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Teach British hearts with British fires to glow!
In wakening whispers rouze our ardent youth,
Blazon the triumphs of your better days,
Paint all the glorious fcenes of rightful war,
In all it's splendours; to their fwelling fouls
Say how ye bow'd the infulting Spaniards pride!
Say how ye thunder'd o'er their proftrate heads!
Say how ye broke their lines, and fir'd their ports !
Say how not death, in all it's frightful shapes,
Could damp your fouls, or shake the great refolve
For Right and Britain! Then difplay the joys
The patriot's foul exalting, while he views
Transported millions hail with loud acclaim
The guardian of their civil, facred rights;
How greatly welcome to the virtuous man
Is death for others good; the radiant thoughts.
That beam celeftial on his paffing foul,
'Th' unfading crowns awaiting him above,
Th' exalting plaudit of the Great Supreme,
Who in his actions with complacence views
His own reflected fplendour! then defcend,
Tho' to a lower, yet a nobler scene;

Paint the juft honours to his reliques paid,
Shew grateful millions weeping o'er his grave;
While his fair fame in each progreffive age
For ever brightens; and the wife and good
Of every land, in univerfal choir,
With richeft incenfe of undying praise,
His urn encircle; to the wondering world
His num'rous triumphs blazon; while with awe,
With filial rev'rence in his fteps they tread,
And copying every virtue, every fame,
Tranfplant his glories into fecond life,
And, with unfparing hand, make nations bless'd
By his example! Vaft, immenfe rewards,
For all the turmoils which the virtuous mind



Encounters here!-Yet, Britons, are ye cold?
Yet deaf to glory, virtue, and the call
Of your poor injur'd countrymen ? Ah, no!
I fee ye are not; every bofom glows
With native greatness, and in all it's ftate
The British spirit rifes. Glorious' change!
Fame, Virtue, Freedom, welcome! Oh, forgive
The Muse, that ardent in her facred cause,
Your glory queftion'd! She beholds with joy,
She owns, the triumphs in her wish'd mistake!

See! from her fea-beat throne, in awful march
Britannia tow'rs: upon her laurel crest,
The plumes majestick nod; behold the heaves
Her guardian shields, and terrible in arms,
For battle shakes her adamantine fpear:
Loud at her foot the British lion roars,

Frighting the nations; haughty Spain full foon
Shall hear and tremble! Go then, Britons, forth,
Your country's daring champions! tell your foes,
Tell them in thunders o'er their proftrate land,
You were not born for flaves! Let all your deeds
Shew that the fons of thofe immortal men,
The stars of fhining ftory, are not flow
In Virtue's path to emulate their fires,
T'affert their country's rights, avenge her fons,
And hurl the bolts of justice' on her foes!


[blocks in formation]

EHOLD the magick of Therefa's hand!

A new creation blooms at her command.
Touch'd into life the vivid colours glow,
Catch the warm ftream, and quicken as they flow.


The ravish'd fight the pleasing landscape fills,
Here fink the vallies, and there rife the hills.
Not with more horror nods bleak Calpé's height,
Than here the pic&tur'd rock astounds the fight,
Not Thames more devious-winding leaves his fource,
Than here the wand'ring rivers shape their course.
Obliquely lab'ring runs the gurgling rill;
Still murm'ring runs, or seems to murmur ftill.
An aged oak, with hoary mofs o'erfpread,
Here lifts aloft it's venerable head;

There overshadowing hangs a facred wood,
And nods inverted in the neighb'ring flood.
Each tree as in it's native foreft shoots,

And blushing bends with Autumn's golden fruits.
Thy pencil lends the rose a lovelier hue,

And gives the lily fairer to our view.

Here fruits and flow'rs adorn the varied year,
And paradife with all it's fweets is here..
There stooping to it's fall a tow'r appears,
With tempefts shaken, and a weight of years:
The daified meadow, and the woodland green,
In order rife, and fill the various scene.

Some parts, in light magnificently drefs'd,
Obtrufive enter, and ftand all confefs'd;
Whilft others decently in fhades are thrown,
And by concealing, make their beauties known.
Alternate thus, and mutual is their aid,

Their lights owe half their luftre to the shade.
So the bright fires that light the milky way,
Loft and extinguish'd in the folar ray;
In the fun's abfence pour a flood of light,
And borrow all their brightnefs from the night.
To cheat our eyes, how well dost thou contrive!
Each object here feems real and alive.

Not more resembling life the figures ftand,
Form'd by Lyfippus, or by Phidiaş' hand,


Unnumber'd beauties in the piece unite,
Rush on the eye, and croud upon the fight:

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At once our wonder and delight you raise
We view with pleasure, and with rapture praise.



WOW genial Spring o'er lawn and grove

NOW Extends her vivid power,

Now Phoebus fhines with mildest beams,
And wakes each fleeping flower.

Soft breezes fan the fmiling mead,
Kind dews refresh the plain;
While Beauty, Harmony, and Love,
Renew their chearful reign.

Now far from business let me fly,
Far from the crouded feat
Of Envy, Pageantry, and Power,
To fome obfcure retreat :

Where Plenty fheds with liberal hand
Her various bleffings round;
Where laughing Joy delighted roves,
And rofeate Health is found.

Give me to climb the mountain's brow,

When morn's firft blushes rife

And view the fair extenfive scene

With Contemplation's eyes.


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And while the raptur'd woodland choir
Pour forth their love-taught lays;
I'll tune the grateful matţin fong
To my Creator's praife.

He bade the folar orb advance
To chear the gloomy sky;
And at the gentle voice of Spring
Made hoary Winter fly.

He drefs'd the groves in fmiling green,
Unlock'd the ice-bound rill;
Bade Flora's pride adorn the vale,
And herbage crown the hill.

To that All-gracious Source of Light,
Let early incense rise,

While on Devotion's wing the four e

Afcends her native skies:

And when the rapid car of day

Illumes the fartheft weft,

When Sleep diffolves the captive's chains,
And Anguish finks to reft;

Then let me range the fhadowy lawns, l

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When Vefper's filver light old
Plays on the trembling ftreams, and gilds
The fable veil of night.

When every earthly care's at reft, of daily, myl)
And mufing Silence reigns;ld fit catola pe NY
Then active Fancy takes her fight nisl en v
Wide o'er th' etherial plains notalomoneƆ : 17


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