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Patron of every Thing which tends to the Advantage or Improvement of Your Country; and it is no fmall Happiness, that after great Expence and Study, I have an Opportunity of presenting a Gentleman of Your polite Tafte with fome new Difcoveries, which will gain Time in raising Plantations, and fill our Gardens with Fruit at every Seafon of the Year; which, I hope, will afford You fome Amusement in Your leifure Minutes, efpecially fince Your Genius has led You to purchase one of the fineft Collections of Plants in the Kingdom.

This, Sir, is Engagement enough for me to offer the following Sheets to Your Perufal, and that I may have the Honour of declaring to the World, that I am, with the greatest Respect,


Your moft obedient

bumble Servant,

R. Bradley.

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