. Sarah was fond of excitement, had been a scholar, and was now & and, in gratifying her desire, gradually member of a Christian church. became the slave of strong drink. Two Mr. MORRISH informed the scholars things were studiously kept out of of some changes which had been made sight-her school Bible, and her re- since they were in the school : the ward books. Her impressions had been Bible was now the only class-book, strong, but, in her course of sin, be- even for the infants; and the teachers came fainter and fainter. Being dis- hoped by extending the library, the missed from her situation, she took occasional delivery of lectures, and the lodgings with a girl who was not aware formation of singing-classes, to confer of her propensity for drink, and who greater benefits on the children. He shrank from her with horror on dis- stated, that eleven of those present covering it. She remembered that were teachers in Sunday-schools, and “the whole need not a physican,” and twenty-three were members of churches. that it was her duty to do good, if pos- Mr. EVANS strenuously urged those sible; and, after prayer to God for present to be careful in their selection guidance and aid, she endeavoured to of companions and choice of books. persuade Sarah to revisit the school F. E. THOMPSON, Esq., and Mr. and chapel she had formerly attended. HUDSON, also addressed the meeting. After much entreaty she succeeded, After prayer, by Rev. J. STRATTEN, and Sarah went to Paddington chapel ; | the meeting separated.

Two philosophers fell into a discussion about motion. The difference rose into an angry dispute. It grew wider and wider, till all hope of agreement seemed lost, and the parties were in danger of becoming personal enemies

. Pausing to take breath, one waved his cane in the air, and said,

“ That is mo. tion: do you assent?” “Yes.” So they shook hands, and the breach was healed. (We leave the moral to be drawn.-ED.]

The Children's Separate Service.

SERMON II. AN INVALUABLE JEWEL. Perhaps you would put it into your “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, bosom, or lay it up very carefully that I might not sin against thee.”—Psa. in some secure place. Now, the cxix. 11.

Bible is worth more than all the The custom of writing out the laws treasures of earth. The Psalmist of Moses was observed by all the took special care of this jewel, by pious princes of the Jewish people. hiding it in his heart. My dear

It was intended that these laws, young friends, is it hid in your being impressed on their minds, heart? should lead them to govern righte- Let me direct your attention, by ously. If this Psalm was written noticingby David, it is evident that he un- I. THE JEWEL : “ THY WORD." derstood and loved the law of God;

Precious.- Some people love any while we have his own express tes- thing but the word of God. It timony, that “it is more to be de- makes them uneasy, because it sired than gold, yea, than much speaks against their wicked pracfine gold; sweeter also than honey tices, and declares, “The soul that and the honeycomb." I hope sinneth shall die." But still it is some of my young friends love the an invaluable jewel; it is beyond word of God; but there is no need all price. The Queen has many to borrow or write it out in the valuable jewels in the Tower of present day, since you may all pos- London; but, though one of these sess this invaluable treasure.

gems might build a handsome chaAbove 300 years since a Bible pel, not all of them could be comwas sold for the large sum of 40l. pared in value to that precious gem Very few people, and scarcely any you can purchase for tenpence. Job children, then, either read or pos- said, “It cannot be gotten for gold, sessed the Scriptures. One copy neither shall silver be weighed for was chained up in the different the price thereof. It cannot be churches; but it was seldom read, valued with the gold of Ophir, as people could not understand its with the precious onyx, or the saplanguage, value, or meaning. What phire. The gold and the crystal a change has taken place,-the cannot equalit: and the exchange of Bible may be bought for forty far- it shall not be for jewels of fine things! Every boy and girl may gold. No mention shall be made of soon learn to read and understand coral, or of pearls :. for the price of it in the Sabbath-school. How wisdom is above rubies. The topaz thankful, and happy, and holy ought of Ethopia shall not equal it, neither you to be, uttering that beautiful shall it be valued with pure gold.”

So also the Psalmist wrote: “ The Holy Bible! book divine,

law of thy mouth is better to me Precious treasure, thou art mine! than thousands of gold and silMine to tell me whence I came, ver.” If such good men thought Minc-to teach me what I am."

part of the Bible so precious, Men take great care of their trea- how thankful we ought to be for sures. If one of you had a valu- such a jewel as the Old and New able pin or brooch given to you by Testaments! We read of a man a friend, how you would esteem it ! finding a pearl, and selling all he


had to purchase it. Do you wish tempted to swear, it made him so such a precious gem? Some of unhappy. I hope it is not so with you like the sparkling jewels. Well, you. Å good man once said, “I here is one for you; it may be found thy word; I did eat it, and yours; take it, and say with the the fruit was sweet to my taste." Psalmist, “ Thy word have I hid But other persons hide and pre. in mine heart.”

serve. So the writer did ; he hid Tried.Jewels are never de- the word of God. Lookstroyed by the heat of fire. Some Place.- His heart - Not in his time since a fire took place at the box or his hand, but in his mind. west end of London, where a rich A physician was lately called in to lady was living, who had a box of see a young lady, who was ill, in a jewels; the box was burnt, and the Roman Catholic nunnery. After gold was smelted, but the jewels he had asked her some questions

, were all the better for passing he found, by her features, she was through the fire. So this jewel: it in great pain, so that she fainted has been through the fire many away. “That she might recover, he times, but by this it has become opened part of her dress, when, to more precious. Jehoiakim, a wicked his surprise, he saw a crucifix placed king of Judah, cut up the prophecy on the breast of the nun, with of Jeremiah, and cast it into the spikes that entered the flesh.” How fire; but do you think it was de- wicked it was to lacerate this young stroyed? Oh, no! it is now among lady's flesh, to make her think the words of the prophet Jeremiah. she was religious! This is popery Before the Reformation, they used in 1848 ! to burn the Bibles in Smithfield : The Psalmist did not mean this infidels and wicked men, and even kind of superstition, but to have some Roman Catholics, have put the word lodged in the memory, this jewel into the flames; but you When Mary, queen of England, see they have not destroyed it: no, was dying, she said, Calais would it is a tried word; it cannot be de- be found engraven on her heart. stroyed, “ The word of the Lord Why was this? you may ask. Beendureth for ever.” Some people cause she thought so much about it. are very anxious to possess earthly So, if you love this jewel, you will jewels, but I want you to possess hide it in your heart. this heavenly jewel, saying,

“Here would I learn how Christ has “Lord, I have made thy word my choice, died, My lasting heritage;

To save my soul from hell; These shall my noblest powers rejoice,

Not all the books on earth beside My warmest thoughts engage.”

Such heavenly wonders tell.” II. THE CASKET: “THY WORD Security.-If put in the heart HAVE I HID IN MY HEART.”—Some nothing can take it away. You may, persons hide and conceal. I have lose your parents, friends, and all known people read a novel or news- your earthly jewels, but you can paper after coming from a place of never lose this heavenly jewel

. worship, because they wished to How rich is every child with this hide or forget the sermon. I met treasure! it is invaluable, if put a man a few days since, who said the heart. The bank may fail

, the he wished he had not gone to mine of gold or silver may be exchurch, because, when he was hausted, but here is desirable riches


and righteousness. Oh, how I wish says, “ My son, if sinners entice that you all put this jewel in your thee, consent thou not:' and again, heart! You have it in your hands; "Keep thy heart with all diligence, but I want to know it is put in a for out of it are the issues of life :" place of greater security: not in and again, “Remember now thy your pocket, or on the book-shelf, Creator in the days of thy youth." but in your heart, that you may Remedy.This is an invaluable always say, Thy word have I hid remedy for sin : it cures as well as in mine heart."

preserves; it tells you of a great III. THE USE: “That I MIGHT Physician that can cleanse and NOT SIN AGAINST THEE.”—All je- make you whole. If you had a wels are not useful; most of them prescription that would cure some are worn for ornament. This jewel fatal disorder, how you would value is for use; it intimates

it! Such is the Bible. It tells you Danger.- The Psalmist knew the how sin may be pardoned, your danger, and wished to escape it. hearts renewed, and your spirits How often people sin when they fitted for heaven: it is an universal neglect the precepts of this precious remedy for the wants of mankind. book! You have heard of charms: If every one of you were to follow well, the Pharisees thought if they this prescribed remedy, it would tied slips of parchment, with texts make you happy in time and written on them, around their fore- triumphant in eternity. heads and wrists, they could not My beloved young friends, do sin; but with all this superstition you wish to possess such a jewel ? they were the greatest sinners. Oh! Do you wish to hide it in a place of my dear young friends, I want you security? Do you wish to be kept to carry it about with you in your from sinning against God? Then heart, saying, with the sacred wri- say with the Psalmist, “Thy word ter, “Thy word is a lamp to my have I hid in mine heart, that I feet, and a light to my path.” Then might not sin against thee." you need fear no danger, because it Farringdon.

J. M. S.

Sabbath Evenings at Home.


(Continued from page 53.) B. C. 1804.

to whom do these circumstances reTHE FOURTH PROMISE OF A

late? SAVIOUR.

C.--To Isaac, Abraham's son.

P.-And where do they take place ? GENESIS XXVI. 1-5.

C.--At Gerar, in the land of the PhiP. After the great promise given to listines. Abraham, immediately after the offer- P.-How came Isaac there? ing of Isaac, in obedience to the com- C.--He had left Canaan because of mand of God, we do not read of any the famine there. other, either temporal or eternal, made P. And thus is it ver with God. to him. The next, therefore, that we The greater our trouble seems to be, shall find in Scripture, is that given to the more gracious is he to us.

Since his son Isaac; for which we must turn Isaac is driven out of Canaan by the to Genesis xxvi., and read the first five famine, and is on his way into Egypt, verses of the chapter. Tell me, then, God stops him, and commands him to

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