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Imperial Council
A. A. O. N. M. S.

Tickets on sale June 18 and 19, 1905, from all points on the
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

One Fare plus $1.00 Round Trip

Tickets good returning until June 24, 1905, inclusive

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad





Tickets on sale June 29th to July 3d, from points east of the
Ohio River, and from June 29th to July 4th, from points west
of the Ohio River, good returning until July 17, 1905, inclusive


Ask Ticket Agents B. & O. R. R. for Particulars

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URING the great fire of Baltimore arranged to furnish the largest possible

on February 7, 1904, the handsome amount of window space for the interior
office building of the Baltimore & offices. It will be of the best fire-proof

Ohio Railroad Company was con- construction, the lessons drawn from the
sumed. This building, erected in 1888, great fire helping to suggest the best
was the finest structure of its kind in the methods.
city, and was of such construction as to be The first three stories will be of fine
supposedly fire-proof. However, it was granite and the remaining stories of Indiana
demonstrated in the great conflagration limestone.
that no building made with human hands The first story with its high arched win-
could be absolutely indestructible.

dows, as shown in the drawing, gives an Within the past ten years, however, idea of the large rotunda and entrance to architects and builders have constantly im- the building. By reason of the large court proved their methods, and the modern space, the entrance on Charles Street afbuilding of to-day, with its steeland concrete forded an opportunity for a splendid archisuperstructure, defies the natural elements tectural doorway. Above the center of to a most remarkable degree.

the archway to this entrance allegorical The executive officers of the Baltimore figures will be carved on either side of & Ohio Railroad Company, with most care- a globe; and on either side of the arch ful consideration, invited a number of great beautiful bronze lamps will add to the genarchitects to submit plans and specifications eral appearance. on a modern structure, embracing every The right-angled corners of the four known improvement in architectural wings will be cut off or chamfered, which building.

will not only add to the attractiveness of The plans submitted by the successful the offices, but will allow window openings architects presented a building wonderfully above and doorways on the street. adapted to the needs of a mammoth office The street foors will be occupied by the building to house the executives and general local city passenger, ticket and freight office employes of a great corporation, and offices. at the same time presented a most beautiful The walls of the first floor will be quite building, which, when completed, will excel ornamental in character, the lower surface anything of its kind in Baltimore or the being Pavanazzo white marble. South.

The Charles Street or main entrance will The new building will cost at least $1,- lead to the main corridor, directly in front 500,000, and the work will be commenced of which will be the eight principal elevaalmost immediately, and it is hoped will be tors. A marble staircase will lead from the ready for occupancy about July 1, 1906. It corridor to the second story. will be located at the corner of Baltimore The second floor will be occupied by the and Charles streets, the dividing streets of fourth vice-president and treasurer and the city, and will stand entirely separate treasury department, and could properly from all other buildings, with air and light be called the “bank” of the building. courts on the north and west sides, with The president's and directors' rooms will frontages on Charles and Baltimore streets.

occupy a portion of the third floor, as will It will be 198 feet high with thirteen also the second vice-president and the stories, and will be one of the handsomest law offices and the library, with large vaults and finest buildings of its character and for the official files and records of the comsize in this country.

pany. A general idea of the exterior of the The first three floors will be treated in a building may be obtained from the per- more decorative way on the interior, as spective drawing shown as the frontispiece. well as the exterior, than the floors above. The

e plan of the building is in the form of The fourth floor will be occupied by the

‘H,” as this scheme of construction first vice-president in charge of traffic, togives the maximum amount of light and air gether with the freight and passenger to the interior of the building, and so traffic departments.




The interior decoration of the building which will withstand the wear and tear of can be summed up by simply saying that the greatest extent. the first story will be trimmed in marble There will be ten elevators, eight for the and the upper stories will be trimmed in general public and employes, one freight mahogany. The entire first floor will be of elevator and one private elevator. All elethe best marble with plaster panels on the vators will have a maximum speed of 400 larger portions of the walled surfaces. The feet per minute, and to be supplied with a ceilings are to be most carefully designed safety lift device. with plaster casts, and will add greatly to The building will be equipped with a the appearance of the lower lobby. The' refrigerating plant for cooling water, which elevator grills, lamps and other fixtures will be supplied in every principal room in will be of wrought iron and bronze, which the building. In addition to this there will will take their place wonderfully well with be two fountains in the corridors of each the marble composition.

floor. The refrigerating plant will also The corridors and rotunda of the first cool water for table use in the various dinfloor will be of rubber tiling. The corridors ing-rooms. of the floors above will be of white marble, A complete system of vacuum cleaning and the offices of cement, covered with will be used in the building. Each floor is carpet or linoleum.

to have a fire-hose connection on swinging The woodwork in all offices is to be of fire-hose racks. The first consideration of mahogany, and the walls will be painted. the architect has been fire protection, and

The fact that all of the office floors are every known means has been taken to proto be of cement is one of the many points tect the building by the use of wire-glass which shows how carefully the problem of windows, cement floors, metal-covered fire-proofing has been studied. With doors, windows, etc., with practically no scarcely an exception there will be no wood woodwork in the building except the furflooring in the building. All doors on the niture. An up-to-date system of fire hose first floor will be of heavy bronze. The on each floor will also be installed. interior doors opening to corridors will be Since the great fire the officers of the of wood covered with copper.

This is the company have given much time and study best protection against fire; but should such to this undertaking. The committee in occur it would be confined to the furniture charge deeming it advisable to have a comin the room in which it originated.

petition among well-known architects to The exterior windows are to be con

a satisfactory design, competitive structed with metal frames and triple sash, designs were submitted early in the winter one sash to be glazed with American plate by twenty-four architectural firms of Baltiand the other two sashes to be glazed with more and other cities. Six of these were wire-glass. These two sashes may be drawn especially invited and received compensadown and, with a metal trim inside and tion for their designs. The successful archioutside, will afford perfect protection against tects were Messrs. Parker & Thomas and fire from the exterior. All Aoors, walls, H. D. Hale and Morse of Baltimore, Philaetc., will be designed and materials adopted delphia, New York and Boston.


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