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Before the air its bosom did unfold,
Or burnish'd orbs in blue expansion rolld;
She sung how Nature then in embryo lay,
And did the secrets of her birth display.

When after, at th' Almighty's high command,
Obedient waves divided from the land;
And shades and lazy mists were chac'd away,
While rosy light diffus’d the tender day;

uproar ceas'd, and wild confufion fled, 385
And new-born Nature rais'd her beauteous head;
She sung the frame of this terrestrial pile,
The hills, the rocks, the rivers, and the soil;
She view'd the fandy frontiers, which restrain
The noisy insults of th' imprison'd main;
Rang’d o'er the wide diffusion of the waves,
The moist cærulean walks, and search'd the coral caves.

She then survey'd the Auid fields of air, And the crude seeds of meteors fashion'd there ; Then with continued flight she sped her way, 595 Mounted, and bold pursued the source of day; With wonder of celestial motions sung, How the poisid orbs are in the vacant hung, How the bright sluices of ætherial light, Now fhut, defend the empire of the night, And now,



with wise altervate care, Let floods of glory out and spread with day the air,

Then with a daring wing she foar'd sublime, From realm to realm, from orb to orb did climb: Swift through the spacious gulph she urg'd her way, 60$ At length emerg'd in empyrean day;





Where far, oh far, beyond what mortals fee,
In the void districts of immensity,
The mind new suns, new planets, can explore,
And yet beyond can still imagine more.

Thus in bold numbers did th' adventurous Muse
To fing the lifeless parts of Nature chuse ;
And then advanc'd to wonders yet behind,
Survey'd and sung the vegetable kind;
Did lofty woods, and humble brakes review,
Along the valley swept, and o'er the mountain fiew.
Then left the Muse the field and waving grove,
And unfatigued with grateful labour strove
To climb th' amazing heights of sense, and sing
The power perceptive, and the inward spring 620
Which agitates and guides each living thing.

She next essay'd the embryo's rise to trace
From an unfashion’d, rude, unchannel'd mass :
Şung how the spirits waken’d in the brain
Exert their force, and genial toil maintain ;
Erect the beating heart, the channels frame,
Unfold entangled limbs, and kindle vital flame;
How the small pipes are in meanders laid,
And bounding life is to and fro convey'd ;
How spirits

, which for sense and motion serve, 630
Unguided find the perforated nerve,
Through every dark recess pursue their flight,
Unconscious of the road, and void of fight,
Yet, certain of the way, still guide their motions right.

From thence a nobler flight she did effäy,
The mind's extended -empire to survey.

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She sung the godlike principle of thought,
And how, from objects by the senses brought,
The intellectual imagery is wrought;
How she the modes of beings can discern,
A nice respect, a meer relation learn;
Can all the thin abstracted notions reach,
Which Grecian wits, or, Britain, thine can teach.

Thus has the Muse srove to display a part
Of those unnumber'd miracles of art,
Of prudence, conduct, and of wise design,
Which to th' attentive thought conspicuous shine.

Still, vanquish'd Atheists! will you keep the field,
And, hard in error, still refuse to yield ?
See, all your broken arms lie spread around, 650
And ignominious rout deforms the ground;
Be wise, and once, adınonish'd by a foe,
Where lies your strength, and where your weakness, know;
No more at Reason's folemn bar appear,
Hardy no more scholastic weapons bear;

655 Disband your feeble forces, and decline The war; no more in tinsel armour shine; Nor shake your bullrush spears, but swift repair To your strong place of arms, the scoffer's chair ; And thence, supported with a mocking ring, 669 Sarcastic darts and keen invectives fling Against your foes, and scornful at your feasts Religion vanquish with decisive jefts ; Arm’d with relistless laughter, Heaven assail, Relinquish Reason, and let Mirth prevail.

665 Good Heaven! that men, who vaụnt discerning sight, And arrogant from wisdom's diftant weight


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Look down on vulgar mortals, who revere
A Cause Supreme, Mould their proud building rear
Without one prop the ponderous pile to bear!
How much the Judge, who does in Heaven preside
Re-mocks the scoffer, and contemns his pride !
Behold, the fad unsufferable hour
Advances near, which will his error cure ;
When he compellid Thall drink the wrathful bowl,
And ruin'd feel immortal vengeance roll
Through all his veins, and drench his inmost soul.
O’erwhelm'd with horror, funk in deep despair,
And lost for ever, will the wretch forbear
To curse his madness, and blaspheme the power

680 Of his just Sovereign, which he mock'd before ?

Hail, King Supreme! of Power Immense Abyss !
Father of Light ! Exhaustless Source of Bliss!
Thou uncreated, Self-existent Cause,
Control'd by no superior Being's laws,
Ere infant light essay'd to dart the ray,
Smild heavenly sweet, and try'd to kindle day :
Ere the wide fields of æther were display'd,
Or silver stars cærulean spheres inlaid ;
Ere yet the eldest child of Time was born,
Or verdant pride young Nature did adorn;
Thou art; and didît eternity employ
In unmolested peace, in plenitude of joy,

In its ideal frame the world, design'd
from ages past, lay finish'd in thy mind.
Conform to this divine imagin'd plan,
With perfect art th' amazing work began.


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Thy glance survey'd the folitary plains,
Where shapeless shade inert and filent reigns ;
Then in the dark and undistinguish'd space,
Unfruitful, uninclos'd, and wild of face,
Thy compass for the world mark'd out the destin'd

Then didst Thou through the fields of barren Night
Go forth, collected in Creating Might.
Where Thou almighty vigour didit exert,
Which emicant did this and that way dart
Through the black bofom of the empty space :
The gulphs confess th' omnipotent embrace,
And, pregnant grown with elemental seed,
Unfinish'd orbs and worlds in embryo breed.
From the crude mass, Omniscient Architect,
Thou for each part materials didst select,
And with a master-hand thy world erect.
Labour'd by Thee, the globes, vast lucid buoys,
By Thee uplifted, float in liquid skies :
By Thy cementing word their parts cohere,
And roll by Thy impulsive nod in air.
Thou in the vacant didst the earth suspend,
Advance the mountains, and the vales extend;
People the plains with flocks, with beasts the wood,
And store with scaly colonies the flood.

Next, Man arose at Thy Creating Word,
Of Thy terrestial realms vicegerent lord.
His foul, more artful labour, more refind,
And emulous of bright Scraphic Mind,

725 Eanobled

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