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that his father sends him to schools, and if his father is a poor one, he sends him to any work to be an artificial. Both the learned one and the artificial will follow their work till they are able to serve in the states or they do anything from which they bring money to live on, at that time they can marriage and will be a man like his father.


“When the child is born, his mother begin to be engaged of his employment. She suck him from her milk, wash his body, clean his clothes, tiol his dressings, etc. When the child is two years old she begin to prevent him from sucking her milk, and to give him a light food according to his stomach. She still engaging in his breeding till he is seven years old. His father then send him to the Kottab to learn the simple writing and reading. He sent him then to a primary School to learn the first lessons. As he obtained the primary Education Certificate he is sent to the Secondary School, and then to a high school such as Low or Medicine or engineering schools to complete his lessons there. When he obtained the Deplom he begin to seek for a vacant post in the Government offices, or he begin to make a doctor or Layer or an engineer.



“As the boy is born his mother takes care in feeding him with her fresh milk, till he reach the 3rd from his age. At this time his parents take care in educating him-firstly home education, secondly Kottab education till he reach the 5th from his age. At this time his father sent him to school to be educated more and more by reading and learning the useful books and by hearing the good advices from his teachers. He continue so till obtaining the Primary Education Certificate. ... If he is poor and cannot complete his study in the High Schools, he will be employed in an office. During his employment his marriage will be

happened, but if he is rich and able to complete his study he remains without marriaging till he obtain the secondary and the Deploma Certificates. After obtaining these high certificates, he will be employed in a high rank and his marriage will be happened and live a happy life.

“Written by your pupil MOHAMMED ATIAH.”

“A boy is borned mindless, his mother looks for him till he leaves her milk so, they begin to rear him till he comes to the 7th of his age, he enter the primary school for four years, then he takes the primary certificate, then enters the secondary school and after four years takes the secondary certificate, he then enters the high schools, any work he wished to go the school of law, polytechnic, agriculture, medicine, etc., in this time he can marriage and then stay in the serve of his country till he neither die or the government turns him out.


“So sooner the boy was born, the nurse began to give him her milk till he was fourty days of old, the doctor vaccinated him. When he was one years of age, the nurse put some sour liquid, not poisonous, on her breasts, so that when the boy take it, he dislike the breasts. Then his mother and father began to teach him the good habits as faithfulness, obedience, truth and to be kind for everyone. When he was 6 years of age his father enter him in a primary school and after finishing the primary lessons, he enter him a Secondary school, and when he won the Secondary certificate he enter him a High School. Then when he employed in a position his father began to engage for him an honest wife. After short time he marriage with her.


“The boy as soon as he is borne, he taken by the nurse to give him milk and in order to grow to the ist year of age.

After that the nurse gives him little food till he reaches the 4th year of his age, then they sent him to the kuttab, there he learns the alphabets and to write and read little; he stays in the kuttabe one or two years and then he goes to the primary school; there he learns more ; and stays 4 years and takes the Primary Certificate. He then goes to the secondary school and stays 4 years also and take its certificate, then he goes to a higher school. If he wants to be a doctor he goes to a 'Doctorischool,' and if he wants to be an engineer he goes to the engineering school and so on. After he takes the Doblomo he is now a good man and wants to be married so he can take a wife and makes a house for his own and wife, he now has servants and nurses to nurse his sons in order to grow men like him. The boy must prays his God when he is 15 years old.


"If I were asked I would say that I should live in England because I know only English and Arabic, no more, so I am able to speak with English individual and government. For e.g. if I were to go at school and take some certificates and then I may be appointed there. On the whole men must depart to other nations so as to gain knowledge and science, and to increase them lest it shall be lost.


“ I should like to be one of the inhabitans of the deserts. My life will be in a great pleasure far out from my home and relatives. I shall sleep under the sky in the open air, and I can bear the heat and cold especially for my wish. I prefers to eat the dates, found on the trees where better than I eat the white bread and meat for specially my wish. I can walk throught the desert with my pistol in my hand and not to fear any fierce animal even in day, and night specially for my wish. My wish will be the best I see for I want to be one of the inhabitants of the desert. At night I watch the purple

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sky, the bright moon, and the diamond stars which lead me while walking-they are my great friends. Everyday I prey my God in the calm dawn, in the silence of the desert at noon, in the fresh wind in the afternoon, in the evening, and in the dark while the moon appears, thereupon I shall be one of the hermit men in the world.


There is poetry in this :

"If I am a learned man, I should live in the country, where there is no noise and no people to interrupt me from my work, I think of many sciences, which are not known to us, and I write my best and useful thoughts on paper to stay and to be used after my death; but if I dwell the cities, the good views and my ambition in a high rank of life might prevent me from authoring.

“Now, in this age, I like to live, without regarding Egypt, in France which is the most civilised country in the world, as I heard. My inclination to France is caused from its good laws and also I like to learn of its universities.


“After two or three years I am going to leave for Switzerland to be a student of one its colleges. I am going to be a doctor, as I saw that doctors receive much money and all the people love them when they are clever and do all their doing only for God not for thanks. I heard about Switzerland from many years ago that it is very good country, as its colleges are fit for puting out good doctors. After I receive the Deplome I will return to Egypt again, as I am coming I am going to see my home, where my old family is, and live among them some months and then come back to Egypt, as I grow a good doctor and a chief rich one, I shall leave for America, because she is a beautiful country, and see London, and go to France and Turkey and Russia and Japan then to India and to Mecca and Medina for the Prophet. This

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journey takes me two or three or four years, then when I return back to Egypt I am going to be more chief as I see my curious thing to mention. Then go to America and live there, and when I see that I am ill and going to die I will come back or I shall ask them to return back my body after death.

“ The reason for leaving and coming and leaving back again is to enlarge my thoughts, as One is not created to be as well as a donkey.

"Mos. EL MAHDY."

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“Everyone wishes to live in the open air. The deserts are the places where the open air founds. The deserts contain many animals, for him to shoot and to eat. There he can be taught how to rid and how to use the gun. This a very good lesson to him. That is the only reason for him to be courage and brave. There he could walk at night and meet some animals and therefore he could be able to meet the fierce animals and shoot them.

“If any one asks me, where do you wish to live, My answer will be 'In the deserts. Where there is no bad smelling and there is no houses near me to smell what they are cooking if it is bad or good. Here good sceneries it will be, when the sun shines on the sand and some rays rise with beautiful colours. Of course it is an exercise to me to live far away of the men and to need no help from others. Moreover it teaches me how to travel and how to ride camels in the desert and how to run by the dromedary.'


"There are many places in the world which are good for health and easy for man to gain money. Syria is one of those healthy places, its weather is neither hot nor cold but fresh and dry air. There you can live quite satisfied with a small lot of money, by which cannot live in other civilised countries. Plenty of fruits grow there, from which

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