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(For the form of petition to constitute a new Lodge, see Present, or Past Mas. ter's degree, p. 91.]


KNOW YE, That we, Q-R-, Most Worshipful Grand Master of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of having received a petition from a constitutional number of brethren, who have been properly vouched for as Master Masons in good standing, setting forth, that having the honor and prosperity of the Craft at heart, they are desirous of establishing a new Lodge at — under our masonic jurisdiction, and requesting a Dispensation for the same : And whereas, there appears to us, good and sufficient cause for granting the prayer of the said petition ; we, by virtue of the powers in us vested by the ancient Constitutions of the Order, do grant this our Dispensation, empowering Brother A-B-, to act as Worshipful Master, Brother C-D-, to act as Senior Warden, and Brother E- F, to act as Junior Warden of a Lodge to be held under our jurisdiction at * * *** by the name of

And we further authorize the said brethren, to Enter, Pass and Raise Free-masons, according to the Ancient Constitu. tions of the Order, the customs and usages of the Craft, and the Rules and Regulations of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of * ***+ * and not otherwise. And this our Dispensation shall continue of force until the Grand Lodge aforesaid shall grant a Warrant of Constitution for the same, or this Dis. pensation be revoked by us, or the authority of the aforesaid Grand Lodge. [L. S.)

Given under our hand, and the seal of the Grand
Lodge, at — this day of —, A.. L.: 58


Grand Master. Grand Secretary.

CERTIFICATE OF A SUBORDINATE LODGE. To all enlightened and Accepted Ancient Free-masons throughout the globe, GREETING :

Know ye, That the bearer hereof, Brother J, K, has been regularly initiated as an ENTERED APPRENTICE, passed as a Fellow Craft, and raised to the Sublime Degree of a MASTER Mason; and having worked among us to our entire satis. faction, as a true, faithful and worthy brother, We, the Worshipful Master, Wardens and Brethren of Lodge, No.-, recommend that he be received and acknowledged as such, by all True and Accepted Ancient Free-masons wheresoever dispersed.

In testimony whereof, we have granted him this certificate, under

the seal of our Lodge, first causing him to write his name in the margin, that he alone may have the benefit thereof.

Given at this — day of — in the year of light, 58—

A B- Worshipful Master. - [L. S.)

C- D- Senior Warden.

E F Junior Warden. GHS Secretary.

Grand Lodge of This is to certify, that Lodge, No. —, is a legally constituted Lodge working, under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of and that thi diploma is therefore entitled to full credit among the brethren.


Grand Secretary

Ne varietur. J-K



(FOR A SUBORDINATE LODGE.) To all whom it may concern :

The most Worshipful Grand Lodge of assembled in Grand Communi. cation in the city of , and State of — SEND GREETING :

Kyow ye, That we, the Grand Lodge of - invested with full power and authority over all the Craft, and Supreme Court of Appeal in all Masonic Cases, arising under its jurisdiction, do hereby authorize and empower our trusty and well-beloved brethren, A, B-, Worshipful Master; C- DM, as Senior Warden, and E-F-, Junior Warden ; to open and hold a Lodge by the name of to be designated in our register as number —; the said Lodge to be holden at -, or within three miles of the same.

And we do likewise authorize and empower our said brethren, A-B-CD–, and E- F, to Enter, Pass and Raise Free-masons, according to the most ancient custom and usage of the Craft, in all ages and nations throughout the world, and not otherwise.

And we do further authorize and empower the said A- B, C, D, and E-F-, and their successors in office, to hear all and singular, matters and things, relative to the Craft within the jurisdiction of the said Lodge.

And lastly, we do further authorize, empower and direct our said trusty and well-beloved brethren, A- B-, C-D-, and E-F-, to instal their successors in office, after being elected and chosen ; to invest them with all the powers and dignities to their offices respectively belonging, and to deliver to them this WARRANT OF CONSTITUTION : an such successors shall, in like manner, from time to time, instal their successors, and proceed in the premises as above directed : Such installation to be upon, or immediately preceding the Festival of St. John the Evangelist, during the continuance of the said Lodge forever.

Provided, always, That the above named brethren, and their successors do pay, and cause to be paid, due respect and obedience to the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of - aforesaid, and to the by-laws, rules, regulations and edicts thereof; otherwise, this Warrant of Constitution to be of no force nor virtue.

Given in open Grand Lodge, under the hands of our Grand Offi. cers, and the seal of our Grand Lodge, at this--day of

Anno Domini, 186, and Anno Lucis, 58—.

W- V
Grand Master.

Senior Grand Warden. ST


[L. S.] Deputy Grand Master.

Junior Grand Warden. Y-2- Grand Secretary.


NEW LODGE, AND TO INSTAL ITS OFFICERS ELECT. To all whom it may concern :

But more especially, to Brothers A-B-, Worshipful Master elect; C, D, Senior Warden elect; and E-F-, Junior Warden elect, and the rest of the brethren who have been empowered by Warrant of Constitution regularly issued under the authority of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of - to assemble as a regular Lodge in the town of

KNOW YE, That reposing special trust and confidence in the skill, prudence and integrity of our Worshipful Brother L-M-, we have thought proper, ourselves being unable to attend, to nominate and appoint our said Worshipful Brother L-M-, to constitute "IN FORM," the brethreu aforesaid, into a regular Lodge, to be known and distinguished by the name of — Lodge, No.-, and to instal their officers elect, according to ancient form and the usages of the Craft;

and for so doing, this shall be his Warrant.
[L. S.)

Given under our hand and the seal of the Grand Lodge
this —

A. . L. ., 58


Grand Master Grand Secretary

day of


To all the Enlightened, Entered, Passed, Raised and Exalted

under the canopy of Heaven : WE, the undersigned, officers of the Grand Royal Chapter of

Do certify, that the bearer, our truly beloved Companion, A-B- who hath in the margin hereof, signed his name, has been regularly admitted to the de

gree of Mark Master, inducted into the Oriental chair of King Solomon, and received and acknowledged as a Most Excellent Master; and that having sustained with fortitude, the severe trials required from all, previous to their admittance into our Order, he has been exalted to the august degree of a Royal Arch Mason. As such, we recommend him to all our dear and Excellent Companions throughout the two hemispheres, and enjoin it on them to recognize him.

Given under hands and the seal of the Grand Chapter at this

day of —, A. D., 18—, and in the year of the discovery 23—. GH- G. H. Priest.

L-M-, G. King. J-K Dep. G. H. Priest.

[L. S.)

NO G. Scribe. RS Grand Secretary.

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IN HOC SIGNO VINCES. To all Sir Knights of the Illustrious Order of the Red Cross, and of the Valiant and

Magnanimous Orders of Knights Templars and Knights of Malta, around the globe, to whom these presents may come, GREETING :

We, the presiding officers of Encampment, of Knights Templars, No. -, held at

do certify and make known, that our Illustrious Sir Knight L ---M having previously received the necessary degrees, has been reg. ularly dubbed and created in this Encampment, a Knight of the Illustrious Or. der of the Red Cross, and of the Valiant and Magnanimous Order of Knights Templars, and Knights of Malta, or Order of St. John of Jerusalem. We do, therefore, cordially recommend him to the friendship, assistance and protection of all Valiant and Magnanimous Sir Knights in all parts of the globe, wherever he may go.

In testimony whereof, having first caused our Illustrious

Sir Knight to sign his name in the margin, we have hereunto set our hands, and caused the seal of our En. campment to be affixed this — day of - in the

year of the Lord, 1850, and of the Order, 733. AB

Grand Commander.

Captain General. CD

[L. S.)





GRAND LODGE, To the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of

Lodge, No. sends GREETING : In consideration of the confidence we repose in the skill and integrity of our Worshipful Brother S-TJ, we have nominated and appointed, and by these presents do nominate and appoint our said Worshipful Brother S

T---, to be our proxy in the Grand Lodge, and there to represent us and to do every act and thing agreeably to the Constitutions of the Order, and the rules and regulations of the Grand Lodge, as fully and completely as the officers of our Lodge could do were they personally present. [L. S.]

Witness the hands of our Worshipful Master and Secretary, and the seal of the Lodge, at —, this — day of —, A.. L:. 584

A-B-W. Master. BC, Secretary


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