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GRÆCO-ROMAN BASEMENT-ROOM WITH Annex) Figures, heads, and reliefs of

Græco-Roman or Roman period ; tesselated pavements and mosaics from

Carthage and Halicarnassus; miscellaneous objects in marble and other

material) . . . . . . . . . . .

Room OF ARCHAIC SCULPTURE (Harpy tomb—Statues from Brancbidæ--Re.

liefs from Xanthus in Lycia) . . . . . . . .

ANTEROOM BY MAUSOLEUM Room (Statues of Demeter and Bacchus) . .

MAUSOLEUM ROOM (Remains of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, erected by

Artemisia to Mausolos, Prince of Caria) . . . . . .

Elgin Room (Sculptures and architectural marbles from the Parthenon-

Temple of Wingless Victory at Athens—the Erechtheum-and from the

Temple of Diana at Ephesus—Colossal Lion from Knidos) . . .

HELLENIC Room (Frieze from Temple of Apollo, near Phigalia). . .
ASSYRIAN GALLERIES. Introduction . . . . . . . .
Kouyunjik Gallery (Bas-reliefs from the Palace of Sennacherib and Assur-

bani-abla-Seals, Engraved Stones, Cylinders, and Gems—Terracotta
Figures, Weights, Necklaces—Bronze Fetters, Swords, &c.—Terra-
cotta Tablets with cuneiform Inscriptions excavated by Mr. G. Smith
in Assyria, and presented by the Proprietors of The Daily Telegraph,

Chaldean Account of the Creation, Deluge, and Tower of Babel, &c.)

Nimroud Central Saloon (Sculptures from the great Mound at Nimroud-

Colossal human-headed figures of Bulls and Lions—Bas-reliefs of

Tiglath-Pileser II., representations of sieges, &c.—Statues of the god

Nebo and Assur-nazir-abla—Obelisk and Bronze Gates of Shal-

maneser II.) . . . . . . . . . .

Nimroud Gallery (Bas-reliefs from the North-west Edifice, Nimroud, and

Temple of the God of War, representing Assur-nazir-abla and attendants,

deities, religious rites, lion-hunt, and warfare-Bronze bowls, weights,

bells, weapons, articles of furniture, &c.—Ivory-carvings—Tablets

from Babylonia and miscellaneous objects) . . . . .

Assyrian Side-Room (Stele with bas-relief of Samsivul—Inscribed stones

from Babylon-Bricks with royal names--Inscribed terracotta cylin-

ders ; History of the first eight expeditions of Sennacherib—Glass,

alabaster, and terracotta vases—Bronze helmets, throne, shield, &c.

-Earthenware coffing Glazed vessels). . . . . .

Assyrian Basement-Room (Sculptures of the time of Assur-bani-abla-Bas-

reliefs representing deities, soldiers, musicians, animals, camps, wars

of Assur-bani.abla—Assault and capture of Lachish and other cities—

Lion-hunts by Assur-bani-abla—Return from the chase—Banqueting

scene— Pavement-slabs—Articles in bronze, iron, terracotta, &c.).

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