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8 Commanding. ch.23.30,35.-25.5,15,16. by. ver.19..21.

9 ch.6.11..13. Ps.4.2.-62.3.4.-64.2..8. Is.59.4.. 7. Je.9.3..6. Eze.22.27.29. Mi.6.12,13.-7.2,3. Mat.26.59,60. Jn°.8.44.

10 had. ch.12.17.-13.16.-19.33.-21.40.-26. 1. many. Felix, made procurator over Judea, A. D. 53. a judge. ch.18.15. 1 Sa.2.25. Lu.12. 14.-182. I do. 1 Pe.3.15.

mereth for himself, 9-P, and apposit Cesar, 11-13. Aftred Fentua (persed an ter to king Agripa, 1-; and key forth, 23, 24. Fest clearedá him of kan d▼ any thing worthy of death, 5-3.

1 into. ch.23.34. the presence. By t vince, Judea is meant, for after the Herod Agrippa, Claudius thouZ3 CET to trust the government in the hands

11 but, ver.1. ch.21.18.27.-22.30.-23.11,23,32, | Agrippa, who was then but seventeen 33. to worship. ver.17. ch.21.26.

12 ver.5. ch.25.8.-28.17.

13 ch.25.7. 1 Pe.3.16.

14 I confess. Ps.119.46. Mat.10.32. after. ch. 9.2.-19.9.23. Am8.14. 2 Pe.2.2. heresy. See on ver.5. 1 Co.11.19. Ga.5.20. Tit.3.10. 2 Pe.2.1. so. Mi.4.2. the God. ch.3.1.3.-5.30.-7.32.-22. 14. Ex.3.15. 1 Ch.29.18. 2 li.1.3. believing. ch. 3.22..24.-10.43.-26.22,27.-28.23. Lu.1.70. See on Lu.24.27.44. Jn°.5.39..47. 1 Pe.1.11. Re.19.10. in the law. ch.13.15. Mat.7.12.-22.40. Lu.16.16, 29. Jn.1.45. Ro.3.21.

15 have. ver.21. ch.26.6.7.-28.20,&c. that. ch. 23.6.8. Job 19.25,26. Da.12.2. Mat.22.31.32. Ju°. 5.28,29. 1Co.15.12.27. Phi3.21. 1 Th.4.14. 16. Re.20.6,12,13.


age: and therefore, Casprus Fadis Wa
be procurator. And whic afterwards Ca
had given to Agrippa the tetrarity
he nevertheless kept the province i Jude
his own hands, and governed it by prac
sent from Rome. e. ver 5. child-A
ver.15. ch.24.1. Job 3131 Fra

3 desired, ch.9.2. 1 Sa. 23.19.1. Je
6.23..25. Lu.23.8. 94. Laying,
9.11. Ps.37.32,33.-64.2.6-14115
Jn.16.3. Ro.3.8.

5 them. ver.16. ch.3.0-s
19,25. ch.18.14. 1 Sa. 24.11,12. P

& more than ten days, or, as uma căm) 16 ch.231. Ro2.15.–9.1. 1 Co.4.4. ? Co.1.1– no more than eight or ten days *** 4.2. 1 Th9.10. 1 Ti.1.5,19.–3.9. Ti.1.3. Tit.1. | 10,17. ch.1812 17. Mate là là thích 15.-2.11..13. He.9.14.-10.22.-13.18. 1 Pe. Ja.2.6.


7 and laid, ver.24. ch.21.8—CULES

17 to bring. ch.11.29,30.-20.16. Ro.15.25, 15. Es.3.8. Ps.27.12.-35.11. Mats26. 1 Co.16.1,2. 2 Co.8.9. Ga.2.10. offerings, ch. 62. Mar.15.3,4. Lu.23.2.10. 1 Pe. 21.26.

18 ch.21.26..30.-26.21.

19 ch.23.30.-25.16.

When. ver.7.

21 Touching. ch.4.2.-23.6.-26.6..8.-28.20. 22 having. ver.10,24. ch.26.3. ch.18.20.-25.26. De.19.18. 23 and to. ver.26. ch.27.3.-28.16,31. Pr.16.7. his. ch.218..14.

24 he sent. ch.26.22. Mar 6.20. Lu.19.3.-23.8. the faith, ch.16.31.-20.21. Ga.2.16,20.-3.2. 1 Jn. 5.1. Jude 3. Re.14.12.

8 Neither. ver.10, ch.6.13,14-3-3
17.21.-28.17.21. Ge. 40.15 Jet
2 Co. 1.12.

9 willing. ver.3.20. ch.12.3-
10 I stand. Every proce
the emperor in the province
presided; and as the seat of getting
at Cesarea, St. Paul was befit on
where, as a Roman citizen & Gol
judged. ch.16.37.38.-02.05 £ ***
25. ch.23.29.-26.31.-28.16 R
2 Co.4.2.

25 he. ch.17.2. 1 Sa. 12.7. Is.1.18.-41.21. Ro. 12.1. 1 Pe.3.15. righteousness. ver.15,26. 2 Sa. 11 if I. ch.18.14. Jos... 1532 23.3. Job 29.14. Ps.11.7.-45.7.-58.1,2.-72.2.-31.21.38..40. Ps 7-3..5. no men. Gicl 82.1..4. Pr.16.12. Ec.3.16. 1s.1.21.-16.5.-61.8.1 Th.2.15. I appeal. An appetite Je.2.3,15..17. Fze.45.9. Da.4.27. Ho.10.4,12. was the right of a Renal Am.5.24.-6.12. Jn°.16.8. 1 Ju°.3.7.10. tempe-highly respected. The Julias A❤ CE rance. Pr.31.3.5. Ec.10.16,17. Is.28.6,7. Da-5.1.. those magistrates, and others, B 4.30. Ho.7.5. Mar.6.18..24. Ga.5.23. Tit.2.11,12. the public peace, who had put to 1 Pe.4.4. 2 Pe.1.6. judgment. ch.10.42.-17.13. tured, scourged, imprisoned. Ps.50.3,4. Ec.3.17.-5.8.-11.9.-12.14. Da.12.2. Roman citizen who had appeared Mat.25.31..46. Ro.2.16.-14.12. 1 Co.4.5. 2 Co.5. This law was so sacred and sjukd 10. Th.1.7..10. 2 T1.4.1. He.6.2-9.27. 1 Pe.4.5. in the persecution under Tra an Re.20.11.15. Felir. ch.2.37.-9.6.-16.29. 1 ki. not attempt to put to death Re 21.07. 2 K1.22.19. Fzr.10.3.9. Ps.99 1.-119.120. who were proved to have turses ( Is.32.11.-66.2. Je 23.29. Hab.3.16. Ro.3.19.20. but determined to send them to Runa 1 Co.14.24.25. Ga.3.22. He.4.1,12.-12.21. Ja2 bly because they had appealed. 19. Go. ch.16.30..34.-26.28. 1 K1.22.26,27. Pr. 26.32.-28.19. 1 Sa.27.1. 1.24.32. Je.37.17..21.-38.14..28. Mat.14.5..10.92.5-5.1..10. when. ch.17.32. Pr.6.4,5. Is.55. 6. Hag.1.2. Lu.13.24,25.-17.26..29. 2 Co.6.2. He. Ja.4.13,14.

26 hoped, ver.2,3. Ex.23.8. De.16.19. 1 Sa.8.3. -12.3.2 Ch.19.7. Job 15.34. Ps.26.9.10. Pr.17. 8.23.-19.6.-29.4. Is.1.23.-33.15.-56.11. Eze.2. 27-33.31. Ho.4.18.-12.7,8. Am.2.6,7, Mi.3.11. -7.3. 1 Co.6.9. Ep.3-5.6. 1 Ti.6.9,10. 2 Pe.2.3,14, 15. wherefore, ver.24.

97 two, ch.28,30. Porcius Festus. Porcius Festus was put into the government of Judea in the sixth or seventh year of Nero. He died about two years afterwards, and was succeeded by Albinus. ch.25.1.-26.24,25,32. willing, ch, 19.3.-25.9.14. Ex.23.2. Pr.£9.95. Mar.15.15. Lu. 23.24.25. Ga.1.10.


12 unto Cesar shalt. ver.CL. ch.194 26.32.-27.1.-28.16. Ps76,10, 18,401 37. Da.4.35. Ro.15.25.9. Phil

13 king. ver.22.23. ch.18 10.-25.14. 2 Sa.,10., £ Ki.10.13, Mai 14 There. ch.24.27. 15 then, ver.1..3. Fs.39. La.16.35-44 16 It is not. ver. 1,5. 17.4.-19.17.18. Pr.18.13,17. Jn°75k 17 without. ver.6.

and bars.

19 certain, ver,19.-3. tion. ch.17.20,23,__ #fred, child -26.02.23. 1 Co.15.3,4,14.20. Kel N 20 doubted of such manner of y doubtful how to enquire beredt, & See on ver.9.

21 had. ver. 10. ch.26.3. £ T146,

or, judgment. Augustus, ch.27.1 Lafa

The Jews accuse Paul before Festus, 1-7. He an- commanded. ver.12.



2 Then the high priest and the chief of the Jews informed him against Paul, and besought him,

great violence took A.D.60..62. it of our hands, nding his accusers to come by examining of whom, thyt take knowledge of all these reof we accuse him.

ie Jews also assented, saying
hings were so.

Paul, after that ẞ the governor
Ged unto him to speak, an-
rasmuch as I know that thou
of many years a judge unto
, I do the more cheerfully an-i
ise that thou mayest understand
are yet but twelve days since
tod Jerusalem for to worship.
they neither found me in the
puting with any man, neither
the people, neither in the syn-
or in the city:

er can they prove the things hey now accuse me.

this I confess unto thee, that way which they call heresy, ip the God of my fathers, Y all things which are written # and in the prophets;

I have hope toward God, which mselves also allow, that there I resurrection" of the dead, both st and unjust.

d herein do I exercise myself, 'always a conscience void of of ward God, and toward men.

after many years, I came P to s to my nation, and offerings. ereupon certain Jews from Asia purified in the temple, neither Ititude, nor with tumult: 0 ought to have been here? before ject, if they had ought against me. else let these same here say, if e found any evil-doing in me, stood before the council, tept it be for this one voice, that standing among them, Touching trection of the dead, I am called ion by you this day.

a ch. 23.30.
b ch.23.14,15.
3 Feliz,
made Pro-

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over Judea,

A. D. 53.

1 Pe. 3. 15. or as some copies read,

по моте

than eight
or ten days.

deh. 21. 15.
ch. 25. 8.
28. 17.



1 Pe. 3. 16. g ch.24.5,13. Ps. 35. 11. Mat.5.11,12 Mi. 4. 5.

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2 Ti. 1. 3.
ch. 26, 22.

3 And desired favour against him, that he would send for him to Jerusalem, laying wait in the way to kill him.

4 But Festus answered, that Paul should be kept at Cesarea, and that he himself would depart shortly thither.

5 Let them therefore, said he, which among you are able, go down with me, and accuse this man, if there be any wickedness in him.

6 And when he had tarried among them more than ten days, he went down unto Cesarea; and the next day sitting on the judgment-seat, commanded Paul to be brought.

7 And when he was come, the Jews which came down from Jerusalem stood round about, and laid many and griev ous complaints against Paul, which they could not prove.

8 While he answered for himself, Nei3ther against the law of the Jews, neither against the temple, nor yet against CeSar, have I offended any thing at all.

eh. 13. 15.
Mat. 240.

Lu. 24. 27.

Lu. 16. 16.

Jn. 1. 45.

Ro. 3. 21.
ch 23.6,&c.
26. 6, 7.
Da. 12. 2.
Jn 5.28.29.
1 Co.15.12.

o eh. 23. 1.
p ch.11.29,30.
20. 16.

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Ro. 15. 25,

ch. 25. 16.

ch. 26. 32.
ver. 7.

t ver. 2, 3.
ch. 27.3.
Pr. 16. 12.
Da. 4. 27.

9 But Festus, willing to do the Jews a pleasure, answered Paul, and said, Wilt thou go up to Jerusalem, and there be judged of these things before me?

10 Then said Paul, I stand at Cesar's judgment-seat, where I ought to be judg ed: to the Jews have I done no wrong, as thou very well knowest.

11 For if I be an offender, of have committed any thing worthy of death, I refuse not to die: but if there be none of these things whereof these accuse me, no man may deliver me unto them. I appeal unto Cesar.

12 Then Festus, when he had conferred with the council, answered, Hast thou appealed unto Cesar? unto Cesar shalt thou go.

13 And after certain days, king Agrippa and Bernice came unto Cesarea, to salute Festus.

14 And when they had been there many days, Festus declared Paul's cause unto the king, saying, There is a certain deferred them, and said, When Pr 31. 4,5. man left in bonds by Felix:

d when Felix heard these things, more perfect knowledge of that

the chief captain shall come down, Now the uttermost of your matter.

Jn. 16. 8.

Da 5. 1..4.

Ho. 7. 5.

15 About whom, when I was at Jerusalem, the chief priests and the elders of d be commanded a centurion to Ps. 50.3, 4. the Jews informed me, desiring to have

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1 Pe. 4. 4.

Da. 12. 2.

2 Co. 5. 10.
Re. 20. 12.
ver. 6.
Ps. 99. 1.
Is. 32. 11.

Hab. 3. 16.
He. 4.1, 12.
a Pr.124.32.

Mat. 22. 5.

Ex. 23.8.

hoped also that money should een given him of Paul, that he e ch. 18. 15. loose him: wherefore he sent ford oftener, and communed with hum. at after two years, Porcius Festus to Felix' room: and Felix, willhewd the Jews a pleasure, left bound.

CHAP. XXV. when Festus was come into the te, after three days he ascended Cesarea to Jerusalem.

ch. 25.9. Mar.15.15. &or, I was doubtful how to inquire


or, judg


judgment against him.

16 To whom I answered, It is not the manner of the Romans to deliver any man to die, before that he which is accused have the accusers face to face, and have licence to answer for himself concerning the crime laid against himn.

17 Therefore, when they were come hither, without any delay on the morrow I sat on the judgment seat, and commanded the man to be brought forth.

18 Against whom, when the accusers stood up, they brought none accusation of such things as I supposed:

19 But had certain questions against him of their own superstition, and of one Jesus, which was dead, whom Paul affirmed to be alive.

20 And because I doubted of such mauner of questions, I asked him whether he would go to Jerusalem, and there be judged of these matters.

21 But when Paul had appealed to be reserved unto the Chearing of Augustus,

I commanded him to be kept till I might A. D. 62. of the sun, shining round about me und send him to Cesar. them which journeyed with ne

22 Then Agrippa said unto Festus, Ia would also hear the man myself. Tomorrow, said he, thou shalt hear him.


Eze. 7. 24. ch. 9. 15. Ep. 3. 7. Col. 1. 23, 25.

23 And on the morrow, when Agrippa was come, and Bernice, with great pomp, and was entered into the place of heard ing, with the chief captains, and principal men of the city, at Festus' command. ment Paul was brought forth.

ver. 3, 7. ch. 22. 15. ch. 22. 22. g ch. 22. 21. Ro. 11. 13. ch. 23.9,29, 26.31.

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ver. 11, 12.

24 And Festus said, King Agrippa, and all men which are here present with us, ye see this man, about whom all the mul-; titude of the Jews have dealt with me, & Is. 35. 5. both at Jerusalem, and also here, crying that he ought not to live any longer.

25 But when I found that he had committed nothing worthy of death, and that he himself hath appealed to Augustus, I have determined to send him.

26 Of whom I have no certain thing to write unto my lord. Wherefore I have" brought him forth before you, and specially before thee, O king Agrippa, that, after examination had, I might have somewhat to write.

27 For it seemeth to me unreasonable, to send a prisoner, and not withal to signify the crimes laid against him. CHAP. XXVI.


HEN Agrippa said unto Paul, Thou art permitted to speak for thyself. Then Paul stretched forth the band, and an-, swered for himself:

2 I think myself happy, king Agrippa, because I shall answer for myself this day before thee, touching all the things

whereof I am accused of the Jews: 3 Especially, because I know thee to be expert in all customs and questions which are among the Jews: wherefore I beseech thee to hear me patiently.

4 My manuer of life from my youth, which was at the first among mine own nation at Jerusalem, know all the Jews;

5 Which knew me from the beginning, if they would testify, that after the most straitest sect of our religion, I lived a Pharisee.

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Ep. 1. 18.

Lu. 1. 79.
Jn. 8. 12.
2 Co. 4. 6.
1 Pe. 2. 9.

Col. 1. 13.
Lu. 1.77.
Ep. 1.7.
Col 1. 14.
Ep. 1. 11.
Col. 1. 12.
1 Pe. 1. 4.

ch. 20. 32

Jn. 17. 17.
1 Co. 1. 30.
Re. 21. 27.
Ep. 2. 8.
He. 11. 6.

Pr. 18. 13.

Jn. 7. 51.

ch. 9. 19,

ch. 21. 30.

1 Mat. 3. 8.

Lu. 24. 27,

De. 17. 18.

1 Co. 15.23

y ch. 24. 4. Ti 3.10.

a 2 Ki. 9. 11. ch. 22.3. Phi. 3. 5. ch. 23. 6.

d ch. 13. 32
Ge. 3. 15.

22. 18.
49. 10.

De. 18. 15.
2 Sa. 7. 12.
Ps. 132. 11.
Is. 4.2.

9.6, 7.
Je. 23. 5.

Eze. 3423

Da. 9. 24.
Mi. 7. 20.
Zec. 13.1,7.
Mal. 3. 1.
Ga. 4. 4.

10 Which thing I also did in Jerusalem aud many of the saints did I shut e Lu. 2. 37. up in prison, having received authority? from the chief priests; and when they were put to death, I gave my voice against them.

1 Th. 3. 10. B night and day. f 1 Co. 15.12

11 And I punished them oft in" every synagogue, and compelled them to blaspheme; and being exceedingly mad against them, I persecuted them even i unto strange cities.

12 Whereupon as I went" to Damascus, with authority and commission from the chief priests,

13 At mid-day, O king, I saw in the way a light from heaven, above the brightness

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Ja 1.23,
1 Co. 7.7.
T. 1. 13

ch. 8. 3.

Ga. 1. 13.

ch. 9. 14.

1 ch. 22, 19. ch. 9.3

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20 But shewed first antɔ re? *) mascus, and at Jerusalem, t out all the coasts of Jet, as the Gentiles, that they shoulim turn to God, and do work mat pentance.

21 For these causes the Jews. me in the temple, and we ar kill me.

God, I continue unto the 22 Having therefore

ing both to small and other things than these f phets and Moses did sDGE ** 23 That Christ shout he should be the first from the dead, and unto the people, and to be ha 24 And as he thas spas? Festus said with a load tuen EMart beside thyself; mach a make thee mad.

25 But be said, I am not CA noble Festus; but speak m of truth and soberness.

26 For the kiaz kaweh it things, before whom also i speak for I am persuaded that tube things are hidden trcm L thing was not done in a cre 27 King Agrippa, behest sa prophets? I know that the hot 28 Then Agrippa saad usto Pa thou persuadest me to be a

29 And Paul said, I woulok not only thou, but also all the this day, were bot almast. ther such as I am, except the in 30 And when be had thus king rose up, and the goverani nice, and they that sat with thes 31 And when they were_2% they talked between the aseve This man doeth nothing würkiy or of bonds.

32 Then said Agrippa urt Þol man might have been set af had not appealed unt. Cesa CHAP. XXVIL

AND when it was determ should sail into Italy, they f


23,25. 1 Th.3.2. 1 Ti.1.12.-4.6. 2 T1.4.5.
21.19. Ro.1.5.-15.16. 2 Co.4.1.-5.18. Ep.3.7,8. Col.1.7,
A. M. 4066.
18.9,10.-22.17..21.-23.11.-27.23,24. 2 Co.12.1..7. Ga.
in the. ch.

5. Is.52.15. Mat.10.18. Lu.21.12. ch.12.21. Rs.1.4. Ec.l.2. Is.5.14.-14.11. Eze. 3-32.12-33.28. Da.4.30. 1 Co.7.31. Ja.1.11. 1Jno 2.16. at. ch.9.15.

Agrippa. King Agrippa was the son of grippa: who upon the death of his uncle ng of Chaleis, A. D. 48, succeeded to his 22.21,22.-23.10..24.-25.3,9..11.-27.42.44. Ps.,14.-18.10,12.16.-19.28,&e.-21.28..36,, by the favour of the emperor Claudius. 37.32,33. 2 Co.1.8.10.-4.8..10.-11.23.26. 2 T1.3.11.-4. 3 afterwards, Claudius removed him from 16,17. the Gentiles. ch.9.15.-22.21.-28.28. Ro.11.13. dom to a larger one; giving him the tePhilip, that of Lysanias, and the province 15.16. Ga.2.9. Ep.3.7,8. 1 T1.2.7. 2TI.1.11.-4.17. rus governed. Nero afterwards added Ju--35.5.-42.7.-43.8. Lu.4.18.-24.45. Jn°.9.39. 2 Co.4.4,6. 18 open. ch.9.17,18. Ps.119.18.-146.8. Is.29.18.-32.3. eras, Tariches, and Tiberias. Claudius Ep.1.18. and to. ver.23. ch.13.47. Is.9.2.-49.6-60.1..3. the power of appointing the high-priest Mal.4.2. Mat.4.16.-6.22,23. Lu.1.79.-2.32. Jn°.1.4..9. Jews; and instances of his exercising-3.19.-8.12.-9.5.-12.35,36. 2 Co.4.6.-6.14. Ep.1.18.may be seen in JOSEPHUS. He was ttached to the Romans, and did every ais power to prevent the Jews from rend when he could not prevail, he united to those of Titus, and assisted at the siege em. After the ruin of his country, he rehis sister Berenice to Rome, where he died, oat A. D. 90. about. ver.2,3,7. that he. 23.21-23.

8 ch.23.6.-24.15,21.-28.20. the promise.
32,33. Ge.3.15.-12.3.-22.18.-26.4.-49.10.
87.12,13. Job 19.25..27. Ps.2.6.12.-40.6..
0.1.4-132.11,17. 18.4.2.-7.14.-9.6,7.-11. Lu.2.32.
-42.1..4.53.10..12.-61.1..3. Je. 23.5,6.

445.-7.13,14.9.24..26. Ho.3.5. Joel 2.32.
Ob.21. MI.5.2.-7.20. Zep.3.14..17. Zec.2.
9.9.-13.1,7. Mal.3.1.-4.2. Lu. 1. 69,70.
3.17,18.-4.4. Tit.2.13. 1 Pe.1.11,12.
6.17.-8.35. Mat.19.28. Lu.22.30. Ja.1.1.
instantly, ch.20.31. Ps.134.1,2.-135.2. Lu.2.
17. 1T1.5.5. day and night. Gr. night and
La.2.25,38.-7.19,20. Phi.3.11. For, ver.6.
10.40..42.-13.30,31.-17.31,32.-25.19. Ge.
29.32. La.1.37.-18.27. Jn°.5.28,29. 1 Co.

0.16.2,3. Ro.10.2. Ga.1.13,14. Phi.3.6. 1 Ti. ame. ch.3.6.-9.16.-21.13.-22.8.-24.5. ch758.–8.1,3. 9.13,26.–22.4,19,20. 1 Co. 13. the saints. ch.9.32,41. Ps.16.3. Ro.15. 1.Re.17.6. having. ch.9.14,21.-22.5. aked. ch.22.19. Mat.10.17. Mar.13.9. Lu.21. elled. ch.13.45.-18.6. Mar.3.28. He.10.28, Bad, ver.24,25. Ec.9.3. Lu.6.11.-15.17. 9.1.2.-22.5. with. ver.10. 1 Ki.21.8..10. Is.10.1. Je.26.8.-29.26,27. Jn°.7.45..48.lag. ch.9.3-22.6. above. Is.24.23.-30.26. Re.1.16.-21.23.

21.40.-22.2. Saul. ch.9.45.-22.7.9. hard. lee.2.8-12.2. 1 Co.10.22.

Ex.16.8. Mat.25.40,45. Jn°.15.20,21. h.9.6.9.-22.10. to make. ch.9.15,16.-13. 15, a minister. ch.1.17,25.-6.4.-20.24.

Paul shipping towards Rome, 1-9, foretelleth of the
danger of the voyage, 10, but is not believed,
11-13. They are tossed to and fro with tempest,
14-40; and suffer shipwreck, 41-43; get all come
safe to land, 44.

11.-76. 10. Fr. 19.21. La.3.37. Da.4.35. Ro.15.22..
1 when, ch.19.21.-23.11.-25.12,25. Ge.50.20. Ps.33.
29. Italy. Italy is a well-known country of Eu-
the East, the Tyrrhene or Tuscan Sen on the west,
rope, bounded by the Adriatic or Venetian Gulf on
and by the Alps on the north. ch.10.1.-18.2. He.13.24.

a centurion. ver. 11,43. ch.10.22.-21.32.-22.26.-23.17. 24 Fear not. ch.159,10 Ge.151-3
- Mat.8.5..10.-27.54. Lu.7.2.-23.47. 2 Ki.6.16. Is. S
Augustus'. ch.25.25.
ch. M
2 Adramyttium Adramyttium, now Adramyti, 2 Ti.4.16,17. Re.1157. ver I G
was a maritime city of Mysia in Asia Minor, seated -19.21,29.-30.27-323,3 156
at the foot of Mount Ida, on a gulf of the same name,
opposite the island of Lesbos." we. ch.211. Lu.8.22.
to sail. ch.20.15,16.-21.1.3. Aristarchus, ch. 19.29.-
20.4. Col.4.10. Phile.24. with us. ch.16.10..13,17.-20.
5.-21.5. 28.2,10,12,16.

3 Sidon. ch.12.20. Ge.10.15.-49.13. Is.23.2..4,12. Zec. 9.2. Julius. ch.1.43.-24.23.-29.16.

4 Cyprus. ch.4.36.-11.19,20.-13.4.-15.39.-21.3,16. the winds. Mat.14.24. Mar.6.48.

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5 Cilicia. ch.6.9.-15. 23, 41.-21.39.-22 3. Ga.1.21. Pamphylia. ch.2.10.-13.13.-15.38. Myra. Myra was a city of Lycia, situated on a hill, twenty stadia from the sea.

6 the centurion. ver.1. Alexandria. Alexandria, now Scanderoon, was a celebrated city and port of Egypt, built by Alexander the Great, situated on the Mediterranean and the lake Maris, opposite the island of Pharos, and about twelve miles from the western branch of the Nile. ch.6.9.-18.24.-28.11.

7 Cnidus, Cnidus was a town and promontory of Caria in Asia Minor, opposite Crete, now Cape Krio, we sailed. ver. 12,13,21. ch.2.11. Tit.1.5,12. under. ver.4. Crete, or, Candy. Crete, now Candy, is a large island in the Mediterranean, 50 miles in length, 50 in breadth, and 600 in eircumference, lying at the entrance of the Egean sea. Salmone, Salmone, Dow Salamina, was a city and cape on the east of the island of Crete.

8 The fair havens. The Fair Havens, still known by the same name, was a port on the south-eastern part of Crete, near Lasca, of which nothing now remains.

9 the fast. The fast was on the tenth day of the seventh month,' Le.16.29.-23.27..29. Nu.29.7.

10 I perceive, ver.21.26,31,34. Ge.41.16. 25,38,39. 2 Ki.6.9,10. Ps.25.14. Da.2.30. Am.3.7. damage, or, injury. ver.20,41..44. 1 Pe.4.18.

11 believed. ver.21. Ex.9.20,21. 2 Ki.6.10. Pr.27.12. Eze 3.17,18.-33.4. He.11.7.

12 the haven. ver.8. Ps.107.30. Phenice. Phenice was a sea port on the western side of Crete; probably defended from the fury of the winds by a high and winding shore, forming a semicircle, and perhaps by some small island in front; leaving two openings, one towards the south-west, and the other towards the north-west. Crete, ver 7.

13 the south. Job 37.17. Ps.78.26. Ca.4.16. Lu.12.55. loosing, ver 21.

14 not. Ex.14.21..27. Jon.1.3..5. arase. or, beat. a tempestuous. Ps.107.25.27. Eze.27.26. Mat.8.24. Mar. 4.37. Euroclydon. Probably, as Dr. SHAW supposes, one of those tempestuous winds called Irvanters, which blow in all directions, from N. E. round by

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17 Jearing. ver.29,41. 18 being. Ps.107.27.

the next. ver.19,38. Jon.1.5. Mat.16.26. Lu.16.8. Phi.3.7.8. He.12.1.

19 we. Job 2.4. Jon.1.5. Mar.8.35. 37. Lu.9 24,25. 20 neither. Ex.10.21..23. Ps.105.28. Mat 24.D. and No. P.107.25..27. Jon.1.4,11..14. Mat.8 24,25. 2 Co.11. 25. all. Is.57.10. Je.2.25, Eze.37.11. Ep.2.12. 1 Th. 4. 13.

21 after. ver.33. 35. Ps.107.5,6. ye should. ver 9,10. Ge.42.2. not. ver. 13.

I exhort, ver 25,36. ch.23.11. 1S.30.6. Err. 10.2. Job 22.29,30. Ps.112.7. Is.43.1,2. 2 Co.1.4..6-4.8,9. for, ver 31,34,44. Job 2.4.

23 there. ch.5.19.-12.8..11,23.-23.11. Da.6.22. He.1. 14. Re 22.16. whore. Ex.19.5. De.32.9. Ps.135.4. Ca.2. 16. 6.3. Is.44.5. Je 31.33-32.39. Ere.36.28. Zec.13.9. Mal.3.17. Jn 17.9,10. 1 Co.6.20. Tit.2.14. 1 Pe.2.9,10. and. ch.16 17. Ps.116.16--143.12. Is.44.21. Da.3.17,26, 28.-6.16,20. Jn°.12.26. Ro.1.1,9.-6.22. 2 Ti.1.3.-2.24. Tit.1.1.

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5. 16.

25 I believe, ver.11.1. Nak Sch22 45. Ro.4.20,21. 2 T1.1.12 26 a certain. ch.28.1.

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the fourteenth. ver. 15.N strictly speaking, was the name of the now the Gulf of Penice, an arm of the Med about 400 miles long and 140 broad, sore f the eastern shores of Italy on one side, and Sclavonia, and Macedonis on the ser term Adria was extended far beyond t this gulf, and appears to have bees pa indeterminate extent of sea, as we sat. gina Leeant. It is observable, that the worst han does not say 'in the Adriatic gulf, but in a is, the Adriatic sea, wakike being th which, says HESYCHIUS, was the same di sea; and STRABO says that the lenin of that now called the Adriatic.' Bas Ionian, but even the Sicilias son ad which washes Crete, were called the tenta the scholiast on DIONYSITS PERILL: call this Sicilian sea Adria that Sicily was bounded on the east bë më

To Adpion and that Crete was beut det # V by the Adriatic sea, vom Ahmatuss si shipmen, ver 30. 1 k1927. Jer 16 RS fallen. ver.17,41.

and wished. De 28.67. Ps.130.5

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30 the boat. ver.16,32. ferskip, f 31 said. ver. 11,1,42,43 11,12. Je 29.11 13. Eze. Jn.6.37. Tb 2.13,14. 3 Lu 16.8. Thi 37 9.

33 while. ver.29. This ver
34 for this. Mat. 15.32 Mar SA PA
for there. 1KI.152. Mat.103 Lea
35 and gave. ch.246,47. 1 Sat
8.6. Lu 24.30. Jn°.6.113. Ra1442
4.3,4. in. Ps. 119.45, Ro.1.16

36 they all. Ps.27.17. 2 Co.14!.
37 two, ver 24.

sumis. ch.26 alk. 18
3. 20
38 they lightened, ver.1819 192
25.-16.26. He.12.1.

the ran

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the wheat. The Fut corn from Egypt, by way of Mich this ship belonged, for a ceries 6:18 see BRYANT's treatise on the fara 40 taken up, &c. or, eat the anchor D in the sea, &e. ver 29,30. bands of the rudders; for large resta 2 times had two or more raddirs, who emi to the ship by means of dess, or otəə they were hoisted out of the war with of being used. These bands being Event may would fall into their proper places, war the vessel into the creek, which the s and Avised. Is.33.23.

41 they ran ver. 17.22 Cal 22.48. 2 Ch.20.37. Exe78,34, 2001156 42 Ps.74.20. Pr.12.10. Bc3 Nur 40, 41.

43 willing. ver.3,11,31. ch.21% ?


44 that. ver.22,24. Ps. 1077 28.30. Am! 40. 2 Co.1.8..10. 1 Pe.4.19. land. No the island on which Paul and his rom cast, is situate in the Me 2erram se na ne miles from the coast of Sirly, towed is one immense rock of soft white feetmiles long, twelve in its greatest beta... in circumference. Some, Sweter, JACOB BRYANT, are of opinion that N Melita in the Adriatic gull, rear may be sufficient to observe that the Alexandrian ship, first to Syru Rhegium, proves that it was the promett proper course from the Iberias Ma been first to Rbegium, before it res to which indeed it need not have gam **

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