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John Randolph Hibbard, Chicago, Ill.
James Park Stuart, St. Louis, Mo.
Thomas Wilks, Kellyville, Delaware Co., Penn.
Chauncey Giles, New York
Frederick William Tuerk, Berlin, C. W.
Abiel Silver, Boston Highlands, Mass.

consecrated June 13, 1847

June 8, 1856
June 13, 1858
June 14, 1863
June 12, 1864
June 18, 1865



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Joseph Pettee, Abington, Mass.
*Warren Goddard, North Bridgewater, Mass.
Nathan Clark Burnham, Lancaster, Pa.
George Field, Richmond, Ind.
William H. Benade, Pittsburgh, Penn.
Jabez Fox, Washington, D. C.
*T. B. Hayward, Waltham, Mass.
William B. Hayden, Portland, Me.
*Samuel H. Worcester, Salem, Mass.
John P. Perry, Waltham, Mass.
John H. Williams, Homer, Ia.
*John H. Miller, Selma, Clark Co., 0.
Arthur 0. Brickman, Baltimore, Md.
Samuel Beswick, Paterson, N. J.
John Henry Ragatz, Chicago, Ill.
Willard G. Day, Baltimore, Md.
Edmund A Beaman, Cincinnati, O.
Gerhard Busmann, Blairstown, Ia.
James Reed, Boston, Mass.
Timothy 0. Paine, Joppa Village, Mass.
John Worcester, Newtonville, Mass.
Charles A. Dunham, Boston, Mass.

Joshua Trowbridge Eaton, Shrewsbury, Mass.
George Nelson Smith, Peoria, Ill.
*James E. Mills, Brady's Bend, Pa.
Adolph J. Bartels, Olivet, Osage Co., Kansas
John Curtis Ager, Brooklyn, N. Y.
John Isaac Herrick, Chicago, Ill.
*Farrington McIntire, Fitchburg, Mass.
George F. Stearns, Richmond, Me.
C. Louis Carriere, St. Louis, Mo.
Edward Craig Mitchell, Detroit, Mich.
Edwin Gould, Montreal, P. O., Canada
Frank Sewall, Urbana, 0.
Theodore Edson, Lockland, O.
Charles Hardon, Boston, Mass.
*Samuel M. Warren, Dresden, Germany
Willard H. Hinkley, Wilmington, Del.
John W. Lever, Frankford, Philadelphia, Pa.
John Goddard, Cincinnati, O.

ordained July 25, 1838

Sept. 19, 1839
May 29, 1842
May 28, 1843
June, 1847
June 16, 1849
June 14, 1850
June 13, 1851
Aug. 28, 1851
May 9, 1852

May 29, 1853
Aug. 30, 1855
Mar. 30, 1856
May 31, 1857
Sept. 27, 1857
April 5, 1858
Oct. 9, 1859
April 1, 1860
April 5, 1860
April 5, 1860
April 5, 1860
June 13, 1860
June 24, 1860
Aug. 19, 1860
Sept. 16, 1860
Sept. 16, 1860
Oct. 7, 1860
Oct. 10, 1861
Oct. 10, 1861
May 4, 1862
Nov. 27, 1862
Dec. 14, 1862
Aug. 23, 1863
Nov. 29, 1863
Dec. 1864
June 24, 1865
Oct. 29, 1865
Jan. 29, 1866
Feb. 4, 1866

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Charles H. Mann, Orange, N. J.
John W. Hunt, Baltimore, Md.
Joseph Worcester, San Francisco, Cal.
Rudolph L. Tafel, London, Eng.
John Parker, Toronto, Prov. Ont., Canada
Calvin Day Noble, Chicago, Ill.
Theodore F. Wright, Bridgewater, Mass.
William H. Mayhew, Yarmouthport, Mass.
*Gustave Reiche, Warrenton, Mo.
Leonard G. Jordan, Salem, Mass.
Jacob H. Einhaus, Glendale, O.
Louis H. Tafel, Philadelphia, Pa.
Samuel S. Seward, North Bridgewater, Mass.
Berry Edmiston, Henry, Ill.
Adams Peabody, Jefferson City, Mo.
Cyrus Scammon, Janesville, Wis.
Edward P. Walton, Abingdon, Va.
Edwin R. Keyes, Philadelphia, Pa.
William M. Goodner, Chicago, Ill.
Leonard Tafel, New York

ordained Oct. 9, 1867

Oct. 27, 1867 Nov. 3, 1867 Apr. 12, 1868 June 21, 1868 Nov. 1, 1868 April 8, 1869 April 8, 1869 May 16, 1869 June 6, 1869 July 11, 1869 Oct. 3, 1869 Oct. 15, 1869 May 1, 1870 May 15, 1870 Oct. 16, 1870 Oct. 30, 1870 Jan. 15, 1871 Feb. 19, 1871 April 9, 1871


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*John M. Hibbard, Chauncey P. O., Athens Co., 0. licensed May 28, 1843 Benjamin Worcester, Waltham, Mass.

Oct. 7, 1857 Richard Saul, Strathroy, Prov. Ont., Canada

June 26, 1865 Savillian Lee, Riverhead, N. Y.

Oct. 13, 1866 George W. Chase, Columbus, Ga.

Oct. 26, 1867 *Joseph A. Lamb, Mystic, Conn.

Dec. 25, 1867 Philip B. Cabell, Warminster, Nelson Co., Va.

Apr. 18, 1868 *Joseph W. Bilbie, Manton, Mo.

May 16, 1869 Charles Wieser, Chicago, Ill.

May 16, 1869 *Carl Muller, Boonville, Mo.

May 15, 1870 John E. Bowers, Jefferson City, Mo.

May 15, 1870 Lewis P. Mercer, East Rockport, 0.

Oct. 20, 1870 Tobias A. Plantz, Pomeroy, 0.

Dec. 21, 1870 Silas E. Sylvester, Portland, Me. .

Feb. 20, 1871 Thomas B. King, Clarksville, Mo.

May 27, 1871 John J. Lehnen, Clarington, 0.

May 27, 1871 * Not constantly officiating. Not officiating.

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S Rev. WILLARD H. HINKLEY, Wilmington, Del.




Executive Committee.

The President, Vice-President, Secretaries, and Treasurer, ex officio; and Messrs. J. R. Hibbard, Chicago, Ill. ; Oliver Gerrish, Portland, Me.; Sampson Reed and David L. Webster, Boston, Mass.; William H. Benade, Pittsburgh, and Benjamin F. Glenn, Philadelphia, Pa.; Milo G. Williams, Urbana, and Jacob L. Wayne, Cincinnati, O.; Chauncey Giles, New York, and Lyman S. Burnham, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Edward C. Mitchell, Detroit, Mich.; Willard G. Day, Baltimore, Md. ; James P. Stuart, St. Louis, Mo.; Glendy Burke, New Orleans, La.; Herschel V. Johnson, Bartow, Ga.; John Hitz, Washington, D. C.; William R. Marshall, St. Paul, Minn.; Frederick W. Tuerk, Berlin, Canada; and John C. Ager, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Committee on Ecclesiastical Affairs. Rev. Messrs. Thomas Worcester, Samuel F. Dike, J. R. Hibbard, Chauncey Giles, Joseph Pettee, Edward Craig Mitchell, William H. Benade, John C. Ager, Frank Sewall, Frederick W. Tuerk, James Reed, Jabez Fox, and John Goddard.

Board of Publication. J. Young Scammon, Chicago, Ill., Chairman. Rev. John C. Ager, Brooklyn, N. Y., Secretary. David L. Webster, Boston, Mass., Treasurer.

Sampson Reed, Boston, Mass.; Milo G. Williams, Urbana, O. ; Rev. William B. Hayden, Portland, Me.; Jacob L. Wayne, Cincinnati, O.; Rev. James Reed, Boston, Mass.; Rev. J. R. Hibbard, Chicago, Ill. ; Rev. Chauncey Giles, New York; Rev. William H. Benade, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Rev. John C. Ager, Brooklyn, N. Y.; and Rev. Willard H. Hinkley, Wilmington, Del.

Sub-Committees of the Board of Publication. Sub-Committee in New York Rev. C. Giles, Chairman ; Rev. J. C. Ager, Secretary ; Rev. J. Reed, Messrs. Scammon and Colton.

Sub-Committee in Boston — Messrs. S. Reed, Webster, Scammon, Giles, and J. Reed.

Sub-Committee in Philadelphia – Rev. Messrs. Hinkley, Hibbard, Sewall, Messrs. Shoemaker and Glenn.

Editorial Committee of the New Jerusalem Messenger — Rev. Messrs. Ager, Giles, Hayden, and Mr. Scammon.

Editor of the Children's Magazine - Rev. Chauncey Giles.

The New Church Tract Society. President, Rev. Chauncey Giles, New York; Secretary, Albert Smith, Brooklyn; Treasurer, Nathan Hobart, N. York; Vice-Presidents, James P. Baxter, Maine; Horace P. Chandler, Massachusetts ; Isaiah T. Williams, New York; Julian Shoemaker, Pennsylvania; Charles Reese, Maryland, J. L. Wayne, Jr., Ohio; Eugene Laible, Michigan; Sanford E. Loring, Illinois; George W. Simpkins, Missouri; Glendy Burke, Louisiana ; Oliver Eldridge, California; Arthur 0. Brickman, Missionary. Executive Committee – Rev. Chauncey Giles, Melville Hayward, Nathan Hobart, Rev. Frank Sewall, Rev. Wm. B. Hayden, Albert Smith, G. Woolworth Colton, Oliver Dyer, Rev. J. C. Ager, David L. Hopkins, Rev. E. R. Keyes, Rev. C. H. Mann.

Superintendent of Missions. Rev. J. R. Hibbard, of Chicago, Ill.

Board in Charge of the Theological School. Rev. Messrs. Thomas Worcester, Chauncey Giles, James P. Stuart, and William B. Hayden; and Messrs. J. Young Scammon, Sampson Reed, and Milo G. Williams.

Committee on Foreign Correspondence. J. Young Scammon, Chicago; the Rev. Arthur 0. Brickman, Baltimore; and the Rev. Frank Sewall, Glendale, O.

Committee on the Publication of Swedenborg's Manuscripts. The President; the Vice-President; the Rev. Samuel M. Warren, in England; the Rev. William H. Benade, Pittsburgh, Pa.; and Mr. Lyman S. Burnham, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Committee on the Journal.

Revs. W. H. Hinkley and J. C. Ager, and Mr. F. A. Dewson.

Committee to Revise the List of Societies and Receivers for the Journal.

Messrs. Milo G. Williams, the Rev. James Reed, and the Rev. Willard G. Day.

Committee to prepare for the next Convention. Rev. James Reed, D. L. Webster, F. A. Dewson.

Committee on Railroad and Steamboat Travel.

Mr. Edward Wilder.

Sub-Committees of the Executive Committee. Committee on the Distribution of the Rice Legacy — Messrs. S. Reed, Scammon, and Hitchcock.

Committee to Audit the Treasurer's Accounts — Lyman S. Burnham.


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. 1. Raising Publication Fund of $50,000. Sub-Committee : Messrs. Scammon, Giles, and Webster.

COMMITTEE ON ECCLESIASTICAL AFFAIRS. 2. Is it expedient to require that candidates for Ordination shall first receive Baptism at the hands of a New Church Minister? Sub-Committee : Messrs. Benade, Ager, and Sewall.

3. The use of the terms “ Diocese” and “ Parish." Sub-Committee : Rev. Messrs. Giles and Pettee.

4. The propriety of making, in New Church organizations, a distinction as to privileges and duties between those persons who come to the Holy Supper and those who do not. Sub-Committee : Messrs. Giles, Pettee, and Iibbard.

5. The propriety of employing persons not Ministers, nor studying for the Ministry, to teach and lecture upon the Doctrines of the New Church. SubCommittee : Messrs. T. Worcester, Giles, and Pettee.

6. Mr. J. Lever's Resolution. [No. 163, Jour. 1870.] Sub-Committee : Messrs. J. Reed, and Mitchell.

7. What is the use and effect of the Laying on of Hands in Ordination ? Sub-Committee : Messrs. Benade and Pettee.

8. Binding and Distributing the Journals. [No. 168, Jour. 1870.] Referred to the New York Sub-Committee.


PLACES CONTAINING SOCIETIES ARE MARKED WITH AN ASTERISK. (*) (Corrections and additions to this list are desired, and may be sent to Rev. Willard G. Day, Baltimore, Md.]



Lake Village, Chicot Co., J. F. J.

Livingston, Sumpter Co., Samuel A.

Napoleon, Desha Co., Mrs.B.W. Lee. Mobile, A. J. Requier, Esq.

Van Buren, Crawford Co., Mrs. R.

W. Brown.
Montgomery, John C. Keffer.
Washington, Autauga Co., John Mills.
Wetumpka, J. C. Humphreyville.

Clinton, Alameda Co., James Kellogg.

Eureka, Humboldt Co., Richard Dutt. ARKANSAS.

Napa City, Napa Co., Bennett Yar. Batesville, Independence Co., Mrs. C. nell. P. Mason.

Oakland, Alameda Co., Frederick Fayetteville, Washington Co., C. Kluegel. Jackson.

Oakland Point, Wm. G. Moody. Fort Smith, Sebastian Co., A. H.Cline. Petaluma, Sonoma Co., Barnabas Hamburgh, Ashley Co., J. F. Allen. Haskell.

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