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ed. Wash us in the blood, and accept us for the merits of thy dear Son. We dare not come to God but in the name of Christ, nor expect any mercy but for his sake. Give us thy Holy Spirit to dwell in our hearts by faith, to fill us with heavenly love, and strengthen us for all holy obedience. Let our thoughts and affections be fixed on God and Christ, on divine precepts and promises. Let grace regulate and sanctify all our words and actions, our senses, appetites, and passions. Help us to love our neighbour as ourselves, and to do all the good in our power, both to their souls and bodies. Take away our pride, and clothe us with humility, and put upon us the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit. Deliver us from every snare of sin, and every hurtful lust. Especially save us from the sin that most easily besets us.

We beseech thee to favour us with all suitable helps for improving us in knowledge and holiness, and add thy blessing to them. Make us faithful and circumspect in all the duties of our several places and relations. Dispose of all our worldly affairs as shall be most for thy glory, and the good of our souls.

We humbly adore and bless thee for all thine undeserved and forfeited mercies to our souls and bodies; and particularly for our safety and repose the last night,, and the

health and comfort with which we bow at thy footstool this morning. Keep us in thy fear, faith, and love, all this day. Guard our souls from sin, and our bodies from every thing that would hinder us in thy service. We desire to live as in thy presence, and do all to please thee, and secure the salvation of our own and others' souls, and to account this our highest honour and happiness. We intreat thee to pardon our sins, accept our service, and give an answer of peace to our prayers, for the sake of thy dear Son, our Redeemer and Saviour, who has taught us to pray, Our Father, which art in heaven, &c. Amen.



All-conquering faith, how high it rose,
When heaven itself might seem t' oppose !
All gracious Lord, who didst appear
Most merciful when most severe !

Thus at thy feet our souls would fall,
And loudly thus for mercy call,—
"Thou Son of David! pity shew,
And save us from th' infernal foe."

Though viler than the brutes we be,
Our longing eyes would wait on thee,
Who dost to dogs this grace afford,
To taste the crumbs beneath thy board.

But then the humble soul will raise,
And all its sorrows turn to praise ;
Each self-abasing, broken heart,
Shall with thy children share a part.


For Thursday Evening.

O thou high and lofty One, who inhabitest eternity, whose name is Holy, and who dwellest in the high and holy place! Thou hast promised to dwell with humble and contrite spirits, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones. Invited by thy goodness, and constrained by our own necessities, we bow before thee, humbly confessing our sins, with thankful acknowledgments of thy mercies, and earnest cries for grace to help us in every time of need.

We mourn to think how long we have walked contrary to thy holy law, and gratified the inclinations of our corrupt and depraved nature. We have been lovers of sinful pleasure more than lovers of God and holiness; and have idolized the vanities of this perishing world. We have abused thy patience, forbearance, and long-suffering, by which thou hast been leading us to repent

ance. We have hardened our hearts against the warnings of thy word and Spirit, thy providences, and our own consciences. We have put far from us the day of affliction and death. We have cared more for our bodies than for our immortal souls; and for the things of time than how to be saved from hell, and live with Christ in heavenly glory. We have contented ourselves with the form of godliness, without the life and power of it. If any of us have been turned from sin to holiness, from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, yet how long did we resist thy Spirit and grace. If any of us are` engaged in the bonds of thy covenant, yet, alas! how cold is our love, how inconstant our obedience, and how wavering and divided are our hearts! We have too little differed in temper and conversation from the ungodly, and hence it is that we have tasted so little of the joys of thy salvation.

But, O God! visit our souls with thy forgiving love. Though our sins deserve thine eternal wrath, yet thy Son hath died for us, and in him there is infinite worthiness. For his sake, justify us by thy grace, adopt us into thy family, and make us partakers of the divine nature. Let thy Holy Spirit fill our minds with faith and wisdom, and our hearts with holiness and love! even with love

to thyself, thy Son, thy word and ways, and to all that bear thy holy image. Let the thoughts of thy love to us in Christ, of our pardon and peace with thee, and of the promised heavenly joys, be our daily cordial under all the afflictions and sorrows of life. Teach us to redeem our precious time, to lay up treasure in heaven, and to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and to trust thy promise, that all other things shall be added to us, so far as they are for our good and thy glory. Help us to bear all sufferings with faith, hope, and patience. Make us conquerors over every temptation, and preserve us to thy heavenly kingdom.

Let thy blessing be on this family, on all our bodies and souls, on all our cares and concerns. Ever keep us in love and peace, and in every holy duty to thee and to one another. We thank thee for the mercies of our past lives, and particularly of this day. Lord, forgive all our sins of omission and commission. Protect us this night from every evil. Refresh us with rest in sleep. Let our meditation be of thee in the night watches, and let thy comforts ever delight our souls.. Prepare us for the duties and events of the morrow. May we live every day in thy fear, and to thy glory; that we may live with thee in a glorious eternal day, where there shall

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