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BOOKS printed for J. DODSL E Y, in Pall-mall; and T. CADELL, in the Strand.

E Sacra Poësi Hebræorum: Præle&liones Acade


nunc Episcopo Oxonienfi.

Johannis Davidis Michaelis, Philof. Profefl. Ord. et Societatis Regiæ Scientiarum Gettingenfis Collegæ, in Roberti Lowth Prælectiones de facra Poësi Hebræorum Notæ et Epimetra ; ex Goettingenfi editione Prælectionum.

The Life of William of Wykeham, Bishop of Win. chester; collected from Records, Registers, MSS. and other authentic Evidences, by Robert Lowth, D.D.

A Letter to the Right Reverend Author of the Divine Legation of Moses demonstrated; in answer to an Appendix to the Fifth Volume of that Work: With an Appendix, containing a former Literary Correspondence : by a late Professor in the University of Oxford. The 4th Edition.

A larger Confutation of Bishop Hare's System of Hebrew Metre : In a Letter to the Rev. Dr. Edwards, in answer to his Latin Epiftle.

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