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Ye Tempests, now, from every corner fly,
And wildly rage in all my fancied sky,
Roll on, ye waters, as they roll'd before,
Ye billows of my fancied ocean, roar ;:
Dash high, ride foaming, mingle, all the main,
'Tis done, and Pharaoh can't affli&t again.
The work, the wondrous work of freedom 's done,
The winds abate, the clouds restore the sun,
The wreck appears, the threatening army drown'd
Floats o'er the waves, to strew the sandy ground,
Then place thy Mofes near the calming flood,
Majestically mild, serenely good;
Let meekness, lovely virtue, gently stream
Around his visage, like a lambent filame ;
Let grateful sentiments, let sense of love,
Let holy zeal, within his bosom move;
And while his people gaze the watery plain,
And fear's.last.touches like to doubts remain;
While bright aftonishment, that seems to raise
A questioning belief, is fond to praise;
Be thus the rapture in the prophet's breast,
Be thus, the thanks for freedom gain'd express’d:.

I'll sing to God, I 'll fing the fongs of praisez
To God, triumphant in his wondrous ways,
To God, whose glories in the seas excel,
Where the proud horse and prouder rider fell.

The Lord, in mercy kind, in justice strong,
Is now my strength; this strength be now my song.
This sure salvation such he proves to me,
From danger rescued, and from bondage free;


The Lord 's my God, and I 'll prepare his feat,
My father's God, and I'll proclaim him great;
Him Lord of battles, Him renown'd in Name,
Him ever-faithful, evermore the same.
His gracious aids avenge his people's thrall,
They make the pride of boasting Pharaoh fall.
Within the seas his stately chariots lie,
Within the seas his chosen captains die.
The rolling deeps have cover'd o'er the 'foe,
They sunk like stones, they swiftly sunk below!
Thine hand, my God! thine hand confess’d thy care,
Thine hand was glorious in thy power there,
It broke their troops, unequal for the fight,
In all the greatness of excelling miglit :
Thy wrath sent forward o'er the raging stream,
Swift, fure, and sudden, their destruction came.
They fell as stubble burns, while driving skies
Provoke and whirl a flame, and ruin flies.

When blasts, difpatch'd with wonderful intent,
On sovereign orders from thy nostrils went,
For our accounts, the waters were afraid,
Perceiv'd thy Presence, and together Aled ;
In heaps uprightly plac'd, they learn to stand,
Like banks of crystal, by the paths of fand.
Then, fondly flush'd with hope, and swell?d with pride
And fillid with rage, the foe profanely cry'd,
Secure of conqueft, I 'll pursue their way,
I'll overtake them, I'll divide the prey,
My luft I 'll satisfy, mine anger cloy,
My Sword I 'll brandish, and their name destroy.



How wildly threats their anger, hark! above,
New blasts of wind on new commission move,
To loose the fetters that confin’d the main,
And make its mighty waters rage again:
Then, overwhelm’d with their resistless sway,
They sunk like lead, they sunk beneath the sea.

Oh, who 's like thee, thou dreaded Lord of Hoft!
Among the Gods, whom all the nations boast,
Such acts of wonder and of strength displays ?
Oh great, Oh glorious in thine holy ways!
Deserving praise, and that thy praise appear
In signs of reverence, and sense of fear,
With justice arm'd, thou stretchedít out thine hand
And earth between its gaping jaws of land
Receivd its waters of the parted main,
And swallow'd up the dark Egyptian train.
With mercy rising on the weaker fide,
Thyself became the rescued people's guide !
And in thy strength they past th' amazing road
To reach thine Holy Mount, thy bless'd abode.
What thou hast done the neighbouring realms skall

And feel tủe strange report excite their fear.
What thou hast done shall Edom's Duke amaze,
And make despair on Palestina seize.
Shall make the warlike sons of Moab shake,
And all the melting hearts of Çanaan weak.
In heavy damps, diffus'd on every breast,
Shall cold distrust and hopeless terror reft,


The matchless Greatness, whick thine hand has thewn,
Shall keep their kingdoms as unmoy'd as stone,
While Jordan stops above, and fails below,
And all thy flock across the channel go.
Thus on thy Mercy's filver-Shining wing,
Through leas and streams thou wilt the nation bring,
And as the rooted trees securely stand.
So firmly plant it in the promis'd land;
Where for thyself thou wilt a place prepare,
And after-ages will thine altar rear,
There reign victorious in thy sacred seat,
Oh, Lord! for ever and for ever great.

Look where the tyrant was but lately seen,
The seas gave backward, and he ventur'd in :
In yonder gulph with haughty pomp he shew'd,
Here march'd his horsemen, there his chariots rode,
And when our God restor’d the floods again,
Ah, vainly. Itrong! they perish'd in the main;
But Israel went a dry furprizing way,
Made safe by miracles, amidst the fea.

Here ceas'd the song, though not the Prophet's joy,
Which others hands and others tongues employ;
For still the lays, with warmth divine exprest,
Infam'd his hearers to their inmoft breast.
Then Miriam's notes the chorus sweetly raise,
And Miriam's timbrel givęs new life-to praise.
The moving sounds, like,soft delicious wind,
That breath'd from paradise, a passage find,
Shed sympathies for pdours as they rove,
And fan: the risings of enkindled: love.


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O'er all the croud the thought inspiring flew, The women follow'd, with their timbrels too, And thus from Mofes, where his strains arose, They catch'd a rapture, to perform the close.

We'll sing to God, we 'll fing the songs of praise,
To God triumphant in his wondrous ways,
To God, whose glories in the seas excel,
Where the proud horse and prouder rider fell.

Thus Ifrael, raptur’d with the pleasing thought,
Of freedom wish'd, and wonderfully got,
Made chearful thanks from every bank resound,
Express d by songs, improv'd in joy by found.
Oh, sacred Moses, each infufing line,
That mov’d their gratitude, was part of thine;
And still the Cliristians in thy numbers view,
The type of Baptism, and of Heaven too.
So fouls from water rise to grace below,
So faints from toil to praise and glory go.

Oh, grateful Miriam, in thy temper wrought,
Too warm for filence, or inventing thought;
Thy part of anthem was to warble o'er,
In fweet response what Moses lung before.
Thou ledst the public voice to join his lays,
And words redoubling, well-redoubled praise.
Receive thy title, prophetess was thiné,
When here thy practice shew'd thy form divine.
The spirit thus approv'd, resign’d in will,
The church bows down, and hears responses still.

Nor slightly suffer tuneful Jubal's name
To mils his place among the sons of fame;


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