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Notwithstanding Deer Park has its own individual attractions, it is favored with the very best transportation facilities, the lack of which is so often a detriment to a summer resort. It is situated on the main line of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, and is only eleven hours' ride from Cincinnati or New York; eight and one-half hours from Philadelphia; six and one-quarter hours from Baltimore; five and one-quarter hours from Washington; six hours from Pittsburg; eight and three-quarter hours from Columbus; twenty-one hours from St. Louis and eighteen and three-quarter hours from Chicago. From each of these cities through Pullman sleeping cars land passengers at the hotel. The day trains have parlor observation cars and dining cars.


About four miles from Deer Park is Mountain Lake Park, the annual meeting place of the Mountain Chautauqua and camp meetings. The Mountain Chau


tauqua was established in the fall of 1881, and during three months of the summer it is the scene of special interest, as large gatherings of intelligent people hold their religious and secular meetings in buildings especially provided therefor. The large auditorium seats about six thousand people, adjoining which is a large building consisting of lecture and school rooms devoted to educational features. Ample provision is made for guests in the Mountain Lake Park Hotel and the Lock Lynn Heights Hotel. There are six or seven small hotels and many good boarding houses, besides over two hundred cottages, which have their temporary occupants during the entire summer. This resort has been very popular with the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania,

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West Virginia and Ohio, and each summer there are days set apart for special entertainments, when at such times excursion rates are named to cover quite a contiguous territory, and each excursion is eagerly patronized. The season opens June 1st, and from that time throughout the summer Mountain Lake Park becomes a combined resort of health and rest, with the advantages of school and lyceum. The park is on the main line of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and is easily reached by through trains east and west without change of cars.



Six miles west of Deer Park and two miles west of Mountain Lake Park is Oakland, which is a thriving little city with a regular population of fifteen hundred

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becoming more and more of a summer resort. Several well-equipped hotels and cottages are built in locations to command the finest scenery of the rivers and mountains, with prices within reach of all. Each summer has added to its popularity, and while not possessing any of the springs or other attractions which make up the average mountain retreat, it has a peculiar interest entirely its own and an unparalleled variety of scenery which bids fair to its becoming a resort of great prominence in the near future.

Of the famous John Brown's raid there remains nothing but the monument where his improvised fort stood, and the foundation stones of the United States arsenal.


The Government has marked with iron tablets the history of the Civil War. The old houses and churches still remain as in days gone by. Jefferson's Rock still commands that famous view of the Shenandoah made historic by Thomas Jefferson, whilst farther up the Shenandoah River, on the Virginia side, John Brown's fort stands by itself in a lonely field, where it was rebuilt on its return from the Chicago World's Fair. Harper's Ferry is at the head of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, and the Valley Branch of the Baltimore & Ohio

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At Addison, the county seat of Webster County, West Virginia, in the beautiful valley of the Elk River, surrounded by noble hills, at an altitude of 2,240 feet, lies Webster Springs, fast becoming a popular resort on account of its salt sulphur baths. Although the springs have

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