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+ in your youth, that you may be kept from the evil

of the world : for, in age, it will be harder to over"come the temptations of it.

"Wherefore, my dear children, eschew the appearsance of evil, and love and cleave to that in your hearts, that shews you evil from good, and tells you

when you do amiss, and reproves you for it. It is "the light of Christ, that he has given you for your

salvation. If you do this, and follow my counsel, God will bless you in this world, and give you an inheritance in that which shall never have an end. For the light of Jesus is of a purifying nature; ic seasons those who love it, and take heed to it; and never leaves such, till it has brought them to

the city of God, that has foundations. Oh! that ye s may be seasoned with the gracious nature of it; hide it in your hearts, and fee, my dear children, from all youthful lusts; the vain sports, pastimes and pleasures of the world; redeeining the time, because the days are evil. You are now beginning to live-what would some give for your time? Oh!

I could have lived better, were I, as you, in the I flower of youth.-Therefore, love and fear the Lord, keep close to meetings, and delight to wait on the Lord God of your father and mother, among his

despised people, as we have done; and count it your " honour to be members of that society, and heirs of that living fellowship, which is enjoyed among them

for the experience of which your father's soul blesseth the Lord for ever.

Next, be obedient to your dear mother; a woman whose virtue and good name is an honour to you; * for she hath been exceeded by none in her time for

her plainness, integrity, industry, humanity, virtue, " and good understanding : qualities not usual among I women of her worldly condition and quality. There"fore honour and obey her, my dear children, as your

mother, and your father's love and delight: nay, 'love her too, for she loved your father with a deep

cand s and upright love: chusing him before all her many < suitors : and though she be of a delicate constitution (and noble spirit, yet she descended to the utmost ten

derness and care for you; performing the painfullest " acts of service to you in your infancy, as a mother " and a nurse too. I charge you before the Lord, honour and obey, love and cherish your dear mother.

Next, betake yourselves to some honest, indufstrious course of life, and that not of sordid cove< tousness, but for example, and to avoid idleness, . And if you change your condition and marry, chuse < with the knowledge and consent of your mother, if

living, guardians, or those that have the charge of

you.Mind neither beauty nor riches, but the fear « of the Lord, and a sweet and amiable disposition; such " as you can love above all this world, and that may ( make your habitations pleasant and desirable to you.

" And being married, be tender, affectionate, and "patient; and meek. Live in the fear of the Lord,

and he will bless you and your offspring. Be sure « to live within compass; borrow not, neither be be

holden to any.-Ruin not yourselves by kindness to others, for that exceeds the due bounds of friend

ship: neither will a true friend expect it, Small (matters I heed not.

Let your industry and parsimony go no farther than ( for a sufficiency for life, and to make a provision for ( your children, and that in moderation, if the Lord. .gives you any. I charge you help the poor and

needy; let the Lord have a voluntary share of your income, for the good of the poor, both in our fo

ciety and others : for we are all his creatures; re« membering that “ he that giveth to the poor, lendo « eth to the Lord.”

"Know well your in-comings, and your out-goings I may be better regulated. Love not money, nor the

world: use them only, and they will serve you: but ( if you love them you serve them ;-- which will debase your fpirits, as well as offend the Lord.

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AUTHOR's LIFE. Ixxxi Pity the distressed, and hold out a hand of help to them; it may be your case: and as you mete to rothers, God will mete to you again.

Be humble and gentle in your conversation ;-of I few words, I charge you; but always pertinent when you speak: hearing out before you attempt to answer; and then speaking as if you would persuade, not impose.

Affront none, neither revenge the affronts that are done to you; but forgive, and you shall be forgiven of your Heavenly Father.

In making friends consider well first; and when ( you are fixed, be true ; not wavering by reports, nor

deserting in affliction: for that becomes not the good I and virtuous.

- Watch against anger, neither speak nor act in it; ' for, like drunkenness, it makes a man a beast, and throws people into desperate inconveniencies.

Avoid flatterers; for they are thieves in disguise ; o their praise is costly, designing to get by those they

bespeak; they are the worst of crcatures; they lye "to fatter, and flatter to cheat :--and, which is worse,

if you believe them, you cheat yourselves most dan. 'gerousy. But the virtuous, though poor, love,

cherish, and prefer, Remember David, who askring the Lord " Who shall abide in thy tabernacle ; « who shall dwell upon thy holy hill?” answers, “ He " that walketh uprightly, worketh righteousness, and « speaketh the truth in his heart; in whose eyes the « vile person is contemned, but honoureth them who « fear the Lord.”

Next, my children, be temperate in all things : s in your diet, for that is physick by prevention; it • keeps, nay, it makes people healthy, and their ge.

neration found. This is exclusive of the spiritual ' advantage it brings. Be also plain in your apparel; keep out that lust which reigns too much over some; let your virtues be your ornaments; remembering life is inore than food, and the body than raiment. Let your furniture be simple and cheap. Avoid VOL. I.



s pride, avarice, and luxury. Read my No Cross,

No Crown! There is instruction. Make your con( versation with the most eminent for wisdom and i piety; and shun all wicked men, as you hope for the " blessing of God, and the comfort of your father's

living and dying prayers. Be sure you speak no evil of any, no, not of the meanest; much less of

your fuperiors, as magistrates, guardians, tutors, - teachers, and elders in Christ.

"Be no busy-bodies; meddle not with other folks ( matters, but when in conscience and duty prest: for

it procures trouble, and is ill-manners, and very unfeemly to wise men.

"In your families remember Abraham, Moses, and « Joshua, their integrity to the Lord; and do as you have them for your examples. . Let the fear and service of the living God be encouraged in your houses, and that plainness, fobriety,

and moderation in all things, as becometh God's I chosen people: and, as I advise you, my beloved ? children, do you counsel yours, if God should give s you any. Yea, I counsel and command them, as

my posterity, that they love and serve the Lord God ( with an upright heart; that he may bless you and yours, from generation to generation.

? And as for you who are likely to be concerned in " the government of Pennsylvania, and my parts of « East Jersey, especially the first, I do charge you, " before the Lord God and his holy angels, that you ( be lowly, diligent, and tender; fearing God, loving (the people, and hating covetousness. Let justice " have its impartial courfe, and the law free passage. < Though to your loss, protect no man against it: for ( you are not above the law, but the law above you.

Live therefore the lives yourselves you would have the people live; and then you have right and boldness to punish the transgressor.-Keep upon the square, for God fees you; therefore do your duty : and be sure you see with your own eyes, and hear with your own ears.--Entertain no lurchers; cherish

o no

no informers for gain or revenge :-use no tricks,

Ay to no devices, to support or cover injustice : but 5 let your hearts be upright before the Lord, trusting

in him above the contrivances of men, and none shall be able to hurt or supplant. "Oh! the Lord is a strong God; and he can do whatsoever he pleases: and though men consider it not, it is the Lord that rules and over-rules in the

kingdoms of men: and he builds up and pulls down. ' I, your father, am the man that can fay, he that

trusts in the Lord, shall not be confounded. But God, in due time, will make his enemies be at peace with him.

* If you thus behave yourselves, and so become a "terror to evil-doers, and a praise to them that do 'well, God, my God, will be with you, in wisdom • and a sound mind : and make you blessed inítru{ments in his hand, for the settlements of some of

those desolate parts of the world ;-which my soul desires above all worldly honours and riches; both for you that go, and you that stay; you that govern, and you that are governed : that in the end you may be gathered with me to the rest of God.

Finally, my children, love one another with a true endeared love, and your dear relations on both sides: " and take care to preserve tender affection in your

children to each other: often marrying within them

felves, so as it be without the bounds forbidden in • God's law. That so they may not, like the forget

ting unnatural world, grow out of kindred, and as

cold as strangers; but, as becomes a truly natural ' and christian stock, you and yours after you may

live in the pure and fervent love of God towards one another, as becometh brethren in the spiritual and natural relation.

So my God, that hath blessed me with his abundant mercies, both of this and the other and better

life, be with you all; guide you by his counsel, bless ' you, and bring you to his eternal glory; that you 'm.y shine, my dear children, in the firmament of F 2


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