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Packard, E. P., Wilton, Me.
Park, Rev. Wm. E., Gloversville, N. Y.
Patten, Rev. Arthur B., So. Hadley, Mass.
Patton, Rev. Cornelius H., St. Louis, Mo.
Patton, R. W., Chicago, Ill.
*Pedley, Rev. Hugh, Montreal, Canada.
Penrose, Rev. 8. B. L., Walla Walla, Wn.
Perry, John H., Southport, Conn.
Perry, Rev. Truman S., Waterford, Me.
Phillips, Rev. George W., Rutland, Vt.
Plumb, Rev. Albert H., Roxbury, Mass.
Porter, Rev. Elbert S., Bridgewater, Mass.
Price, Rev. Edgar H., Hamilton, Mo.
Proctor, Henry H., Boston, Mass.
Prouty, 0. W., North Hadley, Mass.
Putnam, Rev. Daniel E., Houlton, Me.
Putnam, Rev. Holden A., Hudson, Mich.
Ramsey, Rev. W. George, St. Charles, Mich.
Ranney, A. P., Westminster, Vt.
Reynolds, Rev. Lauriston, Redfield, S. D.
Rice, J. William, Providence, R. I.
Rice, Rev. William A., Newark, N. J.
Rich, Rev. Charles S., Stockbridge, Mass.
Richards, Rev. Chas. H., Philadelphia, Pa.
Richards, Rev. H. A. N., Unionville, 0.
Ricker, Rev. Albert E., Aurora, Neb.
Rodgers, Rev. Levi, Portchester, N. Y.
*Sanders, Frank K., New Haven, Conn.
Sanderson, Rev. Horace, Denver, Colo.
*Schaufller, Rev. Henry A., Cleveland, O.
*Scott, Rev. George R. W., Newton, Mass.
Scott, Rev. Willard, Worcester, Mass.
Shaw, George H., Middleborough, Mass.
Shaw, William, Ballardvale, Mass.
Sheaff, Rev. Robert L., Barton, Vt.
Sheldon, P.J., Owatonna, Minn.
Skeele, Rev. Arthur F., Painesville, 0.
Skinner, Rev. Charles L., Haverhill, N. H.
Slack, Rev. Henry L., Bethel, Conn.
Slocum, Rev. Wm. F., Colorado Sp'gs, Colo.
Small, Rev. Charles H., Springfield, 0.
Small, Rev. Harry E., Goshen, Conn.
Smalley, Rev. A. L., Jamestown, N. Y.
Smith, Rev. Clifford H., Pittsfield, Vt.
*Smith, Rev. Judson, Boston, Mass.
Smith, Rev. James E., Minneapolis, Minn.
Smith, Rev. James R., West Superior, Wis.
Smith, Rev. Moses, Chicago, Ill.
Smith, Rev. Otterbein O., Grinnell, Io.
*Smith, Samuel G., St. Paul, Minn.
Snell, Rev. Spencer, Talladega, Ala.
Snyder, Rev. Peter M., Rockford, nu.
Soule, Rev. Sherrod, Naugatuck, Conn.
Southgate, Rev. Chas. M., Auburndale, Ms.
*Stetson, W. W., Augusta, Me.
Stickney, E. H., Fargo, N. D.

Stimson, Rev. Cyrus F., Stratford, Conn.
Stowell, Charles B., Hudson, Mich.
Strong, Rev. James W., Northfield, Minn.
Strong, William H., Detroit, Mich.
Sturtevant, Rev. Julian M., Chicago, Ill.
Sumner, Rev. Charles B., Claremont. Cal.
Sutherland, Rev. Ward T., Oxford, N. Y.
Taintor, Rev. Charles H., Chicago, m.
Tenney, Rev. Henry M., Oberlin, O.
Tewksbury, Rev. George A., Concord, Ms.
Thayer, Rev. Henry E., Wichita, Kan.
Thayer, Rev. Lucius H., Portsmouth, N. H.
Thomas, Rev. Chandler N., Bristol, Vt.
Thomas, Rev. Daniel T., Cleveland, O.
Thorp, Rev. Charles N., Oswego, N. Y.
Thorp, J. W., Oxford, N. Y.
Thrall, Rev. J. Brainard, Pepperell, Mass.
Thrall, Rev. William H., Huron, S. D.
Titcomb, Rev. Arthur, Saxonville, Mass.
Todd, Rev. Henry C., Prentice, Wis.
Todd, Thomas, Concord, Mass.
Tucker, Rev. William J., Hanover, N. H.
Tweedy, Rev. Henry H., Utica, N. H.
Updyke, Rev. Eugene S., Madison, Wis.
Upson, Rev. Henry, New Preston, Conn.
Valentine, L., Keosauqua, lo.
Van Arsdale, W. H., Aurora, Ill.
Van Horn, Rev. Francis J., DesMoines, Io.
Varney, Thomas, Windham, Me.
Vittum, Rev. Edmund M., Grinnell, Io.
Voorhees, Rev. J. Spencer, Roslindale, Ms.
*Vose, Rev. James G., Providence, R. I.
*Walker, Rev. Williston, New Haven, Ct.
Walters, John W., Wyoming, Ni.
Walton, Rev. Gilbert, Harriman, Tenn.
Wanamaker, Wm. H., Philadelphia, Pa.
Ward, Rev. George M., Winter Park, Fla.
Warner, Rev. Charles C., Monticello, lo.
Warner, Lucien C., New York City.
Warren, Rev. William H., Lansing, Mich.
Waterman, Rey. Wm. A., Terre Haute, Ind.
*Webster, Rev. Eugene C., Jam. Plain, Ms.
Wentworth, Rev. Henry H., Goffst'n, N. H.
Wheeler, Rev. Albert H., Millis, Mass.
White, Rev. Frank N., Sioux City, Io.
Wight, Rev. Andrew M., Ogdensburg, N. Y.
Willett, Rev. Mahlon, Decorah, Io.
Williams, Rev. Edward E., Chicago, ni,
Williams, Rev. John H., Redlands, Cal.
Williams, Rev. Wolcott B., Charlotte, Mich.
*Wingate, Rev. Henry K., Cesarea, Turkey.
*Winship, Rev. Albert E., Somerville, Ms.
*Woodbury, Rev. Frank P., N. Y. City.
Woodruff, Rev. Henry C., Bridgeport, Ct.
Wray, Rev. Alfred K., Carthage, Mo.
Yonker, Rev. Wilto R., Sault St. Marle, Mich.


number of members, 331, of whom 306 were delegates, 25 honorary, 61 laymen.


Amendments, 35.
American Bible Society, 26.
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, statement of, 36, 389.
American Missionary Association, statement of, 34, 378.
Anti-Saloon, resolution, 45.
Auditor, 16; report of, 87, 95; chosen, 45.
Bowdoin College, excursion to, 21, 27.
California, communication from, on federation, 26.
Canada, delegates from, 21.
Children's meeting, 18.
Church extension, 44; recommendation, 44.
Comity, Federation and Unity, 35.
Committees, Standing (from last triennium), in full,

Councils and the Pastorate, 21, 37, 102.
Charter revision, 40, 96, 122.
Central Committee on missionary work, 27, 28, 124.
Comity, Federation and Unity, 35.
John Robinson Memorial Church, 19, 100.
Ministerial Relief, 22; Secretary's report, III; resolution, 122.
Provisional Committee, 72; report, 75; appointed, 41.

Publishing Committee; report, 82; appointed, 41.
Committees, ad interim, 1901-1904, in full,

Deaconess Association, 42.
Expenses of delegates, 43.
Federation of Societies, 26.
Labor, 37
Manual for Instruction of Youth, 35.
Polygamy, 24, 33.
Protection of church property, 45.
St. Louis exposition, Congregational exhibit at, 31.
Worship, enrichment of, 32.

Yale bi-centennial, to represent council, 18.
Committees of the session:

Business, 16.
Credentials, 16.
Finance, report of, 21; recommendation of, 42.
John Robinson Memorial Church, 19; delegate to, 34.
Nominations, 15.
Charter revision, 17; special committee, 40.
Comity, Federation and Unity, 35.
Marriage and Divorce, 39.
Year Book Changes, 18.

Congregational Church Building Society, statement of, 35, 383.
Congregational Education Society, statement of, 42, 401.
Congregational Home Missionary Society, statement of, 34, 374.
Congregational Sunday School and Publishing Society, statement of, 42, 397.
Constitution of Council, amendments proposed, 35.
Credentials, report on, 23.
Deaconesses, 24; minute approved, 148.
Delegates; attendance, 37; expenses of, 43; summary of, 419.
Divorce and Marriage, resolution on, 39; committee, 39.
Endeavor, Young People's Society of Christian, resolutions respecting, 24.
England and Wales, delegates from, 21.
Exhibit, Congregational, at St. Louis, Mo., 31.
Federation, 26.
Gainsborough, ter-centennial celebration, 23, 98; appointment of delegate, 34.
Gavel, presentation of, 27.
Gibbon, Rev. J. Morgan, addresses of, 21, 36, 151.
Greetings, Free Baptists, Rev. Lewis Malvern, 36; Methodist Episcopal, Rev.

Ammi Ladd, 36; Congregational Union of Ontario and Quebec, 36.
Hazen, Rev. Henry A., Memorial to, 25, 148.
Illinois, Communication from, on Federation, 26.
Jenkins, Rev. Frank E., address of, 43.
Labor, request for committee, from Massachusetts Labor Committee, 37.
Lawlessness, resolution on, 31.
Lord's Supper administered, 18.
Manual for Instruction of Youth; committee appointed, 43.
Marriage and Divorce, resolution on, 39.
Massachusetts; Memorial; on Year Book, 18; report, 33.
McKinley, Mrs. William, message to, 19.
Members of Council: roll, 1-14; honorary, 14; alphabetical list, 419.
Memorial Church, Plymouth, Mass., resolution, 25.
Memorial to Rev. Henry A. Hazen, 25, 148.
Messages to Rev. William H. Moore, 20; Dr. Joseph Parker, 28; Judge Ship-

man, 17; President Roosevelt, 19; Ambassador W. W. Thomas, 32;

Rev. Peter Paul Waldenstrom, 32.
Ministerial Relief Committee: report of, 111; discontinuance of, 40.
Minutes of session, 1-47.
Moderator, address of retiring, 15, 59; election, 15; welcome of, 15; closing

address, 47; thanks to, 46.
Minnesota, communication from, on Federation, 26.

Constitution, by-laws, 405; rules, 411.
Minutes of session, 1901, 1-47.
Officers and committees, iii, 41.
Trustees, iv, 41; charter and by-laws, 413.

Meeting, next, 30.
Officers of the session, 1901-1904, iii, 41.
Order of business, 16, 17.


How far does the application of Doctrine to Practical Life constitute

Effective Preaching? Rev. Dan. F. Bradley, 157.
The Type of Character favored by Congregationalism. Prof. Williston

Walker, 166.
The Sacraments: their Function in Personal Life and in the Enlargement

and Improvement of the Churches. Rev. J. G. Vose, 175.
The Necessity of a Rational Philosophy to Effective Preaching. Rev.

William H. Bolster, 185.
The Rightful Claims of the Churches upon the Theological Seminaries.

Rev. William A. Bartlett, 195.
The Rightful Claims of the Theological Seminaries upon the Churches.

Rev. Prof. George F. Moore, 206.
What help may the Public Schools expect from our Churches? Rev.

Albert E. Winship, 213.
What help may the Churches expect from our Public Schools? W. W.

Stetson, 215.
The Congregational Church as a Social Factor in the Town. President

William De Witt Hyde, 223.
The Christian Citizen and Municipal Government. Rev. S. G. Smith, 232.
Needful Reforms in the Methods and Instruction in the Sunday Schools.

Rev. Albert E. Dunning, 241.
The Spiritual Trend of our Young People's Organizations. Rev. C. M.

Southgate, 251.
The Cooperation of the Church and the Home in the Spiritual Nurture of

Children. Rev. Charles II. Richards, 260.
Foreign Elements in American Civilization. Rev. Henry A. Schauffler, 277.
City Evangelization. Rev. J. C. Armstrong, 293.
Christianity: a World Wide Movement. Rev. Matthew H. Buckham, 304.
New Perils and Possibilities in the Foreign Field. Rev. John P. Jones, 314.
The Influence of Congregationalism on the Reunion of Christendom,

Rev. William D. McKenzie, 323.
Congregational Teaching as to the Right Use of Wealth. Rev. President

Horace Bumstead, 333.
Woman's Work in our Churches. Rev. T. Calvin McClelland, 342.
The Spiritual Mission of Congregationalism. Rev. S. M. Newman, 355.
The Living Christ, a Vital Force in Pulpit and Pew. Rev. George H.

Ide, 355.
Consecrated Personality a Supreme Need of the Church of to-day. Rev.

Charles E. Jefferson, 364.
Parker, Rev. Joseph, message from, 28; message to, 28.
Polygamy: report of committee, 33; request of Rev. Josiah Strong, 24.
Printing minutes, reports, papers of the session, 44.
Property, protection of church, 44; committee appointed, 45.
Provisional committee appointed, 41.
Publishing committee appointed, 41.
Reception given by ad Parish Church, 28.

Registrar's assistants chosen, 15.
Robinson, John, Memorial Church, 19; report of committee, 100; appointment

of delegate, 34.
Roll, 1-14.
Roosevelt, President, message to, 19.
Scott, Rev. G. R. W., delegate to tercentenary celebration, Gainsborough,

Eng., 34.
Secretary, assistant, chosen, 15, 26.
Secretary of Council, report, 75; elected, 30.
Sermon, Rev. William J. Tucker. 48.
Shipman, Judge, message to, 17.
Statistics, printing of, 37.
Stone, Miss, captivity of, 26.
Sunday-school instruction, 43.
Summary of delegates, 421.
Thanks, to Rev. William J. Tucker, for sermon, 44; to moderator, 46; resolu-

tions of, 46.
Tellers appointed, 1.
Temperance, resolution, 45.
Thomas, Ambassador, message to, 32.
Treasurer, report, 88.
Trustees appointed, 41.
Universities, religious foundations in State, 27; resolution, 27.
Vermont, communication from, on Federation, 26.
Waldenstrom, Rev. Peter Paul, message to, 32.
Welcome, address of, by Hon. F. E. Boothby, 16; Rev. Jonathan L. Jenkins, 16.
Worship, enrichment of, 32; committee appointed, 32.
Yale bi-centennial, invitation to, 18; committee appointed, 18.
Year-Book, changes in, 18, 33.
Year-Book. See reports of publishing committee, 82; secretary, 75; and treas-

urer, 88; four authorized by next publishing committee, 44.
Y. M. C. A., services at, 18.
Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor, 24.
Youth, Manual of Instruction for, 34.


JIN28 1912,

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