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"THE HEART OF GOTHAM." Intersection of Twenty-third Street, Broadway and Fifth Avenue, New York Olty

Looking Down from the "Tintiron Building.

BOOK OF THE Royal Blue.


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N a humorous sketch in Lee Fair- vortex of which Twenty-third Street and

child's now defunct “Thistle Mag- the Flatiron Building, with its interesting azine,"that entertaining writer with breezes, is the important center.

ponderous levity commented on the From the Battery to Twenty-third Street moving of New York's business center there are but four other streets that run from its old-time home around Park Place entirely across the island, from North River and the Brooklyn Bridge to the vicinity of to East River. They are: Fulton, Grand, Madison Square, by means of a parable Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets. Each suggested by the moving of the "Times" of these streets has, in its turn, been the from Park Row to Longacre Square. He center of business activity, each in turn suggested that New York was wildly excited yielding the palm to its northern neighbor, by the news that the New York World" then fading into the ordinary, humdrum meant to have a house-moving time and monotone of a steady routine, leaving it to that the huge, golden-domed building was the latest center to be the exciting center to be moved on gigantic rollers up Broad- of the whirlpool. This is within the memory way to a new home to the northward, of at least one old New Yorker whose widening and wakening Broadway as it grandfather lived in a palatial mansion on

or something to that effect. Bowling Green, when the center of things Whatever the original meaning of the non- pertaining to business was around the Batsensical little sketch may have been, there tery. In its upward move, it lingered is no doubt of its truth when it intimated long and fondly around Park Place and the that to keep up with the times, the world— Brooklyn Bridge, loath to leave its old New York's business world (and therefore, historical home for streets that were mere in many people's estimation, THE world) pastures or cabbage gardens not so long had to pick itself

up bodily and move north- since. A few years ago Fourteenth Street, So now its activity swirls around the then Union Square, deserved the term or

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“business center." Now it is Twentythird Street and the vicinity of Madison Square.

Whether one wishes to leave New York or enter it, the most convenient thoroughfare is Twenty-third Street. Radiating from the Flatiron Building

properly speaking, the Fuller Building, a name which it never gets—is the shopping district, the hotel district and the theater district.

Within a radius of less than a dozen blocks there is more wealth, more business and more pleasure—as the world counts pleasure, and as no other city in this country can supply so well as New York-centered than in any other section covered by the same number of acres. From Union Square to Forty-second Street on Broadway is “Little Old Broadway, as it is affectionately termed by those who love it and know


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LOOKING SOUTH FROM THE TIMES BUILDING Broadway and Forty-second Street.

Seventh Avenue.

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