Book of the Royal Blue, Monthly, Volume 8

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Passenger Department, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, 1904

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Page 9 - I'll wipe away all trivial fond records, All saws of books, all forms, all pressures past, That youth and observation copied there, And thy commandment all alone shall live Within the book and volume of my brain, Unmix'd with baser matter: yes, by heaven!
Page 14 - Had charmed my soul astray ; And lured my heedless feet to death, Along the flowery way. 2 For me they dug the secret pit, And formed the hidden snare ; Thoughtless, I followed where they led, Nor saw destruction near. 3...
Page 6 - Each pensioner will receive a daily allowance, excluding Sundays, equal to one-half the benefits provided to be paid for sickness, under the regulations of the relief feature, to a member of the class to which the pensioner would, while in the service, have been assigned under said regulations, had he been required to become a full member of said feature. In the case of a pensioner who has been continuously a member of the relief feature of the Baltimore & Ohio Employees...
Page 7 - July 13th, that all this was finished ; and the army with its dying General proceeded to the Great Meadows, where the close was to transpire : Last scene of all, That ends this strange, eventful history. Ever since the retreat commenced, Braddock had preserved a steadfast silence, unbroken save when he issued the necessary commands. That his wound was mortal he knew ; but he also knew that his fame had received a not less fatal stab; that his military reputation, dearer than his own life to a veteran...
Page 12 - Calk, a great part of the said Tobacco is usually Exported into Holland and Elsewhere and pays but one half penny per pound Custom; That the Tobacco of that Quality which is more fitt for Bulk and altogether unfitt for Cask to be therein Exported again out of England would by that Meanes be Lessened in that a great if not most part of the same would be left behind in this Countrey and his Majesty by that means prevented of having any Duty att all for the Same.
Page 7 - Friday, the llth of July, he arrived at Dunbar's camp. Through this and all the preceding day, men half-famished, without arms, and bewildered with terror, had been joining Dunbar; his camp was in the utmost confusion, and his soldiers were deserting without ceremony. Braddock's strength was now fast ebbing away. Informed of the disorganized condition of the remaining troops, he abandoned all hope of a prosperous termination to the expedition. He saw that not only death, but utter defeat, was inevitable....

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