Miscellanea Curiosa: Containing a Collection of Some of the Principal Phaenomena in Nature, Accounted for by the Greatest Philosophers of this Age ; Being the Most Valuable Discourses, Read and Delivered to the Royal Society, for the Advancement of Physical and Mathematical Knowledge ; as Also a Collection of Curious Travels, Voyages, Antiquities, and Natural Histories of Countries : Presented to the Same Society ; to which is Added, a Discourse of the Influence of the Sun and Moon on Human Bodies, &c. by R. Mead and Also Fontenelle's Preface of the Usefullness of Mathematical Learning, Volume 3

Front Cover
Edmond Halley
W.B., 1727

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Page 288 - Bladders: and though it appeared as if they were only blown with Air, yet if I let it forth, and fired it with a Match or Candle, it would continue burning till all were spent.
Page 168 - ... and delivered it to be pillaged by his soldiers. This calamity befel Palmyra about the year of our Lord 272; and though Aurelian did not then burn or destroy the buildings, yet the damage it sustained was never retrieved, so as to make any considerable figure ever after. In what ag-e, or from what hand it received its final overthrow, which reduced it to its present miserable condition, we cannot gather from history; but it was probably burnt and desolated in the obscure ages of the world, during...
Page 316 - Sluce at the Mouth, where it opens into the back Creek ; for the Mouth of the Channel there is narrow, has a good hard Bottom, and is not past two Yards deep when the Flood is out; as if Nature had...
Page 314 - I hoped so, that was Impertinence, and no Answer. He then said, that the Tobacco there would drown, and the Roots rot. I replied, that the whole Country would drown if the Rivers were stopt, but it might be laid as dry as any Land on the Plantation.
Page 423 - Africa :, that about Midnight it fell Calm, and being carried away with the Tide, by the time it was Day, he found he had left Britain on the left hand ; but then the Tide turning they fell to their Oars, and by Noon reached that part of the Ifland where he Landed before, and came on Shore without oppofition : and then March'd up into the Country, leaving his Ships at Anchor in lit
Page 285 - ... generally very considerable Rains. When the weather breaks many fall Sick, this being the Time of an endemical Sickness, for Seasonings, Cachexes, Fluxes, Scorbutical Dropsies, Gripes, or the like which I have attributed to this Reason. That by the extraordinary Heat, the Ferment of the Blood being raised too high, and the Tone of the Stomach relaxed, when the Weather breaks the Blood palls, and like overfermented Liquors is depauperated, or turns eager and sharp, and there's a crude Digestion,...
Page 76 - Soldier to raife himfelf to be the Chief of his Order. But other Preferments depend upon meer Chance, and upon the Fancy of the Emperor, whether the Perfon be fit or no, and they are as foon loft. The leaft ill Succefs or Mifcarriage proves oftentimes fatal, and a more lucky Man is put in his Place, and he fucceeded by a Third, if unfortunate in a Defign, tho' managed with never fb much Prudence and Valour.
Page 107 - Each gate had four,- not flanding in a line with the others of the wall, but placed by couples in the front of the gate, facing the palace, two on one hand, and two on the other. Of thefe remain but two entire, and but one ftanding in its place.
Page 245 - Tin&ure, to the Difappointment and Lofs of them that have cut them ; but what they want in Goodnefs, is in part fupplied by the plenty they find, which, together with their Properties, make them the cheaper. This being what I have gathered, both by Experience of feveral of the Places I have feen, and the beft Informations I could meet with, of the Mines in this Kingdom ; I {hall now proceed to thofe in Vifiapore.
Page 271 - Greatnefs and Finery, being lately covered with green and yellow Tiles brought from the Emperor's Palace at Nankin ; and inwardly adorn'd with ftately Idols finely grav'd and gilded, the chief whereof is the Idol Quon-em. To thefe two great Pagodes belong two chief Priefls, who govern all the reft. They have feveral Ways and Avenues cut through the...

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