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I commit myself with the most unreserved confidence. Leaning on thine Almighty arm, I shall have strength and patience equal to my pain and troubles; and looking to thee for support and guidance, even death's dark valley will be illumined by the light of thy countenance. I would earnestly pray, thou greatest and best of Beings! that shouldst thou be pleased once more to restore me, the fruits of this present dispensation may appear in a purer, a more pious, thoughtful and industrious life; and should I leave the world and return to thee, that thou wilt sustain my drooping spirit, lead me to the grave with thy fatherly tenderness, and finally unite me with my dearest friends, with Jesus and with the whole church of the first-born, at thy right hand for evermore. Amen.

GREAT and good God, who readest our inmost hearts! Thou knowest how much need thy servant has of thy gracious aid

in this hour of grief and pain. I am frail, I am weary; soon it may be that I shall be no longer numbered among the dwellers on earth; to whom shall I look but unto thee? Thou canst make me strong in faith; thou canst raise me above all my troubles; thou canst lift me up to thyself in heaven. O Father Almighty, O holy and merciful Father! look down upon thy child with pity, wipe away my tears; enable me henceforth to bear calmly, patiently, resignedly and cheerfully, all my sufferings, and grant me a happy issue out of all my trials. All I ask in the name and as a disciple of thy dear Son, my Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

SPARE me a little, that I may recover my strength, before I go hence, and am seen no more. Grant that I may never sleep in sin or death eternal, but that I may have my part in the first resurrection, and that the second death may not prevail over me.

Grant unto me to have faith in the Lord Jesus, a daily meditation of death, a contempt of worldly mindedness, a longing desire after heaven, patience in my sorrows, comfort in my sicknesses, joy in God, a holy life, and a blessed and peaceful departure; that my soul may rest in hope, and may be raised again the last day, to enter into the communion of saints and everlasting life. Amen.

O GOD! Father, and Guardian, and Friend of all thy creatures, permit me to spread my wants before thee, and to ask the support which my weakness demands. Under the affliction which presses upon me, grant me consolation; and permit no thought or feeling to stir within me, and no word or act to escape me, inconsistent with an entire confidence in thy wisdom to discern, and in thy kindness to do that which only is best.

Thy will be done. Thy will is wholly righteous. Thy purposes are all kind and

merciful. Thou dost not afflict thy creatures without some wise and benevolent end. Whatever darkness to my narrow and partial view may obscure thy designs, and render thy dispensations unsearchable, suffer me not for a moment to distrust thy wisdom and unmixed goodness. I am thy child. I would cling to thee continually with a stronger filial duty and love; and I would cast myself entirely upon thy paternal affection. Have mercy upon me, O my God, and let me not in this hour of trial sink under my burden.

I would not be unmindful of thy goodness. May no pain to which I may be subjected shut from my sight the blessings which I have received at thy hands. I would bow my head before thee in calm submission to thine appointments. O my God, suffer no complaint to escape my lips; still every murmur within my heart. Teach me to bear with fortitude whatever may be laid upon me. May I become more and more prepared for the hour of my departure. My only hope is in thy mercy. To that

mercy thy blessed Son Jesus has directed me; and to that I fly for forgiveness and succor. Cast me not away, but strengthened by thy grace and forgiven by thy love, may I press on to meet thy will, trusting, at last, to rejoin the friends who have gone before me, in that blessed world, where all tears shall be wiped away; where death shall never come, and where are God, my Father, and Christ, my Saviour. This, O God, I humbly beg in the name of that blessed Saviour, whose patience and resignation I would follow, whose promises inspire my hopes, and whose resurrection gives me the assurance of immortality. Amen.

O GOD, who reignest supreme throughout the universe, and whose care and dominion embrace alike all beings and all worlds, I would express before thee my humble duty and adoration. The creature of thy power, I would thank thee for the gift of life; the object of thy constant and merciful provi

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