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press thy joy, in the hopes that thou shalt see his glory, and love him and praise him better than thou canst now desire! Begin those praises; and, as thou walkest with him, take pleasure in the mention of his perfections: be thankful to him and speak good of his name. Solace thyself in remembering what a God, what a defence and portion, all believers have; and in considering where he is now conducting thee, and what he will do with thee, and what use he will make of thee for ever. Speak, with rejoicing, of the glory of his works, and the righteousness of his judgments, and the holiness and evenness of his ways. Sing forth his praises with a joyful heart, and frown away all slavish fears, all malicious suggestions and doubts, and all nipping griefs, that would interrupt the melody, and untune your soul. Thy heavenly Father loves thy moans and tears; but how much more does he love thy thanks and praise! Or if, indeed, it is a winter time with thee, a stormy day, and he seems to chide, or hide his face, because thou hast offended him, let the cloud that is gathered by thy folly come down in tears and tell him, thou hast sinned against heaven and before him, and art no more worthy to be called his son; but yet fly not from him, but beg his pardon, and the privilege of a servant: and

thou wilt find forgiveness when thou fearest condemnation. Only return and keep closer to him for the time to come. If the breach through thy neglect seems to have gone so far that thou seemest to have lost thy God, and to be cast off and forsaken, despair not yet; for he doth but hide his face till thou repent. Lift up thy voice and cry, Father, in spite of unbelief, my Father, my Saviour, my God! and thou shalt hear him, at last, answer thee, my child! Cry out, O why hast thou forsaken me? What shall I do here without thee? O leave me not in this howling wilderness; let me not be a prey to my sins; to Satan; to my foes and thine. O beg of him that thy wanderings, and childish folly, may not be taken as acts of enmity, or at least that they may be pardoned; and though he correct thee, that he will return and not forsake thee. Or if thou hast not words to pour out before him, at least smite upon thy breast; and though thou art ashamed or afraid to look up towards heaven, look down and say, “O Lord, be merciful to me a sinner!" and he will accept thee, and will number such a sentence with the prayers which he cannot deny; he will find thee, and shew thee where it was that thou didst lose him, by losing thyself and turning from him: seek him and thou

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shalt find him, for he never faileth or forsaketh those that wait upon him.

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"We've no abiding city here,"

This may distress the worldling's mind,
But should not cost the saint a tear,
Who hopes a better rest to find.

"We've no abiding city here,"

Sad truth, were this to be our home;
But let this thought our spirits cheer,
"We seek a city yet to come."

"We've no abiding city here,"
Then let us live as pilgrims do ;
Let not the world our rest appear,
But let us haste from all below.

"We've no abiding city here,"
We seek a city out of sight;
Zion its name, the Lord is there,
It shines with everlasting light.
Zion! Jehovah is her strength,
Secure she smiles at all her foes,
And weary travellers at length
Within her sacred walls repose.

O! sweet abode of peace and love,
Where pilgrims free from toil are blest,

Had I the pinions of the dove,

I'd fly to thee, and be at rest!

But, hush! my soul, nor dare repine;
The time my God appoints is best;
While here, to do his will be mine,
And his to fix my time of rest!


For Thursday Morning.

Almighty God, and most merciful Father, who of thy never failing goodness and mercy hast protected and preserved us the last night, and safely brought us to the light of another day; defend us we pray thee, in the same by thy mighty power, and so prevent us with thy gracious favour, and further us with thy continual help, that in all our works begun, continued, and ended in thee, we may ever seek thy honour and glory; and finally, by thy mercy, obtain everlasting life, through Jesus Christ our blessed Lord and Saviour. For his sake we humbly pray thee to blot out of thy remembrance all our past sins and provocations, and to work in our hearts a godly sorrow, and a sincere repentance, with a steadfast and firm resolution to reform and amend our lives; to which end be pleased to assist us with the grace of thy Holy Spirit, to overcome the depravity of our natures, and sanctify us to thy service. Let our hearts and minds be renewed more

and more, that being transformed by the renewing of our minds, we may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God; that we may be able to know and delight to do thy will, O God; and let thy law be written in our hearts. Give us to know Christ and his life, that he may be formed in our hearts, and that he may live in us; that the same mind may be in us which was in Christ, that we may be made conformable to his death, in crucifying the flesh with its affections and lusts; let thy grace always prevent us, and accompany us, and enable us to persevere unto the end. Make us, O Lord, perfect in every good work, to do thy will, working in us that which is well pleasing in thy sight through Jesus Christ. And as we are here but strangers and pilgrims, let thy good Spirit guide and conduct us in our way through the wilderness of this sinful world, where there are so many cross ways and snares laid by the devil and his emissaries, to entice us to sin and wickedness, and to plunge us into endless woe.

Gracious Father be pleased to give us such a measure of faith, hope, and patience, as may bear us up in all the changes of this mortal life, and enable us in whatever state we are, therewith to be content; as well to be abased as to be exalted, to want, as to

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