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conduct in these engagements was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Later, with the Cavalry Corps of the Army of the Potomac, he served as aide to Generals Gregg and Crook, and took part in the cavalry engagements of the Petersburg campaign until the end of the war. He was commended by General Crook for gallantry and brevetted lieutenant-colonel on General Sheridan's recommendation, and afterward brevetted colonel, and, on November 20, 1865, became brevet brigadier-general.

After duty for a time in South Carolina, he resigned from military service in April, 1866, and began the practice of law April, 1866.

After completion of his law course, he engaged in the practice of his profession in the City of New York and formed a partnership in 1869 with Colonel Mason W. Tyler, and the firm of Tremain & Tyler continued for more than twenty-five years.

In politics he was a Republican, and received the nomination of his party for the position of Judge of the New York Court of Common Pleas in 1870.

He was one of the founders and for a time one of the editors of the New York Daily Law Journal, and was the author of numerous writings, including "Last Hours of Sheridan's Cavalry," "Two Days of War," and "Sectionalism Unmasked."

General Tremain took an active part in the establishment of the Grand Army of the Republic in New York, and from 1887 to 1891 was colonel of the Seventh Regiment Veterans, and, in 1901 and 1902, was president of the Society of the Army of the Potomac.

He was for some time president of the Alumni Association of the College of the City of New York, and in 1901, and again in 1906, was president of the Republican Club of the City of New York.


Sylvester L'Hommedieu Ward, a member of this Association since 1893, died October 25, 1910.

Mr. Ward was born in New York City about 1844. He attended school in that city and at White Plains in Westchester County and later entered Columbia College, from which he was graduated in 1863. During his college years he went into the Civil War with the Seventh New York Infantry, of which he was a member. After graduation from Columbia College he studied law at the Albany Law School and upon graduation there in 1864 received the decree of LL. B. from Union College. Upon graduation he was admitted to the Bar of this State and from that time until his death was engaged in active practice both in the City of New York and in Westchester County where, at White Plains, he long resided.

Mr. Ward's practice had mostly to do with estates and real estate matters, in which his experience and judgment gave great value to his advice.

He took great interest in the work of Bar Associations and was a member not only of the State Association but of the Bar Association of the City of New York and the Westchester County Bar Association.

He was also a member of most of the patriotic and military societies in this State.


Abbott, Henry H...
Abney, John R.

Adee, Philip Henry.
Anderson, Chandler P.....
Andrews, George F.......
Arms, William T...




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Arnold, Carrington G...... 30 Broad St., New York.

Austin, H. Le Roy..
Avery, Brainard

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Baird, Edward Kellogg..... 32 Nassau St., New York. Baldwin, Henry De Forest. 49 Wall St., New York. Baldwin, Roger S. 27 Pine St., New York. Bard, Albert S.. 25 Broad St., New York.

... 664 Ellicott Sq., Buffalo.


Bartlett, Eugene M...

Bascom, Wyman S........ Fort Edward.

Bassett, Edward M.
Beardsley, Porter

Beardsley, Samuel A.
Beattie, Clifford S..
Beckett, Charles H.
Becker, Neal Dow..
Becker, Owen C........
Beecher, Norman B..
27 William St., New York.
Beecher, William C.
170 Broadway, New York.
Beers, Lucius H...
49 Wall street, New York.
Benson, Charles B.
12 S. 4th St., Hudson.
Betts, George Whitefield, Jr. 165 Broadway, New York.
Bien, Franklin
5 Beekman St., New York.

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32 Liberty St., New York.

27 William St., New York.

45 Pine St., New York.

35 Wall St., New York.


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19 Tweddle Bldg., Albany.

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277 Broadway, New York.

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Brown, Edwin J.
Brown, Frederick M..
Brown, Wilson Jr.
Buckbee, Monmouth S......
Burdett, Cyril Herbert....
Burlingham, Charles
Burns, Arthur J.......
Burrows, Albert C..

I Madison Ave., New York. 38 Park Row, New York. 49 Wall St., New York. 38 Park Row, New York. 165 Broadway, New York. 25 Broad St., New York. ... 189 Montague St., Brook


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44 Court St., Brooklyn.

Cady, Jonathan Rider.....

Callahan, Patrick E....

Cantine, Charles F.
Cantline, Peter
Cantor, Jacob A.

32 Nassau St., New York. 41 Park Row, New York.

27 Pine street, New York. 27 Pine street, New York. 271 Broadway, New York. 32 Liberty St., New York. Lowville.

lyn. Oneida.

Bushnell, Nathan P........ Peekskill.

Bushong, John Roberts.... 3 Court St., White Plains.

54 Wall St., New York.

2 Grand St., White Plains. 2 Grand St., White Plains. 135 Broadway, New York. 27 William St., New York. 4 Hudson St., Yonkers. Albion.


26 Court St., Brooklyn.

44 Smith St., Newburgh.
Broad Exchg. Bldg., N. Y.

Carell, William F....
Carroll, Philip A...
Caruthers, Allen..

Chadbourne, William M....
Chamberlain, Walter W....
Chrystie, Einar
Clark, Grenville

Clark, Paul R..

Cloak, John G....

512 Brisbane Bldg., Buffalo.

Coleman, John Burlinson.... 32 Nassau St., New York.
Conboy, Martin

27 Pine St., New York.

Conway, John B.....
Cook, Alfred A...
Cooke, Hedley V...
Corbin, J. Arthur..

III Broadway, New York. 206 Broadway, New York. 220 Broadway, New York. 32 Nassau St., New York. Sav. Bank Bldg., Newburgh ... 32 Liberty St., New York.

Cornell, Edward

Corwin, John B.
Cotton, Joseph P., Jr.
Cox, Rosslyn M.
Cropsey, James C..


26 Court St., Brooklyn.

60 Wall St., New York.

Crumb, Leverett F...
Cumming, Robert C.......
Curie, Charles, Jr...
Curtis, Geo. M., Jr.....
Curtiss, George B...
Curtis, James B....
Czaki, Frederick M..

32 Broadway, New York. Borough Hall, Brooklyn. ... Binghamton.


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59 Wall St., New York.
47 West 34th St., New

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32 Liberty St., New York.
664 Ellicott Sq., Buffalo.
39 West 43d St., New York.
31 Nassau St., New York.

115 Broadway, New York. II William St., New York.

278 Wall St., Kingston.
70 Manhattan St., New


32 Nassau St., New York.

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