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most brutal, mari most diabolical in their obscenities and cruelty, and you may say to the most godly church in our laid : . Such were some of 10n; salohi would you all loc, but for the grace which has washed you, and sanctified and justified you in the name of the Lord Jesus and the Spirit of our God. But for thuis blessed Gospel of the Cruciticil, and the grace of the Holy Ghost, sent to us tougli liis long-suffering intercession, we were all heathen, all impenitent, cruel, filthy—capable of every sin and wickedness; nay, not a depth of depravity in hell that we should not reach. So the Apostle folt, and theretore he did not denounce's

und upbraid. and couden; be liad done so when he was in Pharisee', but now he takes his place below them all, as the chief of sinners," anxious only that they should become altogether such as he Wils by the grace of God, excepting liis remaining bonds of infirmity and corruption.

Dear friends fellow Christians fellow Simons will any one of us are to take in higher stund liefore sinful meu in licitlien launds or launds nommalli (lui-tian ? Ouglit ne not to cope over, and prar for, and pity, and try to send them id, 10 matter what may be the shape in which they offenil our Christian sentiments! (im we ever hope to prevail. is laul did, through leis Master's blessing. if no speak not to them ils Paul spoke's even its sinners to our fellow-simers! Oh, communicants of the body and blood of deslls Clurit, call all the sms of our follow-ul offiziel is is our sins lave ottended God! Set the lieschi vuto us the Cinspel of his dear Son crucified for us, and, Delia

ing long with our resistance, has overcome us by his holy Spirit. We were all once in the depths of sin, and guilt, and shame; and the Gospel alone las lifted us up, and made us expectants of glory:

But myriads of our fellow-sinners, in our land and other lands, are still in these horrible depths; the (iospel alone can lift them out, nay, if we be faithful, will lift them up to that glory We hope to reach, and they shall sing with us the eternal song of Moses and the Lamb. Oh, let us send them the Gospel, the only cure of vice and wrong. the certain means of delivering men from crime in this world, and from hell after death! What work is comparable to this? Christian, siled by grace, though the chief of sinners! Tell me, ve ransomed ones about the throne, singing: “ Glory to the Lamlı!" Tell me, ye holy angels rejoicing over the penitents! Tell me, () Son of God, who died to redeem all who believe in liis name!

Tell me,

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Preached at Providence, R. I., September 8, 1857,

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