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AREWEL., great Charles, monarch of blest renown,

The best good man that ever fill'd a throne;
Whom Nature as her highest pattern wrought,
And mix'd both sexes virtues in one draught;
Wisdom for councils, bravery in war,
With all the mild good-nature of the fair.
The woman's sweetness, temper'd manly wit,
And loving power, did crown'd with meekness fit;
His awful person reverence engag'd,
With mild address and tenderness ailivag'd :
Thus the almighty gracious King above,
Does both comınand our fear, and win our love.





With wonders born, by miracles preserv’d,
A heavenly Host the infant's cradle serv'd :
And men his healing empire's omen read,
When sun with stars, and day with night agreed,
His youth for valorous patience was renown'd;
Like David, persecuted first, then crown'd:
Lov'd in all courts, admir'd where'er he came,
At once our nation's glory, and its shame :
They blest the isle where such great spirits dwell,
Abhorr'd the men, that could such worth expel.
To spare our lives, he meekly did defeat
Those Sauls, whom wand'ring asses made so great ;
Waiting till heaven's election should be shown,
And the Almighty should his unction own.
And own he did his powerful arm display'd;
And Israel, the belov'd of God, obey'd ;
Call’d by his people's tears, he came, he eas’d
The groaning nation, the black storms appeas’d,
Did greater blessings, than he took, afford
England itself was more, than he, restor'd.
Unhappy Albion, by strange ills oppress’d,
In various fevers toft, could find no rest ;
Quite spent and weary'd, to his arms she Hed,
And rested on his shoulders her fair bending head.

In conquests mild, he came from exile kind;
No climes, no provocations, chang'd his mind;
No malice Thew'd, no hate, revenge, or pride,
But rul'd as meekly, as his father dy'd;
Eas'd us from endless wars, 'made discords cease,
Restor'd to quiet, and maintain'd in peace.

A mighty

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