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two to make, to which I solicit attention.

« We must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ." The word in the original that is here translated “ appear,” signifies to be searched or examined, carefully sifted; and this scrutiny will be exercised upon our thoughts and motives, our incentives to action. In many cases, the sentence of condemnation will not be passed simply for the turpitude of the act of sin or wickedness, but it will combine the conceived mischief that planned it, and the results that arose from it; for many an act of sin, though committed, is not consummated during the life of the transgressor.

There are consequences that will be scrutinized, consequences that perhaps result to posterity. It would, however, be lengthening the subject too much to detail instances: “Some men's sins are open beforehand, going before to judgment, and some men they follow after: likewise the good works of some are manifest beforehand, and they that are otherwise cannot be hid.”

The Judge Eternal is described in the Revelations : “ His eyes are as a flame of fire;” piercing, omniscient, to know and discover, to penetrate into the inmost recesses of the soul. And the same image is used in the prophecies of Daniel : “ His face having the appearance of lightning, and his eyes as lamps of fire.” Reader, it would be in vain to attempt to conceal anything from your Judge, for “ all things are naked and open to him with whom we have to do."

The award. “ That every one may receive the things done in his body according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.” This award will be impartial; there will be no respect of persons. Justice will be equitably administered ; all the judges and counsellors of the earth will be there, and they, with the whole universe assembled, will acquiesce in the

righteous decisions of that day : “ The wicked shall

go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into life eternal.” The righteous will be first acquitted, and received at the right hand of the Judge, with, “ Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you!" Who can conceive the joy that will beam in the countenances of these blessed redeemed ones ? The angels will rejoice over them, while they tune their harps anew to the praise of almighty grace. And upon the pronouncing of this blessedness by the Judge, how will the countenances of the wicked on the left hand lower and gather blackness! All hatred, and envy, and evil passions, will discover themselves while they wait the pronouncing and executing of their final sentence. Terror and dismay will be depicted in their faces, which were once so expressive of arrogance and pride. How, suppose ye, they will be able to look upon Him whose appearance is as lightning, or how stand before the august grandeur of his presence, when he proceeds to pass the fearful and appalling sentence that shall smite their hearts with anguish unutterable : “ Depart, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.” “And then will the King say unto his servants, Bind them hand and foot, and take them away, and cast them into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” He will then rain upon the wicked snares, “ fire and brimstone, and an horrible tempest: this shall be the portion of their


Reader, you have been attending to solemn truths. Believe you that these things will come to pass ? I know that you believe them; you cannot do otherwise than believe them. Are you, then, on the strength of this belief, acting as did the wise virgins ? Are you getting ready for the coming of the Lord, when he will come to you by death ? Are you trimming your lamps ? Have you ever thought how you are to prepare, so that you may meet your Judge with pleasure and delight ? Peruse the word of God with this object in view; make the Bible the man of your counsel, read it with prayer, with a desire to be taught; and be persuaded, further, to do everything with reference to the judgment day; in transacting business, in the employments of husbandry, in buying and selling, in associating with others, whether in the drawing-room or on the exchange; and in secret let there be a perpetual check upon your thoughts, a constant watch over your actions, lest in anything you should bring guilt upon your conscience, and offend your Judge.

Have you ever thought how you are to meet relations with satisfaction at the judgment seat of Christ ? Calmly survey your duties and obligations to them, so as to lead you to fulfil all claims that they may have upon you, and this without any reference to the duties and obligations that they may owe you. See to it, that you fulfil your part, as you only are accountable for that. Have you ever thought how

you shall face adversaries at the bar of God ? Live so that the devil may have no railing accusation with which to charge you; and, with regard to temporal enemies, where it is possible, agree with thine adversary quickly whilst thou art in the way with him; and in circumstances in which nothing of an hostile nature rests with you, as every Christian will have enemies, rest in peace, relying on the blood and righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ for acceptance in that eventful meeting ; then may you adopt the language of the poet:

“ Bold shall I stand in that great day;

For who aught to my charge shall lay?
Fully, through thee, absolved I am
From sin and fear, from guilt and shame.”


The people of God have frequently experienced that bodily pain and outward troubles are comparatively easy to be borne while they enjoy a sense of his supporting presence ; they have even been known to sing in the furnace of affliction. His omnipotent aid, together with a consciousness of integrity, have sustained believers under the most acute bodily sufferings; “ the spirit of a man will sustain his infirmities, but a wounded spirit who can bear ?" Or in other words, conscious guilt will break a man's spirit, and render his life a burden to himself; and in such an one we see a contrast to the Christian.

Picture to yourself a gamester, who by his sinful courses has squandered his estate, beggared his wife and children, and set all but his life upon the hazard of the die ; such an one, deeply tinctured with the false notions of sentimental honour; proud in spirit; indebted to his accomplices, and unable to meet their claims ; alive to the internal sense of the guilt of his actions ; exposed to the savage scorn and contempt of those whose dupe he has been; the reproaches of his awakening conscience now gaining the ascendancy over every force that had hitherto quelled its upbraidings ; while the hope of retrieving his circumstances is

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