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With pirates, rocks, and storms, and feas,
Our pride and vanity t' appeafe;

Kill one another, and cut throats,

For our good graces, and beft thoughts;
To do your exercife for honour,

And have your brains beat out the fooner;
Or crack'd, as learnedly, upon

Things that are never to be known :
And still appear the more industrious,
The more your projects are prepoft'rous;
To fquare the circle of the arts,
And run stark mad to fhew your parts;
Expound the oracle of laws;

And turn them which way we fee cause:
Be our folicitors and agents,
And and for us in all engagements.
And these are all the mighty powr's
You vainly boaft, to cry down ours;
And what in real value's wanting,
Supply with vapouring and ranting:
Because yourselves are terrify'd,
And ftoop to one another's pride;
Believe we have as little wit
To be outhector'd, and submit:
By your example, lose that right
In treaties, which we gain'd in fight;
And terrify'd into an awe,
Pafs on ourselves a Salique law:
Or, as fome nations use, give place,
And truckle to your mighty race;
Let men ufurp th' unjuft dominion,
As if they were the better women.

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