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di imy kaze voli send all. ch.18.17. Nu£77.

The language of the original is very emmx. Mas partum uthayah ketazem teh lakem, 7. Who wire that there may be such tart them? They refuse to receive such wtfrom, who then can supply it 0 tre ch.32.29.30. P1.13.15, 148 18. Je. 32 Mat. 1942. 2 C6.3, keep al. ch.11.1. Ps.106.3, Milans. Ja 14 Re.22.14. that it ver 5 ch.4.40 -6.3.18-1225.38.-19.11. ZlL 19.11 1.3.10. Je.22.14,15. 2431.95.

alwe opter.1 ch. 2 V 1. Ga3.19.

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633-21-1132-24.8. 2 Ki.
ye shall not. ch.4.1,2.–12.32.—
1-23.6. Ps 125-5. Pr.4 27.

wa 10.12 Ps 119.6. Je 7.23. Lu.1.6.
Mu, ver2). Ch4.40. Je.7.23. 1 T14.8.


The m of the law in obedirmer, 1, 2. An exhorta 2-3 hat they are to teach their

deurs, en.4.1.5,14,45.-5.31.-12.

Hove, shalt thou serve; from which it would appear, that the word leraddo was anciently in the Hebrew text, as it was in the Septuagist, Coptic, Vulgate (illi soia), and Anglo Saxon. Dr. KENNICOTT argues that without the word only, the text would not have been conclusive for the purpose for which our Lord adva..ced it. It is proper, however, to observe, that the word leraddo is not found in any MS. yet col lated, though retained in the above versions, shalt sweat. Le.19 12. Jos.2 12. Ps. 15.4.-63.11. Is.45.23.-65.16. Je.4 2.-5.2.7-12.16.

14 not go. ch.8.19.-11.8. Ex.34.14.16. Je.25. 6.1Jn.5.21. of the pods. ch.13.7.

15 is a jealous. See on ch.4 24. Fx.20.5. Am. 3.2. 1 Co 10.22. lest. ch.7.4.-11.17. Nu.12.10. 15.2 Ch.36.16. Ps 90.7.11. destroy. Ge.7.4. Ex. 32.12. 1K-11.34. Am 98.

16 tempt. Mat.4.7. Lu.4.12. tempted him. Ex. 17.2.7. Nu.20.3,4,13.-21.4,5. Px.95.8.9 1 Co.10, 9. He.38,9.

17 ver. 1,2. ch.11.13.22. Ex.15.26. Ps.119.4. 1 Co.15.58. Tit.3.8. He.6.11. 2 Pe.1.5.10.-1.14. 18 shalt do. ch.8.11.-12. 25, 28. —17 18. Ex.15. 26. Ps. 19.11. Is.3.10. Eze JA 5,19,21,87.-33.14, 16,19. Ho.14.9. Jn°.8.29. Ro.18.2. that it may, See on ch.4.40.-5.29.31.

19 Ex.23.28. 30. Nu 33.52,53, Ju.2.1. 3-4.1.4. 20 when thy son. See on ver.7. Ex 12.26.-13. 14. Jos. Pr.22.6. in time to come. Heb. to-morrow.

21 We were, ch.5.6,15.-15.15-26.5.9. See on Ex.20.2. Ne.9 9.10. Ps.136.10..12. 1s.51.1. Je N. 20,21. Ro.6.17.18. Ep.211,12. with a mighty. Ex.3.19.-11.3.

22 shewed. See on ch.4.34. Ex.VII. XIIsore, Heb, evil. before, ch. Ge.2.2-13.16.-15.5.-02.17.- Ps 58.10.11.-91.8.

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23 to give us. v,10,18. ch.1.8.15. See on Fx.13.5. 24 to fear. ver.2. for our good. ch 10.13. Job 35.78. Pr.9.12. Is 3.10. Je.12.19. Mat.6.13. R. 6.21,29 he might. ch.4.1,4.-8.1,3. P's. Pr.22.4. Ro.10.5.

13. Eze 37.24. go to possess 1.4.19—10.12,13,90.-13.4. Ge. Sumar In Ch.8. Ps.111.10-131. Pr. A La 12.5. 1 Pe.1.17. and thy son. G. Fx. 78.4.8. čky days, chA.40. 45-27 Pr.3.116. 1 Pe 3.10.11. Indoor 4.6-5.32 Ec812. Is3.10.: XIV. Ps.135.9. xx my * GA07.17. in the land. Ex.3.8. ma Tical, Yehovah, Elohainos, YehoFleur, Tree, Jehovah, our God, is eturah. On this passage the Jews lay ; and it is one of the four passages day write on their phylacteries. On the SIMEON BEN JOACHI says:and see the mystery of the word Elo-, fre are three degrees, and each degree * alene, and yet they are all one, and , and are not divided from the Lord. ch.4.35, 36.-5.6. 1 Ki.18. Ch.29.10. Is.42.8-44.6,8.-45.5, * Mar.19.29.32. Jo.17.3. 1 Co.8.

15.19.-11.13.-30.6. Mat.22.37, CALLng 1 Jn 5.3 God with all 5. Mat.10.37. Jn.14.20,21. 2 Co. #be? b.11.18-32.46. Ps.37.31.-40.8P-3.1. 3.5-7.3. 18.51.7. Je. 1-15 2 Co.3.3. Col.3.16. Ing. inder hair, ver.2. ch.4.9,10-11.19. Ge. 6-13.14.15. Ps.78.4.6. Ep.6.4. -- whet, or sharpen. shalt talk. Ru.2. # 36-40.9.10.-119.46.-1998. 12-14-132. Mal.3.16. Mat.12.35 26.42), Col46 1 Pe.3.15.

139,16. Na.15.38,39. Pr.3.3.

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12 Ex127. Job 19.23..25. 15.30.8.

and G9.13.15. 17.-13.18.-26.3.-28.13.
85 11 Ne 9.23. Ps.78.55.-105.44.
Hebr.7.12.18-8.10. Acc.-32.15. Ju.
Male231, 32. Eze. 16.10..20. Mat.19.

• Hed, bondsmen, or servants.
ver. 2. ch.5.29.-10.12.00-18.4.
and serce him. Our Saviour
words thus: And bit only (avre |


25 ch.24.13. Le 18.5. Ps.106.30,31.-119.6. Pr. 12.28. Eze.20.11. Lu.10.28.29. Ro 10.3,5,6. Ga. 3.12. Ja.2.10.


All communion with the nations is forbidden, 14, for fear of idolatry, 5; for the holiness of the people, 6-8; for the nature of God in his merry and justice, 9-16; for the assuredness of victory which God will give over them, 17–28.

1 the Lord. See on ch.4.38.-6.1,10,19,29 -9.1. 4.-11.29.-31 3,20. Ex.6.8.-15.17. Nu.14.31. Ps. 44.2,3-78.55. the Hites. With respect to the situation of these nations in the land of Cansau, CALMET remarks, that the Canaanites chiefly inhabited l'honicia; the Hittites, the mountains south of the promised land; the Hivites, mount Ebal, and Gerizim, and towards Hermon; the Girgashites, beyond Jordan, towards the lake of Gennesareth; the Jebusites, about Jerusalem; the Amorites, the mountains west of the Dead Sea, and part of the land of Moab; and that the Perizzites were probably not a distinct nation, but villagers scattered through the country. Ge.15.18.21. Ex.23.23.28. -33.2. greater. See on ch.4 38-4.1..3.-20.1. 2 deliver, ver.23,24. ch.3.3.-23.14. Ge.14 20. Jos.10.21,25,30,32.42.-21.44. Ju.1.4. utterly. ch.20.16,17. Le 27.28.29. Nu.33.52. Jos.6.17..25. -8.24.-924.-10.28, 40.-11.11,12. make no. ch. 20.10.11. Ex.23.32, 33.-34.12..16 Jos.2.14.-9.18. 21. Jul 21.-2.2. 2 Sa.21.2.

3 Ge.6.2,3. Ex.34.15,16. Jos.23.12,13. Ju 3.6.7. IK.11.2. Ezr.9.1,2. Ne.13.23.7. 2 Co.6.14.17. 4 so will, ch 6.15.-32.16,17. Ex.20.5. Ju.g.11, 20.-3.7.8.-10.6.7.

5 destroy. ch.12.2,3. Ex.23.24.—34,13. 2 Ki.g”.

6..14. images. Heb. statues, or pillars. ch.16.22. Le.26.1. and cut. Ju.6.25,26. burn. ver.25. ch. 9.21. Ex.32.30.

6 an holy. ch.14.2.-26.19.-28.9. Ex. 19.5 6. Ps.50.5. Je.2.3. Am.3.2. 1 Co.6.19.2, Tit.2.14. 2 Pe.2.5.9. to be a special. Mal.3.17. Tit.2.14. 7 The Lord. Ps.115.1. Ro.9.11.15,18,21.-11.6. 1Jn°.3.1.-4.10. ye were. ch.10.22. Is.51.2. Mat. 7.14. Lu.12.32. Ro.9.27..29.

8 because. ch. 4.37.-9.4.5.-10.15. 1 Sa.12.02. 2 Sa.22.20. Ps.44.3. 1s.43.4. Je.31.3. Zep.3.17. Mat.11.26. Ep.2.4,5. 2 Th.2.13.14. Tit. 4.19. oath. Ge..16..18. Ex.32.13. Ps 105.8..10, 42. Lu. He.6.13..17. Lord brought. See on ch.4.20.34. Ex.12.41.42.-13.3,14.-20.2. 9 the faithful. Ex.31.6,7. Ps.11975.-146.6. Is. 497. Là.323. 10019-10.15 200 1.18, 1 Th. 5.24. 2 h.3.3. 2 Ti.2.13. Tit.1.2. He.6.18.-10.23. -11.11. 1 Ju°.1.9. which keepeth, ch.5.10. Ge.17. 7. Ex.20.6. Ne.1.5. Da9.4. Ro 8.8. 1 Co.8.3. Ja. 1.12. a thousand. 1 Ch.16.15.

10 repayeth. ver.9. ch.33.35.41. Ps.21.8,9. Pr. 11.31. Is.59.18. Na.1.2. Ro.12 19. slack, ch.32.35. Pe.3.9.10. hateth. Ex.20.5. Juo.15.23, 24. 11 See on ch.4.1.-5.32. Jn°14.15.

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rounding country swarms with wild such as tigers, leopards, jackals, &c. who and howling, I doubt not, would str boldest traveller, who had not been free in a like situation, with the deepest s horror. Ex.23.29.30. Jus.15.63.

23 the Lord. See on ver.2. unto the before thy face. ch.9.3. shall destroy, ch 8.20. Is.13.6. Je.17.18. Joel 1.15. 2 Tb.1.9 24 he shall. Jos. 10.24,25,42.-12. 1,Ace. name. ch.9.14.-25.19.-29.20. Ex.17.14. Pr.10.7. Je.10.11. Zep.1.4. there shall Jos.1.5.-10.8.-23.9. Îs.54.17. Ro837.14 25 graven. See on ver.5. ch.12.3. Ex.32 14.12. 15.30.22. then shalt. Jos.7.1.21. Ju.8.24..27. Zep.1.3. 1T16.9,10. an aban ch.17.1.–03.18. Re.175

26 shalt. ch.13.17. Le.27.28.29. Jos.6. 7.1,&c.11..26. Eze.14.7. Hab.2.9.11. but thou shalt. Is.2.20.-30.22. Eze.11.18 8. Ro.2.22. CHAP. VIIL

An exhortation to obedience in regard mercy and goodness in his dealings with 1 See on ch. 4.1.-5.32,33.-6.1..3. Ps 1 Th.4.1.2.

12 if. Heb. because. ch.28.1. Le.26.3. Lord. See on ver.9. Ps.105.8..10.M1.7.20. Lu. 2 remember. See on ch.7.18. Ps.77-1 13 he will love. See on ver.7, ch.28.4. Ex.23.25. Ep.2.11.12. Pe.1.12,13.-3.1.2. led the Am 2.10. Ps.1.3.-11.7.-144.12..15. In°. 14.21.-15.10.-16.33.-2.7.-29.5. Ps.136.16. 27. he will also. ch.28.3..5,11,15..18. Job 42.12. Pr.10.22. Mal.3.10.11. Mat.6.33.

14 blessed. ch.33.29. Ps.115.15.-147.19.20. male or. ch.28.4,11. Ex.23.26,&c. Le.26.9. Ps.1.7.3. 15 will put none. The Israelites, if obedient, would have been subject to no maladies but those common to fallen man, and generally very healthy and long lived; being exempted from pestilential diseases, which have often most tremendously scourged guilty nations; and from such maladies in particular, as they had witnessed in Egypt, by which God afflicted their cruel oppressors, (Ex.15.26.) This must be referred to the national covenant; for though godliness often secures the most solid temporal advantages, yet temporal blessings were not, even among them, uniformly dispensed to individuals according to their obedience; but they were to the nation, with an exactness which is not ob

served towards any other people. Le.26.3.4. will put none. ch.28.27,60. Ex.9.11.-15.26. Ps. 105.36,37.

16 consume. See on ver.2. thine eye. ch.13.8. -19.13,21.-25.12. Je.21.7 for that will. ch. 12. 30,31. Ex.23.33.-34.12..16. Nu.33.55. Jos.23.13.. 16. Ju.2.3,12.-3.6.-8.27. Ps.106 36. 1 Co.15.33.

17 thou shalt. ch.8.17.-15.9-18.21. Is. Je.13.22. Lu.9.47. These nations. Nu.13.32.-33.53. Jos.17.16..18.

ble. 2Ch 32.25,26.-33.12,19.23. Job 33. 6. Is.2.17. Lu. 18.14. Ja.4.0, 10. 1 Pe 5.5 thee, ver.16. ch.13.3. Ge.£2.1. Ex.15 2 Ch.32.31. Ps.817. Pr.17.3. Mal.3.1 1 Pe.1.7. to know. Je.17.9.10. Jn°.2.5. 3 fed thee. Ex.16.2.3,12..35. Ps.78 23. 40. 1 Co.10.3. doth. Ps 37.3.-104.27. 4. Lu.4.4.-12.29,30. He.13.5,6.

4 Many have attempted to give the meaning to this text: God so an vided for them all the necessaries of they never were obliged to wear tatt ments, nor were their feet injured shoes or sandals.' Now, though the doubtless brought out of Egypt more than what they had upon thein; and t manufacture the fleeces of their f wilderness; and also might be fast Providence with other supplies from! bouring nations or travelling hordest yet, when we consider their immense their situation and long continuance Ÿ derness, and the very strong expressi use of in the text, why should we qut extraordinary and miraculous interp God in this respect, as well as in d less stupendous in their nature, or a their supply ch.99.5. Ne.9.21. Mat.6

5 consider. ch.4.9,23. Is.1.3. Fre.1 as a man. 2 Sa.7.14. Job 5.17,18. 19. Pr.3.12. 1 Co.11 32. He.12.5..11. Re. 13

6 walk, ch.5.33. Ex.18.20. 1 Sa.128. 31. Ps. 128. 1. Lu.1.6.

18 shalt not. See on ch.1.29.-3.6.-31.6. Ps.27. 1.2.-46.1,2. Is.41.10..14. remember. Ex. VII., XIV. Ju.6.13. Ps 77.11.-78.11,42..51.-105.5.26., 36.-135.8..10.-136.10..15. 19 great. See on ch.4.31.-11.2..4.-29.3. Ne.9. 7 ch.6.10,11.-11.10..12. Ex.3.8. Ne.g 10,11. Je.32.20,21. Eze.20.6..9. so shall. Jos.3.10. | 65.9..13. Lze.20.6. 20 the hornet. Ex.23.98. 30. Jos.24.12. 8 wheat. ch.32.14.2 Sa.4.6.1 Ki.5.11. 21 the Lord. Nu. 11.20.-14.9,14,42.-16.3.-23.-147.14. Eze.27.17. barley. 2 Ch.2.10.. 21. Jos.3.10. 2Ch.32.8. Ps. Is.8.9.10. 9.13. vines. 15.7.23. Je.-5.17. Ho.28, Zec.2.10,11. 1 Co.14.25. a mighty God. ch.10.17. Ba.3.17. oil olive. Heb. olive tree of i -26.8. 1 Sa.4.8. Ne.1.5.-4.14.-9.32. Zec.12.2..5. 9 whose stones. ch.33.25. Jos.22.8. 1 22 put out. Heb. pluck off. thou mayest. As Job 28.2. the Israelites were not yet sufficiently numerous to fill the whole land occupied by these nations; and as wild and ferocious animals might be expected to multiply where the place was but thinly peopled, therefore God informs them that their extermination from before them should be gradual. HAYNES says,The approaching to Cana, at the close of the day, as we did, is at once terrifying and daugerous. The sur

10 thou hast. ch.6.11,12. Ps. 103.2. N Ja°.6.23. Ro.14.6. 1 Co.10.31. 1 1h.5.18 5. then thou. 1 Ch.29.14. Ps.103.2. PS

11 Ps.106.21. Pr.1.32.-30.9. Eze.16.1 2.8.9.

12 Lest then. ch.28.47.-31.20.—32.15 Ho.13.5,6. and hast built. Ec.2.4. Je. Eze.11.3. Am.5.11. Hag.1.4. Lu. 17.28. 13 Ge.13.1..5. Job 1.3. Ps.39.6. Lu.12

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DEL TERONOMY, VIII. their images, and cut down their groves, B. C. 1451.

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$ those a boy people untos statues, or the Load thy God the Lont thy God

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a case thee to be a special people s E12359 30 self, above all people that are

p the race of the earth.

The Load did not set his love upon 19. BUT choose you, because ye were tsember than any people; for ye Be fewest of all people, But because the LORD loved you, case le would keep the oath) be had sworn unto your fathers, the LuRD brought you out with a maty hand, and redeemed you out of of odmea, from the hand

Parin King of Pon Know turretore that the LORD thy God, he is God, the faithful God, which et tenant and mercy with them

And keep his command and generations; And repayeth them that hate him! ther are destroy them:

he will

ace to nam that hateth him, he

till may kom to bas face. Istat Derefore keep the com mend the statutes, and the vach I commaid thee this

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ch. 14 2

Ex. 19. 6.

1 Pe. 29.
y before
thy face.
d Jos. 10. 24,

12. 1.

e ch. 10. 22.
ƒ ch. 25. 19.
8 ch. 11. 25.
Ja.54 17.
AG 2218,17
La. 17273

i Ex. 1241,42
Ex. 32. 30.
1Cb. 14.12.

Jes 7.1.21,

Ju. 8. 77.
Is. 49.7.
1Co. 10.13.
2 Th. 3.3
1 Ja°. 1. 9.

P Ne. 1.3.

Varere it shall come to pass, dif? s' in nese judgments, and

Da. 9. 4.

Eze. 14.7.

• ch. 32. 35. Is. 59. 18.

then, that the LORD thy
Ro. 12, 19,
put thee the covenant, Joh.17.14
terry which be sware unto thyr

Arbe vu. love thee, and bless thee,
wwtee: be will also bless the

Ps. 119.6. because. uch. 332,33. ch.1.&e Le 263&e.


by womb, and the fruit of thy 1k the ease of thy kine, and the or, and thy wine, and thine the shaney, in the land which he 23. 5. Am. 2. 10. why lathers to give thee. Ps. 136. 16. stheessed above all peo-y Job 33. 17. al not be toale or female Ex. 16. 4. by you. of among your cattle. a 2 Ch.3231. Ex. 16. 15.

bata, and will put none of i

% of Egypt, which thou
thee; but will lay then

at hate thee.

< Mat. 4. 4. 4 Ps. 104 27. 29.

And salt consume all the peo-
be thy God shall deliverig

ere all have no pity upon 28 seater Walt thou serve their gods; | that ad in a spare unto thee.

e Ne. 9. 21. Ex. 23. 26, Pr. 3. 12. &e. He. 12.5, 6. Re. 3. 19.

A Ex. 9. 14.

estalt say in thine heart, tata are more than 1; bow & So them!

Haut not be afraid of them; Bat well remember what the LORD esto Pharaoh, and unto all

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greet temptations which thine

1 Sa. 12. 24. ch. 13 8


I ch. 12. 30.

Ex. 23. 33.
Ju. 8. 27.
Ps. 106, 36.

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Thật, and the signs, and the wonders, Tasty baud, and the stretch ch. 31. 6 whereby the LORD thy God Pa. 105. 5. ch. 33. 25. 6 unto all the people of whom P ch. 4.34.

Per out: so shall the LORD

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er, the LORD thy God will Samong them, until they and have themselves from introyed.

at not be affrighted at them: Lasty God is among you, a 4-'60s and terrible.

A LORD thy God will put!.


1Ce. I4 31. 1Cb. 29.14. Ps. 103. 2. Pr. 3. 9. Jos.3. 10. Ex. 23. 28. Pr. 30.9. ch. 10. 17. • pluck off.

out those nations before thee by little Idolatry to be avoided. and little: thou mayest not cousaine them at once, lest the beasts of the field increase upon thee

23 But the LORD thy God shall deliver them unto thee, and shall destroy then with a tighty destruction, until they be destroyed.

21 And he shall deliver their kings into thine hand, and thou shalt destroy their name from/ under heaven there shall no man be able to stand betere thee, until thou have destroyed them.

shall ye burn with fire: thou shalt not 25 The graven images of their gods desire the silver or gold that is on them, nor take it unto thee, lest thou be "snared therein: for it is an abomination to the LORD thy God

26 Neither shalt thou bring an aboa cursed thing like it but thou shalt mination into thine house, lest thou be utterly detest it, and thou shalt utterly abbor it; fer it is a cursed' thing. CHAP. VIII.

ALL the commandments which I com

mand thee this day shail ye observe to do, that ye may live, and multiply, and go in and possess the land which the LORD sware unto your fathers.

2 And thou shalt remember all the way which the LORD thy God led thee these forty years in the wilderness," to humble thee, and to prove thee, to know what was in thine heart, whether thou wouldst keep has commandments, or no,

3 And he humbled thee, and suffered thee to hunger, and fed thee with

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na, (which thou knewest not, weather did thy fathers know, that he might make thee know that man doth not live by bread only, but by every word 4 that pro ceerleth out of the mouth of the LORD doth man live.

4 Thy raiment waxed not old upon thee, neither did thy foot swell, these forty years.

5 Thou shalt also consider in thine heart, that, as a man chasteneth his son, so the LORD thy God chasteneth thee.

6 Therefore thou shalt keep the commandments of the LORD thy God, to Walk in his ways, and to fear him.

7 For the LORD thy God bringeth thee into a good land, a land of brooks of water, of fountains and depths that 8 A land of wheat, and barley, and spring out of valleys and bills; vines, and fig trees, and pomegranates, a land of oil olive, and honey;

9 A land wherein thou shalt eat bread without scarceness, thou shalt not lack any thing in it, a fand whose stones are iron, and out of whose bills thou mayest dig brass.

10 When thou hast eaten and art full, then thou shalt bless the LORD thy God for the good land which he hath given thee.

11 Beware that thou forget not the LORD thy God, in not keeping his com mandments, and his judgments, and his statutes, which I command thee this day:

12 Lest" when thou hast eaten and art full, and hast built goodly houses, and dwelt therein:

13 And when thy herds and thy flocks multiply, and thy silver and thy gold is

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the tables of stone, a
OneDart which the
o then 1° abode
cars and forty uit
at bread por drink
10082 delivered t
251 Stoce, written
Grad: ad on them wal
the words wh
That vit you in the J
the mist of the fire, in th

sat i came to pass, at th
Cats and forty nights, I
12 at me the two tables
te ves of the coresant!
23. De I said dato m
tear try them he day
Se FIC Sou hast brow
Pare corrupted d
(OXY' Srmed and
velanacded the

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A. M. 2553 14 theme isert. ch.17.20.2 Ch.96.16-32.05.le. their mind, as a mean to keep them humble 100.47,8 show forget. See on ver.11. Ps. Ma Je26

73les thee, ch. 1.19. Px.136.16. Is.63.12..14.Kery serpense. Nug1.6. Ho.135. who g. 2.173 Nual. Ps.78,15,16.-105. 1} } 5, 16 14

fed thee. ve 3. Fx 16 15. he might. See on 1956 The La 15.33. Je 24.5,6. Ro. ?C417. He 126,11. Ja112 1 Fe.1.7. Trin zap. See on 07 17 My power, ch. hie8.14 Da4.30 Ho. 12.8. Hab.1.16.

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that. Ps. 17.1,2-144.1. Pr.10.22. Ho. that he may, th78.12.

wavy against, ct.4.26-28.58.08.-29. 42-3219 Je 21.13. 1 Sa 12:25. Da.9.2. 12€ Zep.1.18-3.6. Lu 12.47.45-13.3.5. I shali gr perish.2 Ch.36.16,17.



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Liaudith them from the opinion of their own bramen, by rehearsing their several rebellions. p. 2318-11.31.-27.2. Jos.1.11.-3.6. | -4.219. this day. The Hebrew hypom. frequently denctes, as here, this They had come, 38 years before this, the erge of the promised land, but peted, because of their unbelief at that day or time, to enter; but they hail certainly pass over. This the eleventh month of the fortieth ourneying, and it was on the first of the following year they passed over: Sus interval Moses died. nations. 442-7.1-11.23. cues. ch.1.98. Nu.,

See ta ch.9. 11.12.21. Who can stand. 11. Job 11.10. Da8.4.-11.16. dead, ver 6. Mat.15.10. Mar.7.14. Ep. peter, ct 1.30-20.4.-31.3..6. Jos.3. h2.13 Re19.11..16. a consuming fire, 141574- Na 1.5.6. he shall. ch.7.1,2,16,23,24. 410.16. Ho.8.31. werer 5. ct.. 7.7.8-8.17. Eze.36.22, 106.4.4,7. Ep.2.4.5. 2 T1.1.9. for the wickedness. ch.12.31.-18.12. 4 LEDA 24.03.

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150k ugh the Canaanites were ex-
the wirkedness, it does not follow,
were established in their room
ms of any distinguished virtue, or be
thy deurbed it.
Ou many occasions, it
in the history of the world, that
te the woked by the instrumentality
en who are as wicked as themselves.
nites righteousness, but the wick-
te habitants, and the promise of
their fathers, was the cause of their;
Canant it.3.5. that he may. Ge.
15-157-178.5.4.-8.13. Ex.32.13.
La.1.54,55. Ac.3.25.-13.32,

and Ser on ver.3,4.Fze.20.44. giveth
eats this a third time, that, if it
be, be might root out of the Israelites
of their own deserts, before God
the Canaanites from their country.
ed fer.13 ch.10.16.-31.27. Ex.32.9.-
101.302-36.13. P.78 8. Is.48.3,4.
11.12. Ac.7.51. Ro.5.20.21.
Ter. In order to destroy the opinion
We invited bad of their own righteous
ve deressary to call to mind some of
rios provocations and rebel-
# Moses exhorts them to preserve in


ch.8.2. Eze.16.61.63.-20.43.-36,31,32, 1015. 27-32.5.6. Ex.14.11.-16.2.-17.2. Nu 11.4.-14 9. Ep.2.11. 1 i.1.13..15. from the day, ch 31 1, &c.-16.1, &c.-20 2.5.-21.5.-25.2. Ne.9 16. 18. Ps. 78.8, &c.-95 8.11.

8. Also in Hereb. Or rather, Even at Horeb, for there is a peculiar emphasis here-even there where they had lately received the law, attended with the most astonishing appearances and cir cumstances. Fx.321.6. Fs.106.19.22. 9 I was. Ex. the tables, ver.15. Fx.31.18-34.28. Je.31.11,92. Ga.4 24. Ex.24.18-34.28 1 KL.198. Mat.4.2. ver. 18. 1 k1.1389. 2K1652 10 the Lord. Ex.31.18 Mat.12.28. Lu.11.20. 2 Co.3.3. He8.10. written with, ch.10.4. all the words, ch 4.10.15.-5.6.21.-18.16. Ex.19.17.. 19.-20.1..18.

then 1 neither.

11 the tables of the covenant. See on ver.9. No. 10.33. He 8.6.10.-9.4.

12 Are. See on Ex. 32.78. corrupted. ch.4. 16.-31.29.-32.5.Ge6.11.12. Jude 10. are quickly. ver.16. Ju.2.17. Ps.78.57. Ho.6.4. Ga 16.

13 I have. Ge.11.5.-18.21. Ex. 329.10. Ps.50. 7.Je.7.11.-13.27 Ho.6.10 Mal 35 f-necked, See on ver.6. ch.10.16.-31.27. 2 KL.17.14.

14 Let me. Ex.32.10.13. Is.02 6,7. Je. Lu. 11.7.10.-18.1.8. Ac.7.51. 0. Ex.32.32,33. Ps 9.5-109.13. Pr.10.7. Re 3.5. blot. ch.29. and I will, Nu.14.11,12.

15 I turned. Ex.32.14.15, &c. 4.11-5.23. Ex.9 33.-19.18. He 12.18. the mount. ch. 16 I looked. Ex.32.19. Ac 7.4041. 17 cast them. Moses might have done this through distress and anguish of spirit, on beholding their abominable idolatry and dissolute and perhaps by the direction of God; intimatconduct, or probably he did it emblematically, ing thereby, that as by this act of his the tables God was wotten, so they, by their present were broken in pieces, on which the Law of conduct, had made a breach in the covenant, and broken the laws of their Maker and Sove


18 I fell down. The transgressions of the people rendered this second forty days' fasting necessary to Moses. Their pardon was indeed in some sense obtained before he ascended the mount; yet probably much of the time which he spent there was employed in supplication: and when he descended the second time, with the tables of the law in his hands, the pardon was, as it were, ratified and sealed. See on ver. 9. Ex.32.10..14-34.28. 2 Sa. 12.16. Ps. 106.23,

19 For I. ver.8. Ex.32.10,11. Ne.1.2.7. Lu. 12.4,5 But the ch.10.10. Ex.32.14.-33.17. Ps. 99.6.-106.23. Am.7.2,3,5,6. Ja-5.16,17. 20 Fx.32.2..5,81,35. 11e.7.6. 28.

21 I took. See on Ex.32.20. 13.2.18..21.-30.22. -31.7. Ho.8.11. the brook. This was the stream which flowed from the rock that Moses smote with his rod, (Ex. 17. 6,) and to which the Psalmist alludes in Ps. 78. 16.20.-105, 41PHILO relates, that upon Moses' striking the affording not only a sufficient quantity for rock, the water poured out like a torrent, allaying their present thirst, but to fill their water vessels, to carry with them on their journey. Massah. Ex.17.7.

22 Taberak. Nu.11.1.5. Kibreth hattaavah. Nu.11.4,34.

23 Likewise. ch.1.19, &c. Nu.XIII. ye se believed. ch.1.32,33. I's.78.22.-106.24,25. He. rebelled. See on Nu.14. 1..4. 10..41. 1. 63. 10. 3.18.19.-4.2.

24 ver.6.7. ch.31.27. Ac.7.51.
25 See on ver. 16,18.

26 prayed. Ex.35.11..13.-34.9. Nu.14.13..19.

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