Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science, Volume 21, Part 1

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Page 117 - an instinct is usually defined as the faculty of acting in such a way as to produce certain ends, without foresight of the ends, and without previous education in the performance. (Psychology,
Page 40 - removed, when the wound was generally found perfectly united. The triumph of the cure was decreed to the mysterious agency of the sympathetic powder which had been so assiduously applied to the weapon, whereas it is hardly necessary to observe that the promptness of the cure depended upon the total exclusion of
Page 40 - was applied to the weapon that had inflicted it, which was, moreover, covered with ointment and dressed two or three times a day. The wound itself, in the meantime, was directed to be brought together and carefully bound up with clean linen rags, but above all to be let alone for seven days; at the end of which period the
Page 151 - Color brownish, with a brassy luster above, the scales more or less mottled with dark; a dusky vertical bar behind the opercle; dorsal and anal fins each with a dusky cross-bar about half way up, the rest of the fin olivaceous in
Page 264 - On the principle that the internal heat to cause contraction was as the body's mass—and no physical deduction is sounder —this state of things on the surface of our satellite is unaccountable. The moon should have a surface like a frozen sea, and it shows one that surpasses the earth's in shagginess.
Page 75 - this belt a strong tendency of the ice to flow outward with somewhat curved currents, tending, first, to carry the onwardly moving drift gradually upward into the ice-sheet, and, later, to bear it downward and deposit it partly beneath the edge of the ice and partly along the ice boundary.
Page 126 - chrysomelids, and tenebrionids. The blue jay gathers its fruit from nature's orchard and vineyard, not from man's; corn is the only vegetable food for which the farmer suffers any loss, and here the damage is small. In fact, the examination of nearly 300 stomachs shows that the blue jay certainly does far more good than harm.
Page 75 - gathered the stratum of englacial drift into the great lenticular masses or sometimes longer ridges of the drumlins, thinly underlain by ice and overridden by the upper ice flowing downward to the boundary and bringing with it the formerly higher part of the drift stratum to be added to these
Page 118 - instinct as an inherited reaction of the sensori-motor type, relatively complex and markedly adaptive in character, and common to a group of individuals.
Page 62 - name Galesburg shales was proposed by Adams to designate, as he put it, "the rocks occupying the interval between the Hertha limestone and the Dennis limestone." As has already been shown, Adams in some way overlooked the existence of the Mound Valley limestone, which

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