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In some months the Deanery of Derry fell vacant, and it was the Earl of Berkley's turn to dispose of it. Yet things were so ordered, that the Secretary having received a bribe, the Deanery was disposed of to another, and Mr. Swift was put off with some other church-livings not worth above a third part of that rich Deanery; and at this present not a fixth. The excuse pretended was his being too young, although he were then thirty

years old.



N the name of GOD, Amen. I JONATHAN SWIFT,

Doctor in Divinity, and Dean of the Cathedral Church of St. Patrick, Dublin, being at this present of found mind, although weak in body, do here make my last will and testament, hereby revoking all my former wills.

Imprimis. I bequeath my soul to God, (in humble hopes of his mercy through Jesus Christ) and niy body to the earth. And I desire that my body may be buried in the great idle of the said Cathedral, on the south side, under the pillar next to the monument of Primate Narcissus Marsh, three days after my decease, as privately as possible, and at twelve o'clock at night: and, that a black marble of feet square, and seven feet from the ground, fixed to the wall, may be erected, with the following inscription in large letters, deeply cut, and strongly gilded. HIC DEPOSITUM EST CORPUS JONATHAN SWIFT, S. T. D. HUJUS ECCLESIÆ CATHEDRALIS DECANI, UBI SÆVA INDIGNATIO ULTERIUS COR LACERARE NEQUIT. ABI VIATOR, ET IMITARE, SI POTERIS, STRENUUM PRO VIRILI LIBERTATIS VINDICATOREM. OBIIT ANNO (1745) MENSIS (OCTOBRIS) DIE (19) ÆTATIS ANNO (78).

Item : I give and bequeath to my executors, all my worldly fubítance, of what nature or kind soever (excepting such part thereof as is herein after particularly dear vised) for the following uses and purposes, that is to say, to the intent that they, or the survivors or survivor of them, his executors, or administrators, as soon as conveniently may be after my death, shall turn it all into

ready ready money, and lay out the same in purchasing lands of inheritance in fee-simple, situate in any provirite of Ireland, except Connaught, but as near to the city of Dublin, as conveniently can be found, and not incum= bered with, or subject to any leases for lives renewable, or any terms for years longer than thirty-one: and I defire that a yearly annuity of twenty pounds sterling, out of the annual profits of such lands, when purchased, and out of the yearly income of my faid fortune, devised to my executors, as aforesaid, until such purchase shall be made, shall be paid to Rebecca Dingley of the city of Dublin, spinster, during her life, by two equal halfyearly payments, on the feasts of All Saints, and St. Philip and St. Jacob, the first payment to be made on fuch of the said feasts as shall happen next after my death. And that the residue of the yearly profits of the said lands, when purchased, and until such purchase be made, the residue of the yearly income and interest of my faid fortune devised as aforesaid, to my executors, shall be laid out in purchasing a piece of land, situate near Dr. Steevens's hospital, or if it cannot be there had, somewhere in or near the city of Dublin, large enough for the purposes herein after mentioned, and in building thereon an hospital large enough for the reception of as many Idiots and Lunaticks as the annual income of the said lands and worldly substance shall be sufficient to maintain : and, I desire that the said hospital may be called St. Patrick's Hospital, and may be built in such a manner, that another building may be added unto it, in case the endowment thereof shall be enlarged ; so that the. additional building may make the whole edifice regular and complete. And my further will and desire is, that when the said hospital shall be built, the whole yearly income of the said lands and estate, shall, for ever after, be laid out in providing yictuals, cloathings, medicines, at


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tendance, and all other necessaries for such Idiots and Lunaticks, as shall be received into the same ; and in repair. ing and enlarging the building, from time to time, as there may be occasion. . And, if a sufficient number of

a Idiots and Lunaticks cannot readily be found, I desire that Incurables may be taken into the said hospital to fupply such deficiency: but, that no person shall be admitted into it, that labours under any infectious disease :

' and, that all such Idiots, Lunaticks, and Incurables, as fhall be received into the said hospital, shall constantly live and reside therein, as well in the night as in the day; and that the salaries of agents, receivers, officers, servants, and attendants, to be employed in the business of the said hospital, shall not in the whole exceed one fifth part of the clear yearly income, or revenue thereof. And, I farther desire that my executors, the survivors or survivor of them, or the heirs of such, shall not have power to demise any part of the said lands fo to be purchased as aforesaid, but with consent of the Lord Primate, the Lord High Chancellor, the Lord Archbishop of Dublin, the Dean of Christ Church, the Dean of St. Patrick's, the Physician to the State, and the Surgeongeneral, all for the time being, or the greater part of them, under their hands in writing, and that no leases of any part of the said lands, shall ever be made other than leases for years not exceeding thirty-one, in poffeffion, and not in reversion or remainder, and not dispunishable of waste, whereon shall be reserved the best and most improved rents, that can reasonably and moderately, without racking the tenants, be gotten for the same, without fine. Provided always, and it is my will and carnest defire, that no lease of any part of the said lands, so to be purchased as aforesaid, shall ever be made to, or in trust for any person any way concerned in the execution of this trust, or to, or in trust for any person any way related or allied, either by consanguinity or affinity, to any of the persons who shall at that time be concerned in the execution of this trust: and, that if any leases shall happen to be made contrary to my intention above expreffed, the same shall be utterly void and of no effect: And, I farther desire until the charter herein after mentioned be obtained, my executors, or the survivors or survivor of them, his heirs, executors, or administrators, fhall not act in the execution of this trust, but with the content and approbation of the said seven additional truftees, or the greater part of them, under their hands in writing, and Mall, with such consent and approbation as aforesaid, have power from time to time, to make rules, orders, and regulations, for the government and direction of the said hospital. And, I make it my request to, my said executors, that they may in convenient time, apply to his Majetty for a charter to incorporate them, or such of them as shall be then living, and the said additional trustees, for the better management and conduct of this charity, with a power to purchase lands; and to fupply by election, such vacancies happening in the corporation, as shall not be supplied by succesiion, and such other

powers as may be thought expedient for the due execution of this trust, according to my intention herein before expreffed. And, when fuch charter shall be obtained, I desire that my executors, or the survivors or furvivor of them, or the heirs of such survivor, may convey to the use of such corporation, in fee simple, for the purposes aforesaid, all such lands and tenements, as shall be purchased in manier abovementioned. Provided al. ways, and it is my will and intention, that my executors, until the faid charter, and afçerwards the corporation, to be hereby incorporated, shall out of the yearly profits of the faid lands when purchased, and out of the yearly in

said fortune deviled to my executors as afore.

come of

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