Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Review, Volume 36

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F. Jefferies, 1766
The "Gentleman's magazine" section is a digest of selections from the weekly press; the "(Trader's) monthly intelligencer" section consists of news (foreign and domestic), vital statistics, a register of the month's new publications, and a calendar of forthcoming trade fairs.

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Page 189 - I'll quit my prey, And grant a kind reprieve; In hopes you'll have no more to say But when I call again this way, Well pleased the world will leave.
Page 158 - ... except that of taking their money out of their pockets without their consent.
Page 158 - God that respectable representation was augmented to a greater number! Or will you tell him that he is represented by any representative of a borough ? a borough which, perhaps, its own representatives never saw! This is what is called the rotten part of the constitution.
Page 160 - I will be bold to affirm, that the profits to Great Britain from the trade of the colonies through all its branches, is two millions a year. This is the fund that carried you triumphantly through the last war. The estates that were rented at two thousand pounds a year, threescore years ago, are at three thousand at present. Those estates sold then from fifteen to eighteen years purchase; the same may now be sold for thirty.
Page 501 - I will not say, as your friend ; I will not say, as your benefactor ; but I repeat it, as an innocent man, I claim the privilege of proving my innocence, and of refuting any scandalous falsehood which may have been invented against me.
Page 160 - I have been obliged to his diligent researches: but, for the defence of liberty, upon a general principle, upon a Constitutional principle, it is a ground on which I stand firm; on which I dare meet any man.
Page 501 - I am persuaded, it will be your inclination, to give me an opportunity of detecting him, and of justifying myself; which can only be done by your mentioning the particulars of which I am accused. You say, that I myself know that I have been false to you; but I say it loudly, and will say it to the whole world, that I know the contrary; that I know my friendship towards you has been unbounded and uninterrupted; and that though...
Page 541 - She then divested herself of her bracelets and other ornaments, and tyed them in a cloth which hung like an apron before her, and was conducted by her female relations to one corner of the pile. On the pile was an arched arbour, formed...
Page 541 - ... early the following morning; the widow followed about ten o'clock, accompanied by three very principal Bramins, her children, parents, and relations, and a numerous concourse of people.
Page 177 - ¿ay, each pot containing a full half-pint, the one for breakfaft, the other for fupper, eating with it as with other tea ; and in three days time the pain began to grow weak and die away, and in five days it quite left me, my fpirits revived, and I was reftored (I blefs God) to perfeft cafe.

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