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Provisional committee. - Charles A. Hull, of New York; Rev. Amory Bradford, of New Jersey; Rev. Francis J. Van Horn, of Iowa; William H. Wanamaker, of Pennsylvania; Rev. Michael Burnham, of Missouri; E. H. Pitkin, of Illinois; Rev. Cyrus Richardson, of New Hampshire; Rev. Edward C. Moore, of Massachusetts; Rev. Asher Anderson,' of Massachusetts; Rev. Joel S. Ives,' of Connecticut; Rev. Samuel B. Forbes,' of Connecticut.

Trustees. — Edwin H. Baker, of Connecticut; H. Clark Ford, of Ohio; Rev. Elijah Horr, of Massachusetts; Rev. Thomas B. McLeod, of New York; Rev. George R. Merrill, of Minnesota; Robert Patton, of Illinois; Rev. Charles H. Richards, of Pennsylvania; Rev. Henry A. Stimson, o New York; William H. Strong, of Michigan; Lucien C. Warner, of New York; Arthur H. Wellman, of Massachusetts; Edward Whitin, of Massachusetts; also the moderator, secretary, and treasurer.

Publishing committee. — Thomas Todd and Rev. George A. Hood, of Massa chusetts, and, ex-officiis, the registrar, secretary, and treasurer.

Congregational Exhibit, World's Fair, St. Louis, 1903. – Rev. Cornelius H. Patton, of Missouri; Rev. Morton Dexter, of Massachusetts; Rev. Charles M. Sheldon, of Kansas; Lucien C. Warner, of New York; Rev. William A. Waterman, of Indiana.

Enrichment of Worship – Rev. George R. Merrill, of Minnesota; J. W. Plat ner, of Massachusetts; Rev. Joseph H. Chandler, of Wisconsin; Prof. Waldo S. Pratt, of Connecticut; Rev. William B. Chamberlain, of Illinois.

Ter-centenary, Gainsborough. — Rev. George R. W. Scott, of Massachusetts. Manual. - Rev. Williston Walker, of Connecticut; Rev. Nehemiah Boynton, of Michigan; Rev. Frank L. Goodspeed, of Massachusetts.

Comity, jederation, and unity. – Rev. William Hayes Ward, of New York; R. E. Jenkins, of Illinois; Rev. Elias B. Sanford, of New York; Rev. William H. Warren, of Michigan; Rev. Arthur L. Gillett, of Connecticut; Rev. Michael Burnham, of Missouri; Rev. L. H. Cobb, of New York.

Ex officiis.

Resigned, Feb. 14, 1902.

3 Resigned, Jan. 14, 1902.

Elected by the Directors to fill vacancies, Feb. 11, 1902: Guilford Dudley, New York; John H. Perry, Connecticut.

Labor. – Rev. Frank W. Merrick, of Massachusetts; Rev. Washin ton Glad. den, of Ohio; Rev. William J. Tucker, of New Hampshire; Rev. David N. Beach, of Colorado; Rev. William A. Knight, of Massachusetts.

Deaconess Association of Chicago. - Rev. Edward F. Williams, of Illinois; Henry M. Moore, of Massachusetts; Rev. George E. Hall, of New Hampshire.

Expenses of delegates. – Rev. Charles E. Jefferson, of New York; Joseph W. Rice, of Rhode Island; Rev. Henry Hopkins, of Massachusetts; Rev. E. Payson Hood, of New York; Rev. John W. Bradshaw, of Ohio.

Better Sunday-school instruction. - Frank K. Sanders, of Connecticut; Rev. James A. Blaisdell, of Michigan; Henry A. King, of Massachusetts; Rev. Glenn A. Taylor, of Iowa; Samuel T. Dutton, of New York; Rev. Rockwell H. Potter. of Connecticut; George F. West, of Maine.

Church property. - Rev. Irving W. Metcalf, of Ohio; Rev. Henry A. Stimson, of New York; H. Clark Ford, of Ohio.

Polygamy. – Rev. Amory H. Bradford, of New Jersey; Rev. Asher Anderson, of Massachusetts.

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The Rightful Claims of the Churches upon the Theological

Seminaries. Rev. William A. Bartlett

The Rightful Claims of the Theological Seminaries upon the

Churches. Rev. Prof. George F. Moore .

What help may the Public Schools expect from our

Churches ? Rev. Albert E. Winship

What help may the Churches expect from our Public

Schools ? W. W. Stetson

The Congregational Church as a Factor in the Town.

President William DeWitt Hyde

The Christian Citizen and Municipal Government. Rev.

Samuel G. Smith

Needful Reform's in the Methods and Instruction in the

Sunday Schools. Rev. Albert E. Dunning

The Spiritual Trend of our Young People's Organizations.

Rev. C. M. Southgate

The Coöperation of the Church and the Home in the

Spiritual Nurture of Children. Rev. Chas. H. Richards,

Foreign Elements in American Civilization. Rev. Henry A.


City Evangelization. Rev. J. C. Armstrong

Christianity: a World-Wide Movement. Rev. Matthew H.


New Perils and Possibilities in the Foreign Field. Rev.

John P. Jones.

The Influence of Congregationalism on the Reunion of

Christendom. Rev. William D. McKenzie

Congregational Teaching as to the Right Use of Wealth.

Rev. President Horace Bumstead

Woman's Work in our Churches. Rev. T. Calvin McClel-



The Spiritual Mission of Congregationalism. Rev. S. M.


The Living Christ, a Vital Force in Pulpit and Pew. Rev.

George H. Ide

Consecrated Personality a Supreme Need of the Church of

to-day. Rev. Charles E. Jefferson .


Congregational Home Missionary Society

American Missionary Association

Congregational Church Building Society

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions

Congregational Sunday School and Publishing Society

Congregational Education Society

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The reports of Committees in this volume are printed as made, and not as
affected by any action of the Council.

The statistics of the Ministers and Churches will be found in the Year-Books.
The Minutes and the Year-Books are issued by direction of the National Council,
and, by its instructions, a copy of each is to be sent to each church, and another
to each minister, on the rolls of the denomination.


In Retiring Moderator's address, on page 69, line 17, for "power read
“ period,” and on page 69, line 26, for "form" read “norm.” Page 304, for
“Middlebury” read “ Burlington."

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