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gch. 30. 25.
Nu. 24.
A Pr. 21. 14.
Y my face.
Job .,9.,
P. 91. 11.
He. 1. 14.


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De. 3, 16.
caused to

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Jos. S. 14.
Pa. 34. 7.

La. 2. 13.
rie, two


, ascending
of the
De. 2. 5.


Commanded them, saying, P. La. 19, 1.

sak unto my lord ST W Jacob saith thus, I -ined with Laban, and stayed

Sled tave ores, and asses, flocks,

ts, and women-servants;

15 Thirty milch canels with their cults, forty kine, ani ten buila, twenty she asses, and ten toals.

16 And he delivered them into the hand of his servants, every drove by themselves; and said unto Fis servants, Pass over before me, and put a apare betwixt drove and drove

17 And he commanded the forenson, saying. When Esau my brother teeteth thee, and asketh thee, saying, Whose art thou! and whither goest thou and whose are these before thee

1 Co. 15. 58.!
Pr. 15. 1.
ch. 33.8,15.
ch. 35 10.
2 K117.34
a prince
of God.

time to tell my lord, that 1 Hos.12.3,4.

El pare" in toy sight.

ides to mypayesizers returned to Le did the cometh to meet thee, SAGT R came to thy brother Toscoured men with him.

was greatly afraid and

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ch. 31. 24.

33. 4.

ch. 36. 3.

Ps. 107.6.

Ju. 13. 18. al.e. the

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18. Then thou shait say. They be thy servant Jacob's, itu a present sent unto my lord Esau: &, behold, also he is befand us. 19 And so commander be the serrnd, and the third, and all that followed the droves, saying, On this manner shall ye speak unto Fsau, when ye find 20 And say ye moreover, Eet, id, thy servant Jacob is behind us For he said, I will appease hith with the present at goeth before me, and afterward I will see his face, peradventure he will accept of y me.

21 So went the present over before him and himself lodged that night in the company.

22 And he rose up that night, and took his two wives, and his two wote; set; vants, and his eleven sons, and passed over the ford Jabbok

23 And be took them, and sent them over the brook, and sent over that he had, 54 And Jacob was left alone, ant there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day.

25 And when he saw that he prevailed tot against him, he touched the hollos cf his thigh; and the hollow of Tacob's tigh was out of joint, as he wrestled with bar

26 And he said. Let me go, for the day breaketh. And he said, I will not let thee go, except thou bless me

27 And he said unto him, What is thy Iname" And he said, Jacob.

28 And he said. Thy name shall be

he diried the people / Jace of God called no more Jacob, but x Israel for 52, and the flocks. and Pa. 30. 15.

els, into two bands: Eau come to the one! 1 te it, then the other

91. 15.

1 Ex. 24. 11.'
De. S. 24.

34 10.
Ju. 6.22.


Is. 6. 5.

Jn. 1. 18.
Col. 1. 15.

eft shall escape. A lewd 0 God of my fa-l the A, God of my father | Te Lo which saidst unto me," thy country, and to thy] all deal well with thee: alan wist worthy of the least of all! tee and of all the truth," which! adved unto thy servant: for than all be at become two bands. sted over this Jordan;ch. 24

He. 11. 27. a ch.31.3,13. am less

Pa. 86. 5.

111 gray thee, from thec Ps. 1. 7. 50.

Giftgate the hand of Esau:

best be will come and simited Job 8. 7. ta sodier with the children. Ps. 19. 35. And ting sidst, I will surely dole Ps. 59. 1, 2. make thy seed as the sand upon. ach cannot be numbered Hos. 10. 14. )

g ch.213.15
A ch. 3. 6.

as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed.

29 And Jacob asked him, and said, Fell me, I pray thee, thy name. And he sat Wherefore it that thou dost ask after my name! And he blessed him there

30 And Jacob called the rate of the place A Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved. 31 And as he passed over Penuel the sun rose upon him, & he halted upon his thigh 32 Therefore the children of Israel cat net of the sinew which shrank, which upon the hollow of the third, unto this day because he touched the hallow of Jacob's thigh in the sinew that shrank. CHAP. XXXIII.

AND Jacob lifted up his eyes, and
looked, and, behold, Esau came and
with him four hundred men. And Le
divided the children unto Leah, and unto

Rachel, and unto the two handmaids,
2 And he put the handmaids and their
children foremost, and Leah and her

Acte indeed there that same Pr. 18. 16 children after, and Rachel and Joseph

od toca of that which came to & ch. 18. 2. Reet for Esan his brother:

Wasured wipe-goats, & twenty he

dred ewes, & twenty rams,



3 And he passed over before them, and 43. 26. bowed himself to the ground seven times, until he came near to his brother.

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Le both 13 - called Arta 7. 15. Schem

17. Jos. 24. 2. • caled

Acta 7. 16. Emmor. or lamba. e ch. 33.7. ver 15.17. God y Gid of Imarl, Fr. 1.12,13.

gch. a. 21.

which she here unto Jacob, went out Tit. 25. Bare the daughters of the land.

2 And when Shechem the son of Hamor the Hisite, price of the country, saw bent he took ber, and lay with her, and delled Ther.

3 And bat soul clave unto Dinah the daughter of Jacob, and be loved the damsel, and spare kindly unto the damsel. 4 And Storhein spake unto his father Haong, Get the this damself to wife. Jacob beard that he had defiled

i Ju. 14. 1.

Sa 11.2

- humbled her.

A Ru. 1. 14.

1 Sa. 15. 1. to the heart of Ju. 14. 2. the damsel. ch. 48.3.7.



is w... we consent u be as we be, that every 'a Cused?

we give car di

We Wh. Take root
We Wi.. Gwe..

& M. become obe people.
Te ... Dot hearsen
then will wet
daughter we .. benne.
28 And their words; leased Han
Shecret Harbor's sCL

1/ And the young man deferre on the thing, because be had deli Jacob's daughter and be Lam Douralle than all the house of hu 20 And Hamer and Stechem came unto the gate of their city, al mused with the treacf their city, 91 These men are peaceable w therefore let them dwell in the la trase therein for the land, bebe large enough for them; let us tal daug ters to us for wives, and let them our daughters.

22 Only herein will the men unto us her to dwell with us, to people, if every maie among us cumcised, as they are circumcised

23 Shall not their cattle, and the stance, and every beast of their our's only let us consent unto and they will dwell with us.

24 And unto Hamer and unto Sh his son bearkened all that went the gate of his city; and every ma circumcised, all that went out of th of his city.

25 And it came to pass on the thin when they were sore, that two of th of Jacob, Simeon and Levi, Dinah ,thren, took each man his sword,and

+ve at ED −42.3034–45 2,15. Ezr.7. Mat.5.28. took her ch.20.2. defiled her Hes 73 344 PET-21.1. fell on, humbled her. De.21.14.- 24,2) - Ju-19 24,15 443-4 A6.2017. Eze.22.10,11. ima. E, chdoch 30.2-48.9. Ra.' 3 soul Ru.1.14.1 Sa 18.1. kindly unto the dam STYLE, 125 P.1973 13.8.18. He sel. Heb. to the beart of the datisel. 2 a 197 g Ch.30.22. Is 402. Ho.2.14. marg.

4 Nkar mavez riven by all that drove. Heb.
kad to thee, ch. 22. 13..20.

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4 ch.21.21. Ju 14.2. 2.8a.13.13.

5 no, his. ch.30.35.-37.13,14. 1Sa.10.27.–16. 11.-17.15. 28a.13.22. Lu.15.15,09 held. Le. 10.3. Ps.39.9.

1 how manga, 30. Pr.30.13. Ec.4.8 my the 3 Fr.16 7. Ac9.17. 7_sere, ch.46.7. 2 Sa.13.21. wrought. Ex 19 5, as his keep that thou hast unto thy. 6. De 22.21. Jos.7.15. Ju 1942.25.-20L-2 Sa. 13. of be that thee that u thine. 12,13. P..93.5, Pr.7.7. 1 Pe2.9. thing, ch 209 351-47-23-30.4. Ex.3312,13 Le.4.2,13,27. De.23.17. 1 Co.6.18.–108. Ep.3.3 recette To crepta Co...3.3. 1 15.13. He 13.4. Ja.3.10.

Tewas a customary pledge)
slut retamang it stop sed disaffec-
ths and that Jacob was so
vin Lawa intenere la present. I have
#11 Ca 3.13.- Job.

Img43211.90. Js 15.19. Ju.1.
SZIK.5.15 Ch.9.5,6. and

8 The soul. ver.3. 1 Ki.11.2. Pr.63.1.−84.2.— 119.20.

9 ch.6.2.-19.14.-24.3.—26 34,35.–27.46. De 7 3. 10 and the land, ver.21..£3. ch.13.2.-20.15.–42. 34.-47.27.

11 ch.18.3.-33.15.

12 Ask me. On the practice of purchasing wives, DE LA ROQUE says, "Property speak. Phu4 11,12,12. nongh. Heb. all ing, a young man who would marry 5 wat pur 103212C5 6.10 Phi.4.12.18, chase his wife; and fathers among the Arabs K17-5.16.23. Lu.14.63 are never so happy as when they have many ESMİTY. 1 Ch 23.5. Pr.12.10. 15.40.11. daughters. They form part of the riches of a basan J£1.15-17. bouse. Accordingly, when a young man would b. Hel, according to the foot treat with a person whose daughter he is tuclued fo and according to the foot of to marry, be says to him. Will you give the temare leade. Is.40.11. Mar. 4.33. Ro.15. your daughter for fifty sheep, for six camels, of Sear. See on ch.32.3. for a dozen cows? according to the rank of her 40 90.10. Eze.23.8-35.2.3. family, and the circumstances of him who desires Box Fisk, set, or place. What needeth it? to marry her." dory. ch.24.53,-0.18.-31.41 Banere p this. find grace, ch 34.11- Ex.12.16,17. De 22.2,19. 1 8a.12.-25.2*. £ Da.3. ALA 18238. 2 Sa. 16.4. 14. Ho.3.2. Mat.14-17. AP! Jun 13. Ju 8.58,16, 1K1.7.46. 13 deceufully. ch.25.27..34. Ju.15.1. £ Sa.13. had sat £x 10.37.-13.90 Succoth, i, e. 23.29. Job 13.4.7. Ps.12.2. Pr.12.1318, 20.-24. was on the east of Jordan, be. 28,29- Ho.1g 19. 1 lb. be trane Teobex and that river, about 40 5.15. Mat.25.13. beam, and consequently near 14 circumcised. ch.17.11. Jos 5.2.9. 1 Sa.14. hoe wire a city was afterwards built, 6.–17.26–36. 2 S.1.20.-15.7.1 k1.21.9.Mat.2.8.13. * bet au wenigned to the tribe of Gad. Jɛ-XXIII. Ro.4.11. accoth was in the district of p: the Jews inform us, that the 19 because ch.29. 20. Ca.8.6. 15.£24. honour Lara was sometime after applied to it, able. ch.41.20. Nu.22.15.1K 2.94 2K15.1.1 Ch. 3. The want Skalem, in the Samari- 4.9. Is.3.3..5.-5.13-4389. Ac13 50 −17.12. Salm, and probably be rendered in 20 the gate. ch.02.17 23.10. De.175. Hu41 as it is translated by Job 27. Pr.21.23. Am.5.10,12,15. Zec.8.16. Cause Araber, COVERDALE, and MAT233-45. Ac.7.16. a city of SheSo, the city Suechem, which was Bow Faney, abounding with 24 heartened. In thus falling into this mea ee Mounts Ebal and Gerizim, sure, the Shechemites must either have had great ier on the north, and the latter affection for their chief and his son, or have been *****ames from Shot, and 34 from under the influence of the most passive obe

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15 Gal.4.12.

22 ver.15..17.

23 Pr.1.12,13.–23.4,5.-28.20.Jn° 2.16.-6.26,27. Ac.19.84.26.

became the capital of Samaria,dience. The petty princes of Asia have always the city of that name. Jos.21. been absolute and despotic, their subjects pay As Sychar. Ac7-16. Sychem. 10g them the most prompt and blond obedience, 2553-6-35.9-46.15. The following instance will sufficiently illus 121.30-49.30. 32. Jos.24.32, trate and confirm this statement. Abu Itaber, A. Hamer, ch 34.2At. Ac.7.16. hier of the Carmathians, about the year 230. pero may, 27, lattibe with only 500 horse, went to lay seige to Bag 2221-1278.-13.8-21.33. El dad: the khalif's general marched out to seize God, the God of Israel.; but before the attack, sent an office, to summon him to surrender. How many men CHAP. XXXIV. has the khalif's general said Abu Thaher.armates by Strehem, 1-3. He surth to marry 30,000, replied the officer. Among them Tarons of Jarab fer the condition all,' says the Carmathian chief, 'has he got (the S, 13-19. Hamor three like mine? Then ordering his followers mis prade them to secrpt it, 3-24 The to approach, he commanded one to stab himself, Jupon that advantage slay them, and another to throw himself from a precipice, and Jacob reproveth Simeon and a third to plunge into the Tigris: all three in stantly obeyed, and perished! Then turning to BC Dinal. ch.30.21.-46. the officer, he said, He who has such troops **ch On 34.-27.46.-28.6.-30.13. need not value the number of his enes ies! ARTEN TILES went out. ch.23.10.18. every male, ch.17.23. Is.J. 10..16. Mat.7.6. Ro.2,28,29. 1 Co.7.19.

-in (1) 17-33.19.
saw her. ch.6.2.-
L1 254142 Job 31.1.9. Pr.13.20.


25 sore. Jus.568. Simeon, cb.29.33,34-49.5..

[blocks in formation]

16 a little way to come. Heb. a little ground. 2 Ki.5.19. Ephrath. ch.48.7. Ch.2.19. Ps.132.6. Mi.5.2. Mat.2.1,16,1 labour. ch.3.16. 1 Ti.2.15.

26 edge. Heb. mouth. De.32.42. 2 Sa.2.26. Is.1


27 spoiled. Es.9.10,16. 1Ti.6.10. they, ver. 2,31. Ex.2.14. Jos.7.1,21. See on ver.13.

28 Nu.31.17. De.8.17,18. Job 1.15,16.-20.5. 30 Ye have. ch.49.5..7. Jos.7.25. 1K1.18.18. 1 Ch.2.7. Pr.11.17,29.-15.27. to stink. Ex.5.21. 1 Sa.13.4.-27.12. 1 Ch.19.6. and 1 being. De.4. 27.-7.7.1 Ch.16.12. Ps.105.12. and i shall, ch. 12.2,12.-28.13,14. 1 Sa.16.2.-27.1. Ro.4.18..20. 31 See on ver.13. ch.49.7. Pr.6.34.


God commandeth Jacob to go to Bethel, 1. He purgeth his house of idols, 2-5. He buildeth an altar at Bethel, 6, 7. Deborah dieth at Allonbachuth, 8. God blesseth Jacob at Bethel, 9-15. Rachel travaileth of Benjamin, and dieth in the way to Edar, 16-21. Reuben lieth with Bilhah, 2. The sons of Jacob, 23-26. Jacob cometh to Isaac at Hebron, 27. The age, death, and burial of Isaac, 28, 29.


17 Fear not. ch.30.24. 1 Sa.4.19..21. 18 A.M.cir.2275. B.C.cir.1729. her 30.1. 1 Sa.4.20,21. Ps. 16.10. Ec.12.7. Lai 12.20.-23.46. Ac.7.59. Ben-oni. i.e. th my sorrow. 1 Ch.4.9. Benjamin. i. e. of the right hand. ch.42.4,38.-43.14.—44 Ps.80.17.-The Samaritan has ben yam son of days,' i. e. of his old age, (cl which JEROME renders BENJAMIN, filius destra, Benjamin, that is, the so right hand."

19 Rachel died. ch.48.7.

Ephrath, 15. Ru.1.2-4.11. Mi.5.2,16. Mat.2.1,6,1 20 the pillar. ver.9, 14. 1Sa. 10.2. 17. 18.

21 tower, Mi.4.8. Lu.2.8.

22 lay with. ch.49.4. Le.18.8. 2 Sa.16. 20.3. 1 Ch.5.1. 1 Cor.5.1. Now the sons. Hebrew text, a break is here left in th 1 God said. ch.22.14. De.32.36. Ps.46.1.-91.15. opposite to which there is a Masoreti Beth-el. ver.7. ch.12.8.-13.3.4.-28.10..22.-31.3, which states that there is a hiatus in the 13. Ps.47.4. Ec.5.4..6. Ho.12.4. Na.1.15. when his hiatus the LXX, thus supplies: thou. ch.16.8.-27.41..45. Ex.2.15. νηρον έφανη εναντίον αυτού, and it ag

2 unto his. ch.18.19. Jos.24.15. Ps.101.2..7. evil in his sight.' ver.18. ch.29.31..35.strange. ch.31.19,34. Ex.20.3,4.-23.13. De.5.7.--46.8..27-49.1..28. Ex.1.1..5.-6.14..16. 6.14.-7.25.-11.28-32 16. Jos.23.7.-24.2,20,23. 5..15,20, &c.-2.3..33.-7.12, &c.-26.5..51 Ju.10.16. Ru.1.15. 1 Sa.7.3. 2 Sa.7.23.2 Ki. De. XXXIII. Jo.XIII.XX 1 Ch.16.26.Je.5.7.-16.20. Da.5.4. Ac.19.26.1 Cor. 2.1,2.-12.23..40.— 27.16..22. Ez.XLVII 10.7. 2 Cor.6.15..17. Gal.4.8. clean. 78. Re.7.4..8.-21.14. 34.2,24,25. Ex.19.10,14. Le.15.5.-17.16. Nu.31.24. 2ki 3.10,12,13. Job 1.5.Ps.51.2,7.Ec.5.1.Is. Je.13.27. Eze.18.31.-20.7.-36.25. Jn°.13. 10,11. 2 Co.7.1. He.10.22. Ja.4.8. 1 Pe.2.1,2. Jude 23.

23 ch.29.32..35.-30.18..20.-33.2.-46.8 24 ver.16..18. ch.30.22..24.-46.19..LL. 25 ch.30.4..8.-37.2.-46.23..25. 26 And the sons. ch.30.9..13.-46.16..18. Padan-aram. Except Benjamin, ver.18

3 who answered. ch.28.12.13.-32.7,24. Ps.46.1. 20.-28.2.-31.18.


27 Jacob. ch.27.43..45.-28.5. was with, ch. 18.-14.13.-18.1.-23.2.19. Jo.14.12..15.

1.2.16..18.-118.19..22. 18.30.19.
28.20.-31.3,42. Pr.3.6. Is.43.2.

4 ear-rings. These rings were not worn as mere ornaments, but for superstitious purposes: perhaps as amulets or charms, first consecrated to some false god, or formed under some con stellation, and stamped with magical characters. MAIMONIDES mentions rings and jewels of this kind, with the image of the sun, moon, &c., impressed upon them; and St. AUGUSTINE describes them (Epist. 73,) as used for this execrable purpose. Ex.32.2.4. Ju.824... Ho. 2.13. hid them, Ex. 32.20. De.7.5,25. the oak. Jos.24.25,26. Ju.9.6.

21.11. 2 Sa.2.1,3,11.-
28 ch.25.7.-47.28.-50.26.
29 A.M.2288. B.C.1716. Isaac. ch.3.
15-25,7,8,17.-27.1,2—49.33. Job 5.26.
his sons, ch.23.19,20.-25.9.-27-41.


Esau's three wives, 1-5.

6-8. His sons, 9-14.

His removal to mos
The dukes which de

of his sons, 15-19. The sons and dukes of Horite, 20-30. Anah findeth mules, 24. T of Edom, 31-39. The dukes that desce Erau, 40--43.

1 A.M.2208. B.C.1796. ch.22.17.-25.2

5 ch.34.30. Ex.15.15,16.-23.27-34.24. De.11. 27.35.41-32.3..7. Nu.20.14..21. De.23.7 25. Jo.2.9..11-5.1. 1 Sa.11.7.-14.15. 2 Ch. Is.63.1. Eze.25.12. -17.10. Ps. 14.5.

6 Luz. ch.12.8.-28.19,22. Ju.1.22.26. 7 built. ver.1,3. Ec.5.4,5.

El-beth-el. 1. e. the God of Beth-el. ch.28.13,19,22. Ex.17.15. Ju.6. 24. Eze.48.35.

2 Esau, ch.9.25.-26.34,35.-27.46. Ad Bashemath, ch.26.34. Aholibamak. ver. 26.34. Judith. the daughter. We ought probably, to read here and in ver. 14, as 20, the son of Zibeon;' which is the reac

8 Rebekah's. ch.24.59. under an oak.1Sa.31.13. the Samaritan, Septuagint, (and Syriac, ! Allon-bachuth. i.e. the oak of weeping. Ju.2.1,5.2,) and which HoUBIGANT and KENN 9 ch.12.7 17.1.-18.1.-26.2.-28.13.-31.3, contend to be genuine. 11..13.-32.1,24..30.-35.1.-46.2,3.-48.3,4. Je.31. 3 ch.25.13.-28.9. Mahalath.

3. Ho.12.4. Ac.7.2.

4 Adah, I Ch.1.35. Eliphaz. Job 2.11.

10 ch.17.5,15.-32 27,28. 1 Ki.18.31.2 Ki.17.34. not Ex.2.18. Nu.10.29. 11 God Almighty. ch.17.1.-18.14.-43.14.-48. 3.4. Ex.6.3. 2 Cor.6.18. a nation, ch.12.2.-13.

5 in the land. ver.6. ch.35.29.

6 A.M.cir.2264. B.C.cir.1740. persons. 16.-15.5.-17.5,6,7,16.-18.18.-22.17.-28.3.4,14.-souls. Ez.27.13. Re. 18.13. went. ch.13.6,1

32.12.-46.3.-48.4. Ex.1.7. Nu, I.-XXVI. 1 Sa. 8.-25.23.-28.4.-32.3. to 2 Ch.

7 their riches. ch.13.6.11.

12 the land. ch.12.7.-13.14..17.-15.18.-26.3.4.-28.4. ~28.3,4,13. —48.4. Ex.3.8. Jos. VI.-XXI. to Ne. XIII.

the land, cl

8 mount Setr. ver.20. ch.14.6.-32.3. D Jos.24.4. 1 Ch.4.42. 2 Ch.20.10,23. Ea.3

13 ch.11.5.-17.22.-18.33. Ju.6.21.-13.20. Lu. Mal.1.3. Esau. ver.1. 24. 31.

14 ver.20. ch.28.18,19. Ex.17.15. 1 Sa.7.12. 15 Bethel, ch.28.19.

9 the Edomites. Heb. Edom. ch.19.37 10 A.M.cir.2230, B.C.cir.1774. ver.3,4. 1. 35, &c.


pany xidly, slew all the males. B C. 1732. By: Hamor & Shechem kis

the word, and took
went out.

Taurizia's book
Desa di Jauh came upon the
ad sved the city, because they

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De 32

- a little
pirce of
♪ ch. 49.7.

c ch. 30. 24.

Le, the son
of my or

1 S. 4. 20.
dla 2 12

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Albert Der sheep, and their osen, beren, sad that which was in ty, that which has in the field, 3 AD & treat, and all therint - der vivestock they captive, all that ser in the Ecuse 3) Acc head to Simeon and Levi, died the to make me to the inhabitants of the land, Graces and the Perazzites: a camber, they shall e Jon 7.25. Detteres together against me, ƒ Es. 5. 21. Dead I shall be destroyed, រ

said. Should he deal with

Kevin an harlot?




scato Jacob, Arise, go bake and dwell there. Sex allar unto God, that ap! Ather when thou fleddest? To the bar of Exes try brother.


ad unto his household, bat ere weh tim, Put away tputs that are among and couge your garments: varer, and go up to Bethmake there an altar unto 472 vered the in the day of " and was with me in the way

Al they are unto Jarob all the

what were in their hand, An ear-r which were in Jacb had them under

* kind was by Shechem.

And toreyed, and the terror

ie. the on of the right hand.

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1 Sa. 13. 4.

Ru. 1.2.
eb. 44. 7.

4. 11.

Mi. 5. 2.
Mat. 2. 6.
De. 4. 27.
Pa. 106. 12.
18. 10. 2.
MI. 4. 8.

ch. 49. 4.
1 Ch. 5. 1.

1 Cor. &. 1.
nch. 46.
© P. 47. 4.
Peb. 27. 43.

29, 13, 19.
9 ch. 18. 19.

Jos. 24. 15.
ch. 13. 19.
Pa 101 27.
Jos. 14. 15.

15. 13.

eh. 25. 9. ch. 3. 8

Job 5. 26.

place where God spake with him, Peth el. 16 And they journeyed from Bethel and there was but y a tle way to come to Ephrath and Rachel travailed, and

she had bard labour.

17 And it came to pass, when she was in hard labour, that the midwife said unto her, hear not, thou shalt have this son also.

18 And it came to pass, as her soul called his named Fen oni was in departing, for she died, that she but his father called him e Benjamin.

19 And Rachel died, and was buried in the way to Ephrath, which is Beth lebeia.

20 And Jacob set a p'lar upon her grave: that is the pillar of Rachel's grave unto this day.

21 And Israel journeyed, and spread This tent beyond the tower of Edar

22 And it came to pass, when, Israel dwelt in that land, that Reuben went and lay with Hilhah his father's coté ubine and Israel beard it. Now the sons of Jacob were twelve"

23 The sons of Leah, Reuben, Jacob's first-born, and Simeon, and Levi, and Judah, and Issachar, and Zebulun

24 The sons of Rachel, Joseph, and Benjamin:

25 And the sons of Pilhah, Rachel's handmaid; Dan, and Naphtali:

26 And the sons of Zipah, Leah's handmaid; Gad, and Asher these are the sons of Jacob, which were born to him in Padan aram.

27 And Jacob came unto Isaac his father unto Mamre, unto the city of ham and Isaac sojourned. Arbah, which u Hebron, where Abra

28 And the days of Isaac were an hun dred and fourscore years.

And Isaac gave up the ghost, and died, and was gathered unto his people.

a 2 the cities that were ch. 31. 19. being old and full of days and his sons

bed then, and they did not Fete the sons of Jacob.

Jos. 24. 23.

1 Sa. 7. 3.

ace to Lez, which is in x 19. 10.

• MACLARE, That is, Bethel, bej we that were with bim.

there an altar, and call

sch. 32.7,24.
Pa. 107. 6.
a ch. 28. 20

31. 3, 42.

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be juce (El-ethel: because there & Ex. 32. 3, 4 Hittite, and Abolibamah the daughter of To him, when he fled

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Anah, the daughter of Zibeon the Hivite, 3 And Bashemath, Ishmael's daughter, Rebekah's nurse, died, d Ex. 23. 27. sister of Nebajoth. wed beneath Bethel, un

babe name of it was call-I

De. 11. 25.
Jos. 2. 9.

2 Ch. 14.14.

ch. 25. 30.

4 peared unto Jacob again, ch. 26. 34.

be act of Padan-aram, and

Asc God with unto him, Thy name We shall not be called but Israel shall be thy cabed his name Israel!

Le. the God
of Bethel.

cb. 23. 13!
1 Ch. 1.35.
ie. the oak

4 And Adan bare to Fsau, Eliphaz, and Bashemath bare Reuel;

5 And Aholibamah bare Jeush, and Jaalam, and Korah. These are the sons of Esau, which were born unto him in the land of Canaan.

6 And Esau took his wives, and his sons, and his daughters, and all @ the per sons of his house, and his cattle, and all his beasts, and all his substance, which

Aut God said unto him, I am God of weeping. he had got in the land of Canaan; and

kmay be mutful and multiply; a na-i ch. 32. 28.

e ad cogs stail come out of thy loins; & ch. 17. 1. Aade and whch I gave Abraham)

efcations shall be of souls.

48.3, 4. Ex. 6. 3.

went into the country from the face of his brother Jacob:

7 For their riches were more than that they might dwell together; and the land wherein they were strangers could not

<to the will give it, and to eb. 12. 17. bear them, because of their cattle.

wend her thee with I give the land. kad God went up from him," in the

where be talked with him. you are be talked with him, even a had acne vet up a pullar? in the fige and be poured a drink-ofand be poured oil thereon: tlacus called the name of the

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