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Wright's 'Logic of Christian Evidences,'

Wycliffe, John de, Life and Times' of,

McIlvaine, Bishop, 910

McKendree, Bishop: the first native
bishop of the American Episcopal
Church, 827

Mason, Sir Josiah, 820

Methodist Commentators, recent; Rev
J. A. Beet and Dr. Whedon, 195
Miller Manning: A Story of Cornish Life,

Mission Secretary, the autobiography of
a, 97

MISTAKEN SIGNS, etc.: A Word of cheer
for new-year's day, 51-The two wheels
of Spiritual progress; or, Complemen-
tary forces in the Christian life, 139-
Unaccomplished aims, 293-Narrow
escapes, 379-The open secret of cha-
racter, 462-The best lot the common
lot, 553-The possibilities of life, 622—
Compensations, 696- Perfect peace,'
761-The wealth of life, 855.

More about Methodism, 779, 868

Naral and Military Bible Society, origin
of (by Rev. Robert Bond), 618
NEW TESTAMENT, the Revised, 540, 682,
768, 946-First Impressions of, 549
311, 385, 468, 558, 776, 942.


Appleby, Mr. John, 639
Barlow, Mr. George, 800
Cadwallader, Mr. William, 634
Coates, Mrs., 635

Corderoy, Mr. George, 480
Davey, Mrs. Edward, 400
Fitzgerald, Mr. Samuel, 719
Grigsby, Mr. Henry, 479
Haigh, Elizabeth A., 637
Hardisty, Mrs., 638
Jackson, Mr. William, 320
Joy, Mr. John, 637
Kellett, Mr. William, 718
Lockwood, Mary, 639
Parkin, Mrs. Salome, 720
Platt, Mr. John, 638
Roebuck, Mr. Jonas, 636
Royse, Mr. Robert, 79
Steele, Mr. Anthony, 240
Stewart, Mrs. Margaret, 959
Wynn, James William, 638

Ecumenical Methodist Conference, the
proposed, 246, 372-An account of the
proceedings of, 792

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(Luke xxiv. 26), by the Rev. Henry
Allon, D.D., 161 --Some characteristics
of a true faith (Psalm xvi. 1-5), by
the Rev. George Osborn, D.D., 241—
Mirrors of Christ (2 Corinthians iii. 18),
by the Rev. Marcus Dods, D.D., 329-
The vitality and operation of the Word
of God (Isaiah Iv. 10, 11), by the Rev,
Stanley Leathes,.D., 410- For my
sake' (Matthew v. 11), by the Rev.
Enoch Mellor, D.D., 481, 655-The duty
of earnestly contending for the faith
(Jude 3), by the Rev. William Cooke,
D.D., 569-The Name called 'Wonder-
ful' (Isaiah ix. 6), by the Rev. Gordon
Calthrop, M.A., 649-The fellowship
of His Son' (1 Corinthians i. 9), by the
Rev. George W. Olver, B.A., 728-Early
morning prayer: a sermon to young
men (Psalm v. 3), by the Rev. Charles
Stanford, D.D., 801-Christ the founda-
tion (1 Corinthians iii. 11), by the Rev.
W. Fleming Stevenson, D.D., 899

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The first Cornish Methodist, 44, 113
The Foundations of Faith,' 61
The passage of the four 'for's, 314
The Salvation Army,' 350


'The Wild West; or, Life in Connaught,'


Thomson, Rev. George, sketch of, 44
Tunis, 860

Wesley, John, the literature of, 600-visits
of, to Cornwall, 44-50, 113-116-visits

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