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glory will we ascribe unto the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, both now, and for ever.

Prayer before Meat.


Father of mercies, from whom cometh down every good and every perfect gift! we look to thee for thy blessing. Grant us these provisions of thy table, now in readiness for our reception, to nourish and strengthen us. Feed us with food convenient for us, and enable us whether we eat or drink, or whatever we do, to do all to thy glory, for Christ's sake. Amen.

Prayer after Meat.

All bounteous God! thou art good and doest good. Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing. We thank thee for the refreshment we have now received from the table of thine earthly bounty. Feed us with the Bread, which came down from heaven, and which was given for the life of the world, that we may eat thereof, and not die. Supply the wants of the poor and destitute, and bless the great family of man, for Jesus' sake. Amen.

Prayer before Meat.

Gracious God! the eyes of all wait upon thee, and thou givest them their meat in due season. Thou spreadest our table and fillest our cup, though we are unworthy of the crumbs, which fall from the ta

ble of thy providence. May we receive these fruits of thy bounty with gratitude, and may they strengthen us to do thy will. Give us our daily bread, and give us meat to eat, that the world knows not of, and nourish us up for the entertainments of thy heavenly kingdom, through Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen.

Prayer after Meat.

Great Benefactor of man! thy mercies are renewed every moment; great is thy faithfulness. Be pleased to accept our thankful acknowledgments for the food we have received at this time. By thy grace may we be prepared to partake of the children's bread in thy kingdom. Compassionate the circumstances of all men, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, save the perishing, and fill the world with thy glory, through the great Redeemer. Amen.





HYMN 1. L. M. Old Hundred. [*]

Sabl th Morning.

1 ANOTHER six days' work is done!

Another sabbath is begun!

Return, my soul! enjoy thy rest;

Improve the day that God has bless'd.

2 Come, bless the Lord, whose love assigns
So sweet a rest to wearied minds;

Provides an antepast of heaven,

And gives, this day, the food of seven.

3 O that our thoughts and thanks may rise,
As grateful incense, to the skies;

And draw from heaven that sweet repose,
Which none but he, who feels it, knows.
4 This heavenly calm within the breast,
Is the dear pledge of glorious rest,
Which for the Church of God remains,
The end of cares, the end of pains.

5 In holy duties, let the day,

In holy pleasures pass away;

How sweet a sabbath thus to spend,

In hope of one that ne'er shall end. STENNET.

HYMN 2. L. M. Pleyel's Hymn. [*]
Sabbath Evening.

1 Thine earthly sabbaths, Lord! we love,
But there's a nobler rest above;
To that our lab'ring souls aspire,
With ardent pangs of strong desire.
2 No more fatigue, no more distress,
Nor sin, nor hell, shall reach the place,
No groans to mingle with the songs,
Which warble from immortal tongues.
3 No rude alarms of raging foes;
No cares to break the long repose;
No midnight shade, no clouded sun,
But sacred, high, eternal noon.

4 O long expected day, begin;

Dawn on these realms of woe and sin;

Fain would we leave this weary road,

And sleep in death, to rest with God. DODDRIdge.

HYMN 3. C. M. Reading. [b]

Sabbath Morning.

1 Lord, in the morning, thou shalt hear
My voice ascending high;

To thee will I direct my prayer,
To thee lift up mine eye.

2 Up to the hills, where Christ is gone
To plead for all his saints,
Presenting, at his Father's throne,
Our songs and our complaints.
3 Thou art a God, before whose sight
The wicked shall not stand;
Sinners shall ne'er be thy delight,
Nor dwell at thy right hand.
4 But to thy house, will I resort,
To taste thy mercies there;
I will frequent thy holy court,
And worship in thy fear.

5 O! may thy Spirit guide my feet,
In ways of righteousness,

Make every path of duty straight
And plain before my face. WATTS.

HYMN 4. C. M. Zion. [b]
Sabbath Evening.

1 Frequent the day of God returns
To shed its quick'ning beams;

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