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1.8.35. Nu.7.9. &c. 1 Ki8.63,64. Ch.7.5.-29.31..35. a sin offering. 23,28.9 Ch.29.91..23. according tribes of Benjamin and Judah, 9 and Levites, formed the bulk yet many from the other tribes With them from captivity. 1 Ki. Re.7.4.8.-21.12.

1Cb. XXIII.XXVI. 2 Ch.35. mitten. Chal. according to the $-8.9,&c.

B. ver. 16. kept. Ex. 12.6, &c.

gether. 2Ch. 29. 34.-30. 15..17.
2 Ch.35.11. He.7.27.
19.11. Nu.9.6,7,10..14. Is.52.11.
6.17.-7.1. did eat. Ex.12.47..

Darius, which afterwards filled the throne, the Persian kings of this race had always seven chief princes as their counsellors, who possessed peculiar privileges, were his chief assistants in the government, and by whose advice all the public affairs of the empire were transacted. The names of these counsellors are given in the parallel place of the book of Esther. Es.1. 14. according. ver.25,26. De.17.18,19. Is.8.20. thy God. ch.1.3.-5.8.-6.12. Da 2.47.-6.20,26.

15 the silver. ch. 6.4,8..10. Ps.68.29,30.-72.10. -76.11. Is.60.6..9. Ré.21.24..26. whose habitation, ch.6.12. 2 Ch.2.6.-6.2,6. Ps. 9. 11.-

16 all the silver. ch.8.25..28. offering. ch.1.4, 6. 1 Ch.29.6,9.17. 2 Co.8.12.-9.7.

17 bug speedily. See on ch.6.9,10. De.14.24..26. Mat.21.12,13. Jn.2.14. their meat offerings. Nu. 15.4..13. offer them. De.12.5..11.

18 whatsoever. 2 Ki.12.15.-22.7. that do. ver. 26. Ep.5.17. after the will. He gave them the fullest liberty to order every thing according to their own institutions; binding them to no form or mode of worship.

19 The vessels. ch.8.27.30,33,34.
Jerusalem. 2 Ch.32.19. Je.3.17.
20 bestow it. ch.6.4,8,&c.

the God of

Ix.10.15..20.-13.6,7. 2 Ch.30.21. 17. 1 Co.5.7,8. turned. ch.7.27. .19.11. the king. Darius, as country of Assyria, is here of Assyria. ver.6,&c. ch.1.1. 3311. Zec.10.10,11. CHAP. VII. Jerusalem, 1-10. The gracious Irtareraes to Esra, 11-26. Erd this favour, 27, 28. B.C. 457. Artaxerxes, ver.12, 41. Ezra. ver.10. ch. VIII.. 22 measures. Chal, cors. Lu, 16.7, marg. baths aiak, 2 K1.25.18. 1 Ch.6.4..14. of wine. Eze.45.14. Lu.16.6, marg. salt. Le.2.13. Je. 52.21..27. Hilkiah, 2 Ki. 23 Whatsoever is commanded. Chal. Whatsoever is of the decree. ver. 13,18. let it be. Ps. 119. 4. why should there be wrath. As Artaxerxes believed he was appointed by the Almighty to do this work, he therefore wished to do it heartily; knowing that if he did not, God would be displeased, and that the kingdom would be cut oft from him or his posterity. ch.6.10..12. Zec.12.3. 24 touching any. ver.7. ch.2.36..55.

21 Artaxerxes. ver.12,13. beyond the river, ch. 4.16,20.-6.6. Ezra the priest. ver.6,10,11.


1.17. 1 Ki.2.35.

6.25. Nu.25.7..13.-31.6. Jos. 1 Ch.6.4,50..52. Ps.106.30,31. 12,16. Nu.3.39.-20.25..28.-27. 14.1.-24.33. 1Ch.24.1..6. chief 26.20. He 5.4.

pher mahir does not merely writer, or an excellent penman 25 the wisdom, ver.14. 1 Ki. 3. 28. 1 Ch.22.12. y skilful in expounding the law, Ps.19.7.-119.98..100. Pr.2.6.-6.23. Ja.1.5.-3.17, a wise scribe,' as the Syriac 18. set magistrates. Ex.18.21..25. De.16.18. 1 Ch. 4,21. Ps.45.1. Mat.13.52. scribe. 23.4. 2 Ch.19.8..10. beyond the river. That is, 26.36. Je.8.8. 1 Co.1.20. the west of the Euphrates, which was beyond with 1. Mat.28.20. 1 Co.15.1. 1 Th.4. regard to the king of Persia, who was on the ver.11..26. according to. ver. east. ch.6.6. teach ye. ver. 10. 2 Ch.17.7..9. Ne. 18,22,31. Ge.32.28. Ne.1.10.11. 8.1..3,7,8.-9.3.-13.1..3. Mal.2.7. Mat.13.52.-23. Pr.3.6. 15.50.2.-59.1. 2,3. Mar.6.34. Ro.10.14..17.

ch.8.1..14. the Levites. ch.2. ingers. 1 Ch.6.31,&c.-25.1.8. 1Ch.9.17,&c. Ne.7.45. Nethi $43,&c.-8.20. Ne.7.46,&c.-10.28. 1,12. ch.6.14.-8.1. Ne.2.1.

up. Heb. was the foundation according to. ver.6. Ne.2.8,18. Sa.7.3.1 Ch.29.18. 2 Ch.12.14.Ps.10.17-57.7. the law. ver.6. 9.45,96..100. to do it. De.16. 24. n.13.17. Re.22.14. and to 6.33.10. ? Ch.178,).–30.22. Ne. T1.3.2.2 T1.4.2. Tit.2.1,15. 4.11-5.6. ascribe, ver.6. Mat, ..13.

The title of the king would, thus: Ardsheer shahinshah, or eer, king of kings,' i. e. great or remperor, 1 Ki.4.24.-20.1. Is. Da.2.37,47. 1 Ti.6.15. Re.17.14.ra.&c. or, to Ezra the priest, a f the law of the God of heaven, at rack a time. ch.4.10,11,17. 5.13.-6.1.2 Ch.30.5. Es.3.15.-9. unded, ch.1.3. Ps.110.3. Phi.2.13.

9. Chal, from before the king. 5. Seven princes of Persia havagainst and slain the usurper bus made way for the family of


26 whosoever. ch.6.11. Da.3.28,29.-6.26. law of thy God. 2 Ch. 30.12. whether it be. Ex. XXI-XXII. Le.XX. De.XIII. banishment. Chal. rooting out. Ps.52.5.

27 Blessed. There is a most amiable spirit of piety in these reflections. Instead of expatiating on the praises of his munificent patron, or boasting of his own services, he blesses God for putting such a thing in the king's heart;' and for all the assistance and favour shewn him by the king and his counsellors. ch.6.22.1 Ch.29.10, ắc. Phí 4.10. put such, ch.6.22. Ne.2.12.-7.5. 2 Co.8.16. He8.10.-10.16. Ja.1.17. Re.17.17. in the king's heart. Ne. 2.8. Pr. 21.1. to beautify. Is.60.13.

28 extended. ch.9.9. Ge.32.28.-43.14. Ne.1.11. his counsellors. ver. 14. Jon. 3. 7. And I was strengthened. In what the king decreed he saw the hand of God: he therefore gave Him the praise, and took courage, as the hand. ver.6,9. ch.5.5.-8.18. Ne.2.8. 2 Ti.4.17,18. CHAP. VIII.

The companions of Ezra, who returned from Babylon, 1-14. He sendeth to Iddo for ministers for the temple, 15-20. He keepeth a fast, 21-23. He committeth the treasures to the custody of the priests, 24-30. From Ahava they come to Jerusalem, 31, 32. The treasure is weighed in the temple, 33-35. The commission is delivered, 36.

1 the chief. ch. 1. 5. 1 Ch.9.34.-24.31.-26.32.

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16. 4, &c.

25. 1, &c. Ne. 12. 24, &c.

Eze. 17.12.


or finished.

y sewed together. give.

11 And they sang together by course, in praising and giving thanks unto the LORD; because he is good, for his mercy endur eth for ever toward Israel. And all the people shouted with a great shout, when they praised the LORD, because the foundation of the house of the LORD was laid.& 12 But many of the priests and Levites, d 1Ch. 16.34, and chief of the fathers, who were ancient men, that had seen the first house, when the foundation of this house was laid before their eyes, wept with a loud voice; and many shouted aloud for joy;


Ps. cxxxvi. 145. 1..11. Je. 33. 11.

e ch. 7. 24. or,strength.

[the king: Thy servants, the men on side the river, and at such a time. 12 Be it known unto the king, tal Jews which came up from thee to come uuto Jerusalem, building the lious and the bad city, and have the walls thereof, and joined the dations.

13 Be it known now unto the im

if this city be builded, and the wa up again, then will they not pa tribute," and custom, and so thes endamage the revenue of the

14 Now, because we ŋhave man from the king's palace, and it was for us to see the king's dishono fore have we sent and certified

15 That search may be mad book of the records of thy fathers! thou find in the book of the rec know, that this city is a rebelli and hurtful unto kings and p and that they have moved

13 So that the people could not discern the noise of the shout of joy from the noise of the weeping of the people: for are salted within the same of old time:

the people shouted with a loud shout, and the noise was heard afar off.


Now when the adversaries" of Judah and Benjamin heard that the Achildren of the captivity builded the temple unto the LORD God of Israel,

2 Then they came to Zerubbabel, and to the chief of the fathers, and said unto them, Let us build with you; for we seek your God, as ye do; and we do sacrifice unto him, since the days of Esar-haddon king of Assur, which brought us up hither.

3 But Zerubbabel, and Jeshua, and the rest of the chief of the fathers of Israel, said unto them, Ye have nothing to do with us to build an house unto our God; but we ourselves together will build unto the LORD God of Israel, as king Cyrus, the king of Persia,bath commanded us.

4 Then the people of the land weakened the hands of the people of Judah, and troubled" them in building;

5 And hired counsellors against them, to frustrate their purpose, all the days of Cyrus king of Persia, even until the reign of Darius king of Persia.

6 And in the reign of a Ahasuerus, int the beginning of his reign, wrote they unto him an accusation against the inhabitants of Judah and Jerusalem.

7 And in the days of Artaxerxes wrote Bishlam, Mithredath, Tabeel, and the rest of their companions, unto Artaxerxes king of Persia: and the writing of the letter was written in the Syrian tongue, and interpreted in the Syrian tongue.

8 Rebuin the chancellor, and Shimshai the scribe, wrote a letter against Jerusalem to Artaxerxes the king in this sort:

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with the salt of the palace. Re.21.10..14. Hag. 2. 3.

Ps. 126. 6. Je. 31. 8, 9. i Ps. 5. 11.

A Est. 3. 8. made. in the midst thereof. Ju. 2. 5. m 2 Ki. 24. 20.

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Ac241,&c. Akashverosh.

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cause was this city destroyed. 16 We certify the king, that d be builded again, and the walls set up, by this means the sa portion on this side the ne 17 Then sent the king Rehum the chancellor, abt # the scribe, and to the rest of that panions that dwell in Samar the rest beyond the river, Pea such a time.

18 The letter which ye sent unt been plainly read before me.

19 And I commanded, and về been made, and it is found that of old time hath made against kings, and that rebell dition have been made there

20 There have been mi over Jerusalem, which are all countries beyond the tribute, and custom, was pad

21 pGive ye now co cause these men to cease. city be not builded, until mandment shall be given fr 22 Take heed now that ye fall this: why should damage grow he of the kings?

23 Now when the copy of xerxes' letter was read before B Shimshai the scribe, and their they went up in haste to Jer the Jews, and made them x force and power.

24 Then ceased the work of God which is at Jerusalem. unto the second year of the rel rius king of Persia.


9 Then wrote Rehum the chancellor, or in peace. THEN the prophets, Hara

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phet, and Zechariab the st prophesied unto the Jews Judah and Jerusalem in the a God of Israel, erex unto them 2 Then rose up Zerubbabel Shealtiel, and Jeshua the sof and began to build the i which is at Jerusalem: a.d were the prophets of God he p

3 At the same time came to nai, governor ou this side the Shethar-bozuai, and their c and said thus unto them, Who

Apharsachites. Susanchites. E3.1.2.-2.3 14.8
2. Elamites. Ge.10.22. Is.21.2. Je.25.25.-49.34.
A. M. 3469.
Eze.32.24. Ac.2.9.

When the builders. Zec.4.10. they set. Ex.
42. 15.92.18. 10.15.27. Ne 12.24, &c.
per Nu. Ch.13.24.-16.5,6,42. the
Araph, 1Ch. 6.39.-16.37.-25.1..7. 2Ch.
after the ordinance, 1 Ch.6.31, &c.-16.4..
A 2 Ch.09.05,96.

Asnapper. Ro.13.7. at such a time. Chal, Chee 10 And the rest. ver.1. Ki.17.24,&c. noble neth. ver.11,17. ch.7.12.

My sang. Ex15 21. Ne.12.24.40. Ps.24.7.. | Because, 1 Ch.16.34,41. 2 Ch.7.3. Ps. 2 Ch.36.13. Je.52.3. Eze.17.12..£1. Lu.23.2..5. Ac. 11 at such a time, ver.15,19. 2 Ki.18.20.-24.1. 3-106.1.-107.1.-135.3.-CXXXVI.-145. 24.5. 1 Th.522. 1 Pe.2.13..15. bad city. Ps.48.1,

33.11. Lu.1.50. shouted. Jos. 6.5,10,16.
Is.12.6-44.23. Zec.9.9. because. Ps.

y. Hag 2.3. when the foundation. Job
L-60.00. Da.2.34,35. Zec.4.10. Mat.
sept. Ps.196.6. Je.31.8,9.

that. This sight must have been very whole people, one part weeping there, the other shouting aloud tor on the same occasion too, in which sfelt an equal interest. The prophet 1-9 comforted them on this occa them that the glory of this aid exceed that of the former, Led would come to this temple, His glory, the noise. Ju.2.5. MB P5.11. Je.33.11. Zec.4.7. Lu, And the mouse. Ex.32.17,18. 1 Sa.4.5. 110.4 h.100.1,2.


, bring not accepted in the building with the Jews, endeavour to hinder The letter to Artarerres, 7-16. The érence of Artazerses, 17-22. The

ag hadered, 23, 24.


iaries. These were the Samaritans, acts of the various nations with gs of Assyria had peopled Israel, ad carried the original inhabitants -9.1X15.4.5. 1Ch.22.9.10. Ne.4. 25.1 Co. 16.9. children of the captivity. the transportation. ch.1.11, marg. 7.16. Da.5.13.

tel. ch.1.5.-2.2.-3.2.12. Let us. Call.13.15. Ga.2.4.2 11.3.8. 2 Pe. Ki.17.24.27..33,41. Esar-haddon, Apper, K.19.37. Assur. Ge.10.11. 37, Assyria. Ho.14.3, Asshur. thing. Ne.2.20. Jn.4.22,23. Ac.8. 31.9.10. King Cyrus, ch.1.1..3.22.23. 15.44.28-45.1,4. Mat.10.16. 6.3.3. Ne.6.9. Is.35.3,4. Je.38.4. 478.11.

12 Nal.11. Ac.24.1,&c. Darius.


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2. Is.1.21..23. Lu.13.34. set up. or, finished. Ne. 1.3. Da.9.25. joined. Chal, sewed together.

Chal, give. toll. ch.7.24. Mat.9.9.-17.25. Ro. 13 if this city. Ne.5.4. 1's.52.2.-119.69. pay. 13.6,7. revenue. or, strength.

the salt of the palace. Salt is reckoned among 14 have maintenance, &c. Chal, are salted with the principal necessaries of life, Ecclus. 39.26 used for food or maintenance in general. I am or 31;) hence, by a very natural figure, salt is well informed, says Mr. PARKHURST, that it is Indies, I eat such a one's salt, meaning, I am a common expression of the natives in the East fed by him. Salt was also, as it still is, among eastern nations, a symbol of friendship and hos pitality; and hence, to eat a man's salt, is to be bound to him by the ties of friendship. and it was. Eze.33.31. Ju°.12.5,6.-19.12..15.

15 this city, ver.12. Ne. 2.19.-6.6. Es.3.5.8. within the same. Chal. in the midst thereof. for Da.6.4..13. Ac.17.6.7. moved. Chal, made. which. 2 K1.24.20.-25.1,4. Je.52.3, &c.

16 thou shalt have. ver.20. 2 Sa.8.3. 1 K1.4.24. 17 companions. Chal, societies. ver.79. Peace. ch.5.7.-7.12. Lu.10.5. Ac.23.26. Ro.1.7. at such a time. ver. 10,11.

search, ver.15. ch.5.17.-6.1,2. De.13.14. Pr.25.2. 19 1 commanded. Chal, by me a decree is set. and it is found. 2 Ki.187.-24.20. Eze.17.13..19. made insurrection. Chal. lifted up itself.

beyond, ver.16. Ge.15 18. Jos.1.3.4. toll. 1 Ch.18. 20 mighty kings. 1 Ki.4.21,24. 1 Ch.18.3. Ps.72.8. 6,13.-19.19.2 Ch.9.14,23,24.-17.11.-26.7,8.

21 Give ye, &c. Chal. Make a decree, ver.19.
22 why should. ver.13. Es.3.8.9.-7.3,4.

M1.2.1. Ro.3.15. force. Chal. arm.
23 Rehum. ver.8,9,17. they went up. Pr.4.16.

This was Darius Hystaspes, one of the seven
24 So. Ne.6.3,9. Job 20.5. 1 Th.2.18. Darius.
princes who slew the usurper Smerdis: he as
cended the throne of Persia, A.M. 3483.B.C. 521,
and reigned 36 years. ch.5.5.-6.1. Hag.1.15.
Zerubbabel and Jeshua, incited by Haggai and Ze.
chariah, set forward the building of the temple,
1,2. Tatnai and Shethar-bornai are not able to
hinder the Jews, 3--5. Their letter to Darius
against the Jews, 6-17.

5 B. C. 529. Ahasuerus. Heb. This was Cambyses, son of Cyrus, ded as father, A. M. 3475, and een years and five months. 44.3.9,13.-25.7. Re.12.10. 318 B. C. 522Artaxerxes. This e of the Magi, who usurped after the death of Cambyses, for feigning himself to be Smerdis, Cambyses: he is called Oropastus by d by HERODOTUS, Mardus by Sand Sphendatates by CTESIAS. in peace. companions. Heb. the Syrian tongue. That y, both the language and character 6.11, Joshua, Josedech. the prophets. ch. 6. 14. an or Chaldaic; and therefore, from Hag.2.4..9,20..23. Zec. III-IV. & Co.1.24.

e of this chapter, to ch.7.27, the Hebrew, but Chaldee, in those aust of letters, decrees, &c. ori

1 A. M. 3484. B. C. 520. Haggai. These are
the same Haggai and Zechariah, whose writings
and, as a great part of them refer to the events
we have among the twelve minor prophets;
here recorded, the reader will find it very pro-
1.1,&c. Zechariah. Zec.1.1,&c. the son of Iddo.
fitable to compare them with the history. Hag.
That is, the grandson of Iddo;' for Zechariah
was the son of Berechiah, the son of Iddo.
the name. Mi.5.4. Hag.1.2.8. Zec.1.3,4.--4.6.10.
2 rose up. ch.3.2. Hag.1.12..15. Jeshua. Zec.

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3 Tarnas. Tatnai was governor of the provinces which belonged to the Persian empire west of the Euphrates, comprehending Syria,

e in that language. 2 Ki.18.26. Arabia Deserta, Phoenicia, and Samaria.

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a Chal. societies. the Dinaites. ver.6. ch.6.6,13.-7.21. Ne.2.7.9. 7. Apharsathchites. ch.5.6.-6.6

secretary, ver.9. 2 Sa.8.17.-20.25, and to have acted with great prudence and
seems to have been a mild and judicious man,
caution, and without any passion or prejudice.
commanded you. ver.9. ch.1.3. Mat.21.23. Ac.4.7.
Who hath


4 What are. ver.10. make this building. Chal. | king's palace and the royal treasury, build this building.

5 But the eye. ch.7.6,28.-8.22.2 Ch.16.9. Ps.32. 8.-33.18.-34.15.-76.10.Phi.1.28. 1 Pe.3.12. that they. Ps.129.2..5. then they returned, ch.6.6..12. 6 A. M. 3485. B.C. 519. copy. ch. 4. 11, 23. Apharsachites. ch.4.9, Apharsathchites. ch.6.6. 7 wherein. Chat, in the midst whereof. all peace. ch.4.17. Da.3.9.-4.1.-6.21. Jn°.14.27. 2 Th.3.16.

celebrated for its splendour and richer LY BIUS. It is highly probable, as D'A and Major RENNEL suppose, that the Hamadan, whose ruins attest its form dour, occupies the site of Ecbatane, ! ated in Al Gebal, at the foot of the lof tain Alwend, about 80 leagues from and also from Bagdad.

3 the first year. ch.1.1..4.-5.13.15 8 the province. ch.2.1. Ne.7.6.-11.3. Es.1.1,22. 22,23. the place. De.12.5,6,11..14. 201 the great God, ch.1.2.3.-6.10.-7.23. De.10.17.-122.4. the height. 1 Ki.6.9,3.2 Ch.3.3,4 32.31. Ps.145.3. Da.2.47.-3.26.-4.2,34.37.-6.26. 13..15. Re.21.10. great stones. Chal. stones of rolling. Mar.13.1,2.

9 Who commanded. ver.3,4.

10 asked. ver.4.

4 three rows. 1 Ki.6.36. the expences. 23. Ps.68.29.-72.10. 1s.49.23.-60.6.10. 5 the golden. ch.1.7.8.-5.14. Je.27.

11 We are. Jos.24.15. Ps.119.46. Da.3.26. Jon. Da.1.2.-5.2. which Nebuchadnezar. 2 1.9. Mat.10.32. Lu.12.8. Ac.27.23. Ro.1.16.-6.-25.14,15. 2 Ch.36.6,7,10,18. Je.52.19 16. Ga.6.14. which a great. 1 Ki.VI.-VII.

2 Ch.III.V.

Chal. go.

6 Tatnai. ch.5.3. your companions. C societies. ch.5.6. be ye far. Ge.32.9 Pr.21.1,30. Is.27.8


12 A. M. 3408. B. C. 536. But after. 2 Ki.21. 12..15.2 Ch.34,24,25.-36.16,17. Ne.9.26,27. Is.59. Ne.1.11. Ps.76.10. 1,2. Je.5.29. Da.9.5. he gave. De.28.15, &c.-28. 29.24..28.-31.17.-32.30. Ju.2.14.-4.2.-6.1.1 Ki. 9.6..9.2 Ch.7.19..22. Ps.106.40. into the hand. 2 K1.24.2,10, &c.-25.1,8..11, &c. 2 Ch.36.6, &c. Je.39.1, &c. Da.1.1,2.

13 ch.1.1..8.-6.3..5. Is.44.28.-45.1.

14 the vessels. ch.1.7..10.-6.5. 2 Ch.36.7,18. Je. 52.19. Da.5.2,3. the king. ch.7.27. Pr.21.1. Sheshbazzar, ver. 16. ch.1.11. whom. Hag.1.1,14. -2.2.21. governor, or, deputy. Ac.13.7,8,12. 15 let the house. ch.1.2.-3.3.-6.3.

7 Let the work. Ac.5.38,39. 8 I make a decree. Chal. by me si made. the king's, ver.4. ch.4.16,39 Ps.68.29..31. Hag.2.8. hindered. Chala

cease. ch.4.21,23.-5.5.

9 young bullocks. Le.1.3..5.10-2.2. Pub lambs. Ex.29.38..42. Nu.XXVILwheat. Le.2.1, &c. Nu.15.4, &c. 19 Le.2.13. Mar.9.49. let it be given,

10 sweet savours. Chal, rest. Ge 13. Ep.5.2. pray. ch.7.3. Je 69 71 11 whosoever. ch.7.26. timber. Es.5 hanged. Chal. destroyed. not. A

16 Sheshbazzar, ver. 14. laid. ver.2. ch.3.8, 10. Hag.1.12..14.-2.18. Zec.4.10. A.M.34683485. B.C. 536-519. it is not finished, ch.6. 15. 17 A.M.3485. B.C.519. let there he. cn.4.15,19.-10.27. Da.2.5.-3.29. -6.1,2. Pr.25.2. a decree. ch.6.3..5.


Darius, finding the decree of Cyrus, maketh a new decree for the advancement of the building, 1–12. By the help of Tatnai and Shethar-boznai, according to the decree, the temple is finished, 13-15. The feast of the dedication is kept, 16-18: and the passoner, 19-22.

1 and search, ch.4.15,19.-5.17. Job 29.16. Pr. 25.2. rolls. Chal, books. Ps.40.7. Je.36.2.4,20.. 23,29,32. Eze.2.9.-3.1. Re.5.1. laid up. Chal. made to descend.

12 caused. Ex.20.24. De.12.5,11-16 9.3.2 Ch.7.16. Ps.132.13,14. destroy 21.8..10.-137.8.9. Is.60 12. Ob10. Ze Ac.5.33,39.-9.5. Re.19.14.21. 1 Dari 14,15.-8.14. speed. ver.13. Ec.9.10.

13 Tarnai, ch.4.9,23.-5.6. so tha 11. Job 5.12.13. Pr.29.26.

14 And the elders. ch.3.8.-43 5.1,0. Hag.1.12..14.-20, &c. finished it. Zec.4.9.

according 1.8. commandment, Chal, decree. 13. ch.1.1..4.-4.24.-5.13. Artast was ditaxerxes, the third son and s Xerxes, surnamed Maxpoxeip, or Lam or in Persian, Ardsheer deeras dest," the long-handed; so called, accord Greeks, from the extraordinary hands, but according to the Eastern extent of his dominions. He ascende sian throne, A.M. 3540, B.C. 464, forty-one years. He is said to have most handsome person of his age, a been a prince of a very mild and ge position. ch.7.1.

15 A.M.3489. B.C.515. Adar. Es.37

2 at Achmetha, or, at Ecbatana, or, in a coffer. -88, probably from the Persian D, kham, a house for a summer residence,' with a prefix 8, aleph, and the Chaldee termination N, tha, most likely denotes Echatana, as the Vulgate and JOSEPHUS read, the summer residence of the Persian monarchs. It was situated in a mountainous region at the foot of mount Orontes, or Jasonius, according to AMMIANUS, on the southern confines of Media and Persia, and according to PLINY, 750 miles from Seleucia the Great, 20 miles from the Caspian passes, 450 miles from Susa, and the same from Gaze Atropatene, and in lat. 37 deg. 45 min., long.-9.1,15,17,19,21. 88 deg., according to PTOLEMY. The building 16 the children. 1 Ch.9.2. Ne7.73. of the city is ascribed to Semiramis by DIODO of the capity. Chal. sons of the RUS, but to Deioces by EUSEBIUS, (in Chron. tion. See on ch.4.1. the dedicati1⁄2°R. 1. 1,) and HERODOTUS, who states that it was 2 Ch.7.5.9. Jn°.10.22. with joy, ver surrounded by seven walls, strong and ample, 12. De.12.7.1 Ch.15.28.2 Ch.7.10.-3 built in circles one within another, rising each 8.10.-19.43. Ps.129.1. Phi.4.4. Havi above each by the height of their respective the worship of God in this dedicati battlements, each being distinguished by a dif- care to keep it up, and made the bund ferent colour, the first white, the second black, their rule, to which they had an the third purple, the fourth blue, the fifth orange, establishment. Though the ter the sixth plated with silver, and the seventh with could not now be performed with so gold. The largest of these was nearly the ex- and plenty as formerly, because of th tent of Athens, . e. 200 furlongs, according to yet no doubt it was performed with DION CHRYSOSTOM; but DIODORUS SICU-purity and close adherence to the Dis LUS states the circumference of Ecbatana to be tutions as ever. No beauty is like t 250 furlongs. Within the inner circle stood the I of holiness.

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