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filence, or of too much talkativeness, of reserve or freedom ?

XV. Am I courteous, not fevere ; suiting myself to all with sweetness : striving to give no one pain, but to gain and win all for their good?

XVI. Am I vigilant ; redeeming time, taking every opportunity of doing good ; or do I fpare myself, being careless about the souls and bodies to which I might do good ? Can I do no more than I do? Do I perform the most fervile offices, such as require labour and humiliation, with cheerfulness ? Is my converfation always feasoned with falt, at every time administering fome kind of favour to those I am with ?

XVII. Do I love God with all my heart ? Do I constantly present myself, my time, fubstance, talents, and all that I have, a living facrifice? Is every thought brought into fubjection to Chrift? Do I like, or dirlike, only such things as are pleafing, or difpleasing, to God?

XVIII. i Do I love God with all my strength, and are my fpiritual faculties always vigorous ? Do I give way to no finful langour ? Am I always on my watch? Do not business, worldly care, and conversation, damp my

fervour and zeal for God ?

XIX. Do I love my neighbour as myself ;_every man for Christ's fake, and honour all men, as the image of God? Do I think no evil, listen to no groundlefs suranises, nor judge from appearances ? Can I bridle my tongue, never speaking of the fault of another, but

with a view to do good ; and when I am obliged to do it, have I the testimony, that I sin not ? Have I that love, which hopeth, believeth, and endureth all things ?

XX. Do I bear the infirmities of age or licknels, without seeking to repair the decays of nature by strong liquors ; or do I make Christ my sole support, casting the burden of a feeble body into the arms of his mercy ?

Many consider that perfect love, which casteth out fear, as instantaneous : all grace is so ; but what is given in a moment, is enlarged and established by diligence and fidelity. That which is instantaneous in its descent, is perfective in its increase.

This is certain—too much grace cannot be desired or looked for; and to believe and obey with all the power we have, is the high way to receive all we have not. There is a day of Pentecost for believers, a time, when the Holy Ghost descends abundantly. Happy they, who receive most of this perfect love, and of that establishing grace, which may preserve them from such falls and decays as they were before liable to.

Jelus, Lord of all, grant thy purest gifts to every waiting disciple. Enlighten us with the knowledge of thy will, and thew us the mark of the prize of our high calling. Let us die to all thou art not ; and seek thee with our whole heart, till we enjoy the fulness of the purchased Poffefsion. Amen!


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