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l'Esprit de Dieu, Rouhh Ullah, le Sauveur du monde est encore regardé, comme le seul des Saints prédestiné à venir dans la plénitude des Siècles, rappeller les hommes à la péniténce, et les rassembler tous dans l'unité d'un même culte; mais afin de présenter un systéme conséquent en faveur de Mohammed, dont on suit et respecte la doctrine comme l'accomplissement et la perfection des Saintes Ecritures, les Imams ont subordonné cet Homme Dieu à son autorité sacerdotale, en le déclarant son vicaire, et le dernier des Khaliphes universels, qui viendra, à la fin des temps, exercer, en son nom, les droits du sacerdoce, et de la puissance suprême, sur tous les peuples de la terre.' Tabl. de l'Emp. Othom. vol. i. pp. 426, 427. M. D'Ohsson (pp. 427—429.) relates an historical incident, highly illustrative of the prevalence of the belief in question. The very efforts of the Mussulman doctors to qualify the final supremacy acknowledged, by their prophet, to exist in Christ Jesus, only augments the proof of the intrinsic magnitude of those concessions.

According to the most recent sources of information, the effects of this tenet of Islamism are forcibly operative among the Turks. A British officer, who had resided much in different parts of the East, mentioned to the author the interesting fact, that he found an expectation prevalent among the Turks, “ that Mahometanism must be finally swallowed up by Christianity.” To the inquiry, whether such appeared to be the popular belief of the Turks, Major replied, that it might be going further than his experience authorized, to affirm this; that few Turks reasoned or reflected ; but that five or six individuals had, independently, expressed the same opinion to him; and went, in consequence, so far as to say, that they would themselves become Christians from this expectation, were it not through fear of the consequences of forsaking Mahometanism; which are appalling. A Turk, when discovered to have embraced Christianity, it appears, has his house set on fire; and is consumed, together with his entire family, in the flames.

Note 13. p. 373.] “ The conversion of the Mahommedan world, when it begins, will spread with astonishing rapidity: - but a short stand will be made for the Koran.” Sketches of India. See Eclect. Rev. vol. xvi.

p. 522.

Note 14. p. 373.] The duty of propagating their religion, is a first principle in the training of Mussulmans : the civil governor, the soldier, the merchant, the ship-master, are alike engaged, by the tenets of their creed, to labour for its dissemination. The same zeal, transferred to Christianity, and softened by its spirit, may effect the work of conversion with a success now scarcely conceivable.

Note 15. p. 373.] Looking to the future propagation of the Gospel in Africa, the writer cited in a preceding note (13.) observes : “ Madegasse Christians may go forth as schoolmasters and teachers; and, as Ma

hommedans have done, make almost as many converts as they can find scholars. And may not Mahommedans, also, the Sereens scattered through the tribes of the Fetiche worshippers, become, under a higher character, when they shall have themselves been brought to an acquaintance with the Bible, the civilizers of pagan Africa ?Eclect. Rev. vol. xviii. p. 135.

Note 0. p. 579. 1. 25.] In tracing the last line of these imperfect pages, may the author be permitted to close with a date ; — with the mention, that he writes on the day appointed to commemorate the conversion of Saint Paul ; and with fervent supplication to the Great Head of the Church, that whatever is erroneous in this work, may but reflect upon the weakness of the instrument, and be forgiven ; while, whatever it contains of truth, may, in wiser and better hands, contribute to the edification of the glorious Temple, whose foundation was laid by that wise Master-builder ; — by him, who strove victoriously for an incorruptible crown; to whom, by no uncongenial accommodation, will apply the words of Pindar :

Εύρεν Θεος:

'Ωνόμασεν κεφαλών πολλών νόμον
Ευκλεά, λαοσσόων μναστηραγώνων.

Pyth. Carm. xii.

Him God found :
Him named of many souls the glorious leader,
Prime harmonist of people-saving conflicts.

January 25. 1829.


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